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It is my belief that the reading of the tarot cards is an intimate affair between two individuals. This is the reason why you should make up the meaning of the tarot cards for yourself. As I stated above, I simply use the major Arcana in "The Zodiac Effect". This makes the deciphering of the meanings of the cards so much more personal and easier to remember.

As I am sure you will need more help with symbolism and realizing the meanings of these unique tools of our trade, I have included a sample of the meanings I use for each card. They should help you to craft an interesting story.

If you are still having problems crafting a story using the Imagery & Meaning's of the cards, being the mentalist that I am I have included a brief set of cold reading phrases that I usually use to help make the individual readings more personal and believable.

Cold Reading?

Yes cold reading! It is basically the ability of the psychics to tell complete strangers facts about their lives with out any prior knowledge. Since it is beyond the scope of this book to teach you how to read body language or to read the tell tale signs of individuals, I have included here some statistically accurate generalities about each card, under the "Cold Reading" category.

The Star

Imagery & Meaning:

A wish (Upon a star). Hopes and desires. Cold Reading:

You had a great many dreams and goals shortly before and following graduation, but these were never accomplished. You have many unachieved dreams, never stop striving. These goals and dreams are a strong part of you and I see them surfacing soon.

There is a quest coming for you, one that will expose you to some new dreams that will eventually leading you to a new successful future/career (What ever you detect the desired end result will be). Possible travel for a job is up coming. This one is not a pleasure trip; rather it is a quest for your job/career/employer.

The Sun

Imagery & Meaning:

Happiness, energy, warmth (both emotional and physical), success, and cheerful play in their personal life. Cold Reading:

I see you have a pleasant and cheerful disposition. Not always happy, but you have moments of inner warmth and energy.

There's travel around you. I do not believe it is business related, but if it is you will have a pleasant/fun time. To quote James Brown: "So good, so good! I (You'll) feel good"

The unpleasant times are over. I see though you may have had some negative energy and influences around you, you are coming into a period of warmth joy and success.

There are many positive influences coming for your personal life. I see some wild times and influences around you. You seem to be more grounded and responsible then your friends. But, I'm getting that you still know how to have some fun. (This line works "especially" well on a younger twenty something young lady)

The Hanged Man Imagery & Meaning:

Necessity of a sacrifice to achieve goals. Cold Reading:

There is a sacrifice that you will need to make. This sacrifice is going to try your limits, but you will come out of it successful. You will reach that which you have strived and worked so hard to achieve. Your goal will be achieved, but it is going to take much hard work to accomplish it.

The road ahead is (was) filled with hardship and sacrifices, but soon it will pay off. Nothing good comes with out sacrifice and a quest. The secret & power is in the quest. (Applies to the quest for magical knowledge as well, in the pursuit for the secrets is where the wisdom lies! -Dr. Zodiac 2004)


Imagery & Meaning:

A legal matter, equality, fairness, positive action at work. Cold Reading:

Though many do not enjoy their jobs, I see that you are content at where you are at. Don't get me wrong, you have many desires and drives, but generally you are better off then those around you. Especially those who occupy the same position (Job).

There's a legal matter near you. Its final outcome will be in your favor. You will be vindicated in an argument or legal finding. Someone has wronged you. There's an individual who has cast a negative energy upon you, but he/she will finally get theirs. Expect an apology. Who's the man in the uniform?

There's a young man around you who use to dream about being a police officer, this career would suit him well. He is both fair and just. He would be a credit to this field. (You the present tense if the sitter is a male. i.e. you once had a dream to be )

You are more JUST then those around you. I see even though at times you may stray, deep down you are more JUST then others. (Substitute in any self serving bias statement for JUST. Such as pleasant, racially tolerant, etc. No one wants to think of them selves as being negative)

The Empress Imagery & Meaning:

Powerful woman of affluence and grace, a strong positive female influence. Can be either a wife, former love, or mother Cold Reading:

There's a positive strong female influence that surrounds you. She seems to have your best interest in mind. Almost like a mother figure. They always say you will marry someone like your mother! You will marry, at around 25 years of age.

Although you may not wish to hear this, I feel that you will become your mother. You are growing wiser and stronger. You know now in your heart that your mother has your best interest in heart.

I feel like you have a college degree, or at least the equivalency of one in life experience. (If the sitter is a strong intelligent woman). There's a strong opinionated woman around you. This woman often tries to stick her nose in where it just doesn't belong. She is becoming an issue in your relationship.

The High Priestess Imagery & Meaning:

Spiritualism, non-traditional religion, enlightened knowledge, religion, intuitive, or psychic like Cold Reading:

I see you have a strong intuition and that this intuition could turn psychic if you chose to develop it further.

I see you're a spiritual person, though not in a traditional sense of the word. You have questions about what lies after this life, it's OK to question. It is in our nature.

A pursuit of higher knowledge. A Non traditional quest of enlightened knowledge awaits you.

You have had a premonition about something that you shouldn't have known, haven't you?

You can tell when those around you are lying. You have a strong intuition. This is especially true with regards to your children and/or husband.

Judgment Imagery & Meaning:

A decision, tooting ones horn, successful redemption, inner justification and therapy

Cold Reading:

You are more fair then those around you. You will be vindicated in a dispute around you.

You are gaining strength over that which once troubled you. Especially those words that once bothered you, spoken from an adversarial person. I see a plateau in your life. One where your life will be realized. Your goals, though they may have been distracted a bit from what they once were, will be achieved. You will for once accept your station in life.

Wheel of Fortune Imagery & Meaning:

Gaming and gambling, good fortune, a game of chance Cold Reading:

I see an unusual positive streak in your future.

Expect to see money coming in the near future. It won't be a large sum, but it will be welcome and unexpected.

You will have positive favor (Be lucky) in any game of chance that comes your way.

Remember to learn from your gambling and gaming experiences. There's a new relationship awaiting you.

The Chariot Imagery & Meaning:

Victory over a struggle, a move or change in unwelcome scenery Cold Reading:

You have over come many obstacles that blocked your way in life. This struggle to succeed has made you wiser and stronger.

There's a balance coming to the inner chaos that has troubled you in the past.

All the searching that you have performed will finally pay off as you finally achieve that goal. (Whether the goal is a new career, degree, or what have you)

I feel you have suffered 1, no 2 real loves in your past. Fear not, success is just over the horizon.

Temperance Imagery & Meaning:

Too much, excess, moderation, pleasant tempered Cold Reading:

He/she loves you, you know that. Even though you have had your troubles in the past, the chaos will subside if you truly wish it to. You must work at this.

You have to learn when enough is enough. Your vice is never a good thing, so remember to take it in stride.

Everything in small doses.

It would be wise to keep your spending in check.

You need to stop smoking, you know this. You've tried to quit in the past, but that was unsuccessful. I feel that it is a smart move to at the very least taper the smoking off.

The wild times need to come to an end. You have learned your lesson, and by acting with positive restraint will lead you to your goals!


Imagery & Meaning:

Strength, power, success, inner power and strengths Cold Reading:

You have more strength's and talent's then you give yourself credit for. A long successful future awaits you. From here on out, you will see much success if you work at it.

The past is the past. Leave it there; you're in for a new peace and strength.

The Tower Imagery & Meaning:

Destruction and disaster internal turmoil Cold Reading:

There's an immediate and abrupt change that needs to take place. A certain aspect of your life is very chaotic. You are a strong person. Why haven't you changed it? This may take a lot from you, but you certainly know that it has to be done. This isn't a good way for you to live. There is a rebirth awaiting you. (Whether it be job related or personal)

When you we're a teenager, you contemplated suicide. This never the answer!

The Devil

Imagery & Meaning:

Satan, darkness, a deep challenge, purgatory, negativity, mischievous and independent thinkers

Cold Reading:

A negative influence is around you.

You aren't a conventional thinker. At times you often butt heads with those around you.

Someone is trying to keep you down.

There's a metaphorical shackle keeping you down.


Imagery & Meaning:

Death, change, personal sacrifice of morals

Cold Reading:

There's a change taking place in your life.

A new day awaits you, whether it is good or bad depends on your personal strengths and the work that you put into it. I feel you're underpaid.

Your job is feeling like a trap, a change is coming.

The World Imagery & Meaning:

Inner Revelation, worldly, contentment, success in business, creativity. Cold Reading:

You have much untapped potential that could bring about a new career (world/life) for you.

You are in a state of contentment. Finally things are settling down for you. The chaos has finally subsided and now you are finally in a good place. I see the finer things around you. You are very affluent even though you may not be able to afford them. You enjoy the finer things in life.

You have an eclectic eye for making things match. New and old. Expensive and inexpensive. You are very creative and can make just about anything match and look exquisite!

The Hierophant Imagery & Meaning:

Praise, romantic, teaching, sympathy

Cold Reading:

You are a romantic at heart. (For the women)

Even though your do not show it, you can be very romantic at times. Though you don't show this often, I feel like you would benefit from letting it out a little more frequently. (GREAT FOR MEN!)

I sense you are a good kisser. Much better then your boyfriend/husband. You add sensuality to the kiss. (Ladies)

You are very intelligent and would make a great teacher. You first have to learn to slow down a bit.

You are very empathic; you often take on the emotions of you significant other. When they are happy you're happy, when they are sad.

The Hermit Imagery & Meaning:

Loneliness, solitude, a search or quest for knowledge, sorrow, a loner Cold Reading:

You are a very passionate individual who has been hurt in the past. So you have learned to let only select individuals through to you. But once they have made it, you are a very loyal and strong friend.

There's a new pursuit of knowledge awaiting you. Though it might not be in a university setting. A possible trade or craft.

I see a suffering. From past loves. Two past loves that have made some distance now. You are coming out of this darkness and loneliness and soon will find that one true love.

I feel you are never fully pleased with how you truly look. Especially in regards to your hair.

Time is passing you by much more quickly then it did in the past.

The Magician Imagery & Meaning:

Dreams to reality, Psychic nature, Strong mystery and intuition

Cold Reading:

I see you are a mystery to your partner. You dream/goal is going to become a reality.

I get the impression that you have played with a tarot deck before, haven't you?

Your eyes show a depth of mystery and intrigue. You're partially psychic. You have a strong untapped intuitive side. You are an unconventional thinker.

You have a belief or precognition that you won't live past a certain age. You wake up about a minute before the alarm goes off, this shows a high intuition.

The Emperor Imagery & Meaning:

A strong male, successful male influence, father or boyfriend, a leader, that whom a young (female or gay male) lover desires

Cold Reading:

There's a strong male influence around you.

I see at one time you contemplated going into the same profession as your father.

Your father/boyfriend has a strong hold over you. He has your best interest in mind.

In the past, I sense that you have had a difficulty in relating with your father. I sense you are a natural leader. You are a good communicator and a diplomat!

The Fool

Imagery & Meaning:

Naive, a sense of humor, easy going, and good hearted Cold Reading:

Ignorance is bliss.

You have a good sense of humor; you should let it out more often. You wrote a lot when you we're younger. Did you keep a diary or journal? There's a strong positive influence in your life that keeps giving and asks nothing in return.

It will be wise to look the other way and leave possibly dangerous situations alone.

The Moon

Imagery & Meaning:

An animal magnetism, Strong imagination, one who is at his/her best at night time.

Cold Reading:

I get the feeling you are a night person. You come alive at night.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little?

You are very creative and should take up a new hobby or pursuit to better strengthen and develop this creativity.

You are a natural diplomat. Your charm and affluence is evident to all whom you encounter. You have much success with the opposite sex. You would have a lot of success in the bar, nightclub, or restaurant service where you have interaction with the clientele.

The Lovers Imagery & Meaning:

True Love, the strength of another, passion and romance Cold Reading:

You are a unique individual who makes friends easily. You're a hopeless romantic.

True love has passed you by twice, but the next will last for ever.

You are a better dancer then your husband/boyfriend.

Love is never perfect. Though you may have a few bumps, I have a feeling that if you wish it to work, it will.

You and your husband will live a great many years; however I feel you will out live him.

True love is in your future! I sense you are more of a giver then a taker in relationships.

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