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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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You now have a very powerful tool for your arsenal of effects. "The Zodiac Effect" grant's you the ability to divine the future and reveal facts about a complete stranger's life. Never again will you be fumbling for playing card to perform a cheesy boring double lift that lasts far too long. This is the gentleman's art form of magic. You have nothing to prove, so don't run if your not chased. If for some reason you feel the necessity to "seal the deal" of your powers, I have included here a list of effects that take only the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck. May these effects cause you to rise above the ranks of magician and into the realm of mystery! These effects are how legends are created!


Want to make a reputation for yourself? Want to be known as a Superman? Of course you do. That's why you are reading this book (Hopefully a legit copy and not bootlegged!). You know that psychic entertainers have a mystique and aura of power. This effect is quite possibly the single most powerful routine I have performed. Try it and I am sure you will be impressed. I call it Tarot'metry. It has its origins in Psychometry, a routine made famous by Mr. Theodore Annemann.

The routine:

The basic premise is that you have 4-5 spectators select tarot cards. A completely free selection! Each spectator then seals their tarot card inside of an envelope. The envelopes are passed around the spectators and thoroughly mixed. You collect the individual envelopes. You begin to open the envelopes and reveal which spectator chose which tarot card and why.

This reads rather dry, but believe me it is a very powerful routine. It is a great marketing tool in that it has a great built in mini- tarot reading session. This is a great way to generate interest in your readings and get more clients at a small get together.


The basic secret should be obvious. The envelopes are nail nicked so that you know which envelope belongs to which audience member. Simply use your thumb nail to make a sleight impression in the corner of envelope one. Make two marks on envelope two. Three marks on envelope three. On envelope four, you do not nick it at all! Not simply remember which spectator gets which envelope.

From here it's an easy bit of reading each subject. Let's say you open envelope number two, and subsequently you know that it belongs to the second volunteer, try and find a correlation between that spectator and the tarot cards unique imagery.

Here's a brief Tarot' metric reading:

We are assuming the card is the Sun card and that we know through nail nicking that it belongs to spectator number two.

" The sun card. From this card it is evident that the person who chose it has to be a warm and caring individual. A woman perhaps. From my experience this card belongs to someone who has been through many experiences in their time, and unlike most women of the same age has learned from these experiences. She's someone who will not repeat her failures. She is a cheerful and educated individual with at least the equivalency of a college degree in life experience. I am getting a strong impression that this card belongs to you miss. Number two..."

You can craft a reading from the cold readings that I have included for each tarot card. Because you have the built in out that you know who the card belongs too, it appears that you absolutely must be able to divine secrets about that person. Even if the spectator denies all of your reading information, you have the convenience of knowing which card belongs to whom and thus in the audiences eyes they see the spectator as simply being uncooperative. It rarely happens, but depending on venues there are some instances in which people turn into drunken idiots so it's possible.

Notice how this routine isn't as overtly flashy as many of the marketed mentalism effects on the market are. This is where the power of suggestion comes into play again. By being a pocket sized miracle, it makes your audience truly believe that what you are doing could really be real! And, thus your reputation grows.

Secrets & the Mind Meld

The tarot is a very eerie and suggestive taboo for most people. This is why the success of an average card trick with a tarot deck can be astounding when used with a tarot deck.

For this effect you will need the ability to force a card. Since this is a rather advanced subject matter, I will assume you know how to accomplish this. A cross cut force, classic, dribble, or my favorite riffle force will all work equally well for this demonstration. Next you will reveal the selected card in a unique theatrical manner.

Have the card placed face down on the table. Have the spectator cover this card with one hand. Reach over with your right hand and place the first to fingers on the subject's temple. Now place the thumb gently behind and below the subject's ear. Use patter to describe how they will transfer the thought to you. They may feel slightly light headed, warm, cold, or a sleight tingling and pulsing.

By applying gentle pulsating pressure to the contact points of the finger tips, it will suggest a transmission of a thought. Slowly and evenly apply slightly more pressure and surface area to the points in which you fingers contact the subject's skin. This eerie pulsing feeling will feel as if the thought is actually being transmitted! You can even keep a cold drink around and keep you fingers on the cold drink, and there by creating another sensation for the "sitter" to feel.

Now ask the spectator if they are feeling you entering their mind. "Just behind your eyes, you feel a pulsing. Almost like an intrusion into your mind. Can you feel me in your mind? Do you feel the pulsing as I'm extracting the thought? The coldness, the tingling, the " You some Ericksonian suggestion here. Then reveal the card to the in yet another interesting story. "I sense warmth, and love. Is your card the lovers?" This is my revamping of the "Mind Meld" by James Cheung. I include the original version below as a learning aid. Thanks James!

Mind Meld by James T. Cheung

The inspiration for this 'utility effect' comes from the annals of a cult science fiction TV show. On the show, one of the main characters, a green blooded, pointy eared, emotionally retarded Vulcan, uses on several occasions what he calls a 'mind meld', a form of telepathy where his mind joins that of another through touch. During this process he can literally wander around the mind of his subject privy to their every thought, memory and emotion.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could do just that? This effect aims to provide the appearance, both to subject and other spectators, of just this ability. I call this a 'utility effect' purely because it was not conceived as a standalone effect but plays better when combined with other effects, where its use will amplify and transform a trick into a seeming miracle. In essence Mind Meld is revelation of something that you and the spectator already know (but the spectator doesn't know you know), such as the name of a forced card or the result of a center tear but it can also be, and should be, used within the context of a cold reading.

I have used this effect on many occasions and on each occasion I have created such an emotional reaction from it that I seriously questioned whether to allow this effect out into the open. I have decided to do so with one caveat:


The performer selects a subject from the audience. He then places his fingers on the subject's face and proceeds to reveal her deepest thoughts with seeming ease.


Mind Meld is a suggestion sequence that builds upon an initial unquestionable premise on top of which increasing layers of suggestions or convincers are added leading up the inevitable climax of the effect, which could be revelation of a card or thought of word or a complete reading. The effect actually happens within the head of the spectator and it is they who will actually convince themselves that what you are telling them is happening is actually happening. This is what makes this so powerful. To my knowledge this is also the first time touch has been used in this way within a suggestion sequence. Many thanks go to Luke Jermay whose Building Blocks methodology has inspired me and allowed me to codify this effect within his framework. The sequence that follows is the full version that will take you up to the point where you can bolt on a word/card revelation, picture duplication or cold reading.

Before you attempt the sequence, you must make your fingertips either unusually hot or very cold. This is the whole convincer that the sequence is built upon and is very important. It is really a matter of preference whether you go for hot fingertips or cold fingertips. All that matters is that your fingertips induce a palpable, undeniable sensation within the subject. I personally use hot but in the summer will switch to cold.

In order to make your fingertips hot or cold I would normally have a hot mug of tea or coffee that I would hold or drink from casually using the heat to warm up my fingertips. A cold icy drink would work just as well. If this is not suitable then I suggest either keep a zip lock bag of crushed ice in your trouser pocket or have a hand warmer pouch in your pocket instead (these are available from most outdoor/camping stores).

The next step is selecting a subject. To echo Luke Jermay, I normally go for a member of the opposite sex whom I'm attracted to. In this effect, this is very, very important, as not only does the effect hinge upon your performance and believability but also the bond between yourself and the subject. This effect is very intimate and you need to give your 'silent script' every chance to help make it credible and workable.

Once you have the subject, call for quiet in the room. You look into the subject's eyes and say the following with as much conviction and sincerity as you can muster, stressing slightly the bolded words. At this time we start to match our breathing with the subject's, imperceptibly slowing or quickening our breathing to match theirs. We also try and subtly mirror the subject's body language as much as possible. This is an application of the Ericksonian principle of Pacing and Leading:

"Thank you for agreeing to help me. What we are going to do next is something very special that I don't do with everyone but I have a feeling that you and I will get on well so we are going to give it a try ok? What I'm going to attempt to do is join my mind with yours, is that ok? Don't worry, it won't hurt and nothing untoward will happen to you at all. If you are uncomfortable with this please tell me now, don't be afraid of telling me if you are."

Having got the subject's consent we proceed with the following staring them directly in the eyes whilst standing up facing each other about a foot or less apart:

"Ok, I would like you to look at me (gesture directly at your eyes). Something peculiar will shortly happen. What exactly you will feel I don't know as it differs from person to person but you will feel something. What I'm going to do now is I'm going to place my fingers on your face (slowly raise your hand to touch the tips of all your fingers and thumb on the side of her face, very, very gently increasing pressure slowly until the touch is slightly firm but still quite light - on the moment of contact blink quickly a few times and try and intensify your gaze. At this point it will also help to slightly quicken your breathing momentarily. If you have done everything to plan the subject's breathing will quicken and slow to match yours). Do you feel that? Some people feel a slight electric tingling or a feeling of heat. What can you feel?"


"Good, I want you to focus on that heat as it increases now as my mind begins to flow through my fingertips into yours. Can you feel the energy that is now coursing and surging between us? Can you feel my fingertips pulsing? (At this point, increase the pressure on your fingertips very slightly and release the pressure, repeating this to achieve a 'pulsing' effect) (Now pause for around 20 seconds letting silence do its work). In a few moments you may feel a slightly odd thing begin to happen. You may feel a little hazing around your consciousness, a little light-headedness or even a slight pressure inside your head. Your ears might even ring a little. (Start to quicken your breathing at this point, taking small quick shallow breaths - this will help achieve the light-headedness in the subject). Can you feel it? (Frown slightly, intensify your gaze and nod as you ask this. Now begin to slow your breathing down again). Don't worry, it's ok. I'm picking up a slight amount of resistance.relax, let me in, it's ok (say this in a very soothing tone, slowing your breathing down more, all the while gazing deeper into the subject's eyes. Pause for 10 seconds then blink quickly, quickening up your breathing and widening your eyes momentarily). Good, that's better, our minds are one."

Notice how the sequence progresses and uses the concept of pacing and leading through breath control, facial gestures to anchor certain feelings and sensation manipulation to achieve the effect of entering the mind of the subject. It is a powerful sequence that builds upon the initial convincer of heat/cold and serves to make your word law in the mind of the subject. In my experience, by the end of this sequence the subject is usually totally open to suggestion and you can then proceed as you see fit with the conclusion of any effect that you choose to use this with.

Personally, I think this effect works well in conjunction with a cold reading. I use Kenton and Tank's Completely Cold but any cold reading system will work.

Once the revelation or reading has been completed you would then disengage very slowly, thank the subject, and appear to be suitably exhausted and dazed by the effort.

Final Comments

It has been pointed out to me that the above sequence is loaded with sexual undertones and to a degree that is both true and intentional. Visualize the realities of linking your mind to someone else's and the sexual parallels are unavoidable. It is a union of incredible intimacy and intensity and in order for this effect to work you have to be able to perform this with immense conviction and confidence with a willing subject. For me, this is not a cheap throwaway effect. This is a strong piece of theatre and emotional drama that can have a profound effect on the subject and the watching audience. I will say this though: this effect will not work for everybody, indeed as a performance gambit, you will need huge amounts of presence and personal charisma to pull it off but when it hits, and it will, it will amplify even a simple trick to the extent where the audience will think you are a supernatural being.

One final performance note: I have found that the eyes are extremely important in the success of this effect. Highlight your eyes for maximum impact. I normally use a very thin line of black eyeliner on the lower eyelid and a light touch of mascara on the upper eyelashes to subtly and imperceptibly intensify the eyes. Don't overdo it as it will look silly. If done correctly it should not be obviously noticeable. Also, when making revelations, frown slightly as if were a huge strain and effort. This makes it all the more believable and makes a huge difference to the performance.

Further Tarot Effects

Using a tarot deck elevates any effect even my hated rival, the ambitious card. Below are a few examples of tricks that can be made into psychic entertainment effects using the tarot deck.

The Ambitious Card from Hell or Heaven-

Mark, either with a nail nick or some other easily discernable manner, the devils card and the lovers card for an impromptu love test or to scare off unwanted onlookers. The ability to control either card has strong undertones for impromptu effects including a nice not so subtle way of flirting with a young lady.

Fair Impressions-

This is a rather old principle I found in an old Jack Dean routine. It is a way to turn either a tarot card or the card case into a semi impromptu impression device. An impression device is a device that captures an image of what's written on it even after the paper that the image was drawn on is taken away.

Since I do not have the right to ethically expose the Dean method here, I have devised a few alternatives that prove to be superior to the Dean method. First, you will need some roughing spray, artist's fixative, or Krylon Clear Coat. These fluids are easily found and I am betting you have these lying around your house.

To make the impression device choose a surface. We will use the tarot cardboard box for this demonstration. Simply spray the surface of the box which you will use as a writing brace (surface) with one of the said chemicals. Let dry. Then repeat this process two to three times. You're done.

Now simply have a "sitter" draw or write some secret information on a scrap piece of paper. Instruct them to use the tarot card case box as an impromptu writing surface; they can examine the box before hand to ensure that there are no carbon or impression devices inside. It looks one hundred percent legit. When they are finished examining and recording their image or word, take back the box and instruct the "sitter" to fold up, tear up, burn, or otherwise hide what they just recorded.

"By writing it down, you cause your mind to visualize that object. Since you have recorded it, I want you to hide it someplace I can never hope to get to it". Now it's a simple matter of angling the card box towards a light source and viewing the impression that has been left on the card box. You can now reveal the method anyway you see fit. Banachek's "Brain Game" works well for this, as does a standard drawing duplication or the "Mind Meld" mentioned above.

Notes: Always use a ball point pen to have the spectator write with. The image won't be captured properly if you don't. Let the spectator examine the heck out of the case before the effect begins. Thus they believe it to be a completely fair demonstration (hopefully the last instance of that fair word!). This has to be performed in a well lit environment to "reflect the impression" off the card case. Experiment with different layers of thickness of the coat. I like Clear Coat by Krylon, while others have said hair spray works really well. Experiment a bit.


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