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"The Zodiac Effect" is a legit system of divination using tarot cards. It tries to fill in the gaps of other cold reading books that leave you with a lot of memorization and non-sense. Sure they say it's easy to read minds with stock phrases, but who has the months of necessary study time for memorization?

I have quested for years to find a system of reading tarot cards that would fit me. It had to be versatile, fast, and effective! I am by no means a shut eye psychic, nor am I the skeptic who bashes the beliefs of others. I have seen how powerful of a tool this system of tarot reading is. The results are astounding, and I have even questioned where reality begins and ends. Perhaps I am buying into my own publicity, but when you start performing "The Zodiac Effect", I am sure you will be truly impressed by the accuracy the system will get you as well.

In this book I have tried to describe a simple pattern for reading the cards. This system is best used for mid-level readings. That is the level of readings for psychic parties, psychic fairs, and other such events. I have also included a description of some basic meanings and imagery of each card.

Since I am a mentalist, I can not deny the power of cold reading, so I have included a list of stock cold readings for each card in the "Major Arcana". To finish this book (I never think it will fully be done) I have added a few nuances and effects that involve tarot cards. With a simple deck and a few envelopes you will rise above just a reader of the tarot, but instead you will become a mystery entertainer who creates moments of extraordinary magic and not just puzzling tricks.

If you dare to delve deeper into the possibilities of the mind, I have included a section of performing "Real Psychic" readings with out the aid of a tarot deck. This is the real work of a psychic entertainer.


We are the wielders of an awesome tool. Let us not turn this tool into a weapon. We must remember that what we do has the power of impacting the lives and decisions of others. Use it with caution, you and only you will take responsibility for your actions!

A good rule to "read" by is to let every "sitter" (the recipient of the reading) know that these readings are for entertainment purposes only, and that they should use their own judgment to guide their lives. Let ever "sitter" have a happy and pleasant reading with no negativity.

Other readers are under the assumption that it is your duty to ask if they want to only hear the good information or if they want to hear the negative as well. I have found that when you start to get into negative aspects of someone's life, the reading starts becoming less believable for the "sitter". The "sitter" is more inclined to believe only good and positive statements. No one ever wants to believe that they aren't as wonderful as they lead themselves to believe.

Be EXTREMELY cautious in "reading" an individual or claiming to be a psychic mind reader. The moral and ethics of making claims or disclaimers is the sole responsibility of the performer. It is beyond the scope of this manuscript to start debating the age old dilemma of morals and the art of mystery entertainment.

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