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The Secret of Deliberate Creation

The secret of deliberate creation is a practical, proven strategy that unravels the law of attraction so that you can establish what you want when you want, and all your results will get certified. The program is not for everyone; it is not outdated or dusted off knowledge from the previous year, but it is everything Dr. Anthony now knows about this power that was once mysterious, putting it all together in a comprehensive course. The program will not suit anyone who wants to say they are making changes in their lives when, on the contrary, they are doing nothing different. Neither is this program beneficial for an individual that wants to snap their fingers and get instant transformation in their lives. Instead, this program is for the rest that are tired of feeling tired, and they are ready for change in their lives. If you have experienced repeated frustration just like Dr. Anthony previously did, it is an absolute sign that you are prepared. And it is excellent news since your life will change entirely for the better. Read more...

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The Secret of Deliberate Creation by Dr. Robert Anthony

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Fundamental Law of Attraction

The concept or law is called the fundamental law of attraction. The fundamental law of attraction as it applies to hypnosis is as follows Whatever you hold in your mind at any given time, your body moves toward that direction. Your body can be directed to move in a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual direction. Think about eating your favorite food. Picture in your mind how wonderful it looks. Picture in your mind the color and texture of the food. Think about how it feels as you chew it. Think about how your favorite food tastes and smells. Feel it in your mouth. Notice how your mouth starts to fill with saliva as you think these thoughts. This is the law of attraction at work. You are holding the thoughts of your favorite food in your mind. As you think about it in great detail your body tends to move toward it by allowing the saliva to flow as if you are digesting the food in real life. Do you begin to salivate when walking by a bakery or in a movie theater when you smell the...

Change Your Mindset

Granted, it takes effort to apply the steps we just outlined above, but the results are well worth it, and it's really not that difficult when you put your mind to it. When you browse the internet or catalogues for new magic, you'll find yourself looking at such effects in a totally different way - instead of dwelling on how cleverly they are devised, you'll be thinking to yourself how you can link them with one of your 'hot topics'.

Words can trigger pictures in your mind

First just think to yourself, I am on holiday. STOP NOW did you see a picture of it in your mind People vary, but it is unlikely, in the very short time I allowed you, that you saw anything very clearly. freely on a surface such as table, chair-arm or your leg. Picture a thread tied to the end of your index finger. Picture the other end of the thread being held by someone you like, whose hand is about a metre above yours. They are trying to lift your finger without you feeling the thread at all. Keep the picture in your mind for a few minutes, closing your eyes if it helps you to picture things. The simple approach is to picture a person or situation that normally arouse strong feelings in you. The person could perhaps be someone that you hate or love or fear. The situation could perhaps be one that you find erotic or embarrassing or exciting or frightening. In any case after you have decided on ONE (do not jump about) keep the picture or pictures of your chosen topic in front of your...

The Color In Your Mind

When you view the egg and learn the color, I want you to dramatize the experience in your mind. Imagine you are looking at Mount Everest, and it is the color of your egg. Good, turn around. Now say the color over and over in your mind. Turn up the volume so that you can imagine that the color is being shouted. You are doing a goodjob. Your job is to try your best not to communicate that I have named your color. Do not shake your head or in any way knowingly use body language to reveal that you have that color in your mind. I will now point to each one of you and reveal the color that I feel you have in your mind.

Suck Them Deeply Into Your Reality

Okay, this is a great little bit of advice from LowRider69. I know that sucking people into your reality is a big part of Swinggcat Method (see Part IV of my interview with him for more on this), so I know how powerful it can be, having seen it first hand. You bring them into your reality. The main thing is practicing being totally into yourself when you open girls and don't ellict anything from them until they open up to your approach. You'll give off a super-chill vibe because your not expecting anything from them. You don't give a flying fuck if their interested in your story or not, it must be told

Do You Run Your Mind

Ask yourself, Who runs your mind Now, before you have a knee-jerk reaction and answer, I do , you have to become aware of who and what is influencing you. Do you watch TV Do you program yourself with the mass media They don't call TV 'programming' for no reason at all Who else do you allow to influence you Who you hang out with is who you become. Friends adopt traits of friends.

Progressive Relaxation Technique

Even though I am giving the suggestions, you will be always in control. Your mind will be alive, alert and your body will be relaxing, totally, relaxing. (PAUSE) One, now you are totally relaxed. Your mind is alert and aware and concentrating on my voice. (PAUSE) Now picture in your mind that you are relaxing the muscles in your chest. Picture all of those muscles going loose, limp and totally relaxed. (PAUSE) Picture in your mind that your arms are limp dishrags. (PAUSE)

The 8020 Rule Applies To This

In my book, How To Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind, I stress the power of forgiveness. As you forgive others that have harmed you, the forgiveness energy is sent to that person or persons. As you wish the same success for the individual as you would for yourself, you are sending that healing energy right back to its source you.

Read Me A Story Please Plan D

As I state before in Chapter 1 and as I describe further in my first book, How To Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind, a hypnotic induction is just a formal ceremony to get your conscious and subconscious minds alert that hypnosis is coming soon. It cues your brain to start working on the suggestions given with more concentration than you give in normal conversation. As your lover is reading to you, a powerful subconscious mind will associate the reading with the reading by your parents or caregivers. Your subconscious mind will bring back the feelings of security, safety and love.

Plan D Exercise 3 Read Me A Story

Discounted admission to the How to Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind Self-hypnosis Training Program Workshops and How To Hypnotize Your Lover To Awaken A Sleepy Relationship, Workshops. Discounts for your friends and relatives when they attend ANY of Wayne F. Perkins' workshops or seminars.

Instructions for Your First Hypnosis Session Together

Do not tell anyone that you are going to work on problems with hypnosis. Other people's views and misconceptions of hypnosis will come into play if others are brought in to the process at this phase. Let yourself have many positive experiences with hypnosis to share with your friends at a later date. Your success is the most important issue here, not the validation of your friends or relatives. Your friends and relatives will never have the same motivation for your success than you and your lover. You are both in this process all by yourselves. Once you have numerous successes, then pass along your magic remedy. You will not only help your friends at that point, but you will reinforce the motivation that resulted in you going through the exercises in the first place. You will keep the experience fresh. Remember that since your mind will be very alert during this exercise, you will be able to react to any emergency that is going on around you.

Your First Hypnotic Experience Plan AEvery

Your mind works better at accepting positive suggestions when your body is at rest and your mind is just listening to each and every word the hypnotist, your lover is saying. Listen to the words as you listened to parents when you were a child of five or six years of age. Remember that anything is possible when you are in the hypnotic state of mind.

How Does It Work

You learn how to relax and open your mind toward self-hypnosis. As you learn to relax deeply on my command or request, a strange thing begins to happen. You begin to accept suggestions that will be of benefit to you. A suggestion is simply an idea or thought that is implanted into your subconscious mind and when teamed up with repetition, becomes reality. The body responds to the ideas or thoughts you put in your mind. After enough repetitions of these thoughts are received, the mind starts to reprogram itself to respond the way you want it to.


How To Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind. This is a full-day workshop where you learn how to hypnotize yourself and then use self-hypnosis and powerful goal achievement techniques to achieve your personal goals. The workshop is based on the Wayne's Self-hypnosis Training Book.


PURPLE The combination of RED (Conscious mind Physical) and BLUE (Subconscious mind Emotional Mental). This is obviously a desire to balance or blend the conscious activities with subconscious programs. PURPLE is a symbol of Royalty because those who achieve such a balance of the two minds are historically unique and special indeed. Again this is because your subconscious mind has been aware of these meanings from the start. The only thing left to do is to focus your conscious mind on these ideas. Only uneducated frauds and well meaning but gullible types would ever debate such definitions. And even these folks eventually tend to agree. After all, their subconscious mind works with these same meanings. Deep inside, they have to agree in the end. Believe it or not, you now have over three quarters of the system in your mind, and you haven't even started doing it yet Curved Lines are about the subconscious mind and emotional, imaginative mental activities. So what does this mean The...

Introduction To Unstoppable Confidence

One of the NLP presuppositions is that since we all share the same neurology, that means whatever anyone can do, you can do as well provided that you direct your mind in exactly the same way. That means if something is possible for others, it's possible for you too. If confidence is possible for others (and it definitely is), it is definitely possible for you too. Using NLP methods, I have modeled very confident people and included what they do in this book. By doing what they do, you will achieve the same resourceful states of confidence that they have. From how confident people think about things to how they speak to how they carry their bodies, you will find in this book how confident people move through the world.

The Power That Suggestion Has Over You In Magic

You wonder how this applies to you in learning Magic. In just this way Tell yourself from the start that you are going to be a Real Magician. Form a picture in your mind of yourself as a Successful Magician on the stage or see yourself as Popular, Well Known, a Social Success through your knowledge of Magic. Form a definite image of what Magic will do for you. The Power of Suggestion will do the rest. Don't minimize the value of this suggestion. The positive suggestion YOU CAN--will actually give you greater ability because your mind will be open to learn and will be eager to learn. Another phase of this wonderful Power over you is the use of it when you are performing before your audience. Enter heart and soul into the part you are playing. Your audience believes you have marvelous powers. Let this Suggestion coming from them exercise its power over your mind and let it make you believe that you have these powers. For instance, your audience really believes that you make the coin...

The Proofs Of Mind Reading

Maybe the best available evidence of the average persons ability to read the mind of another is that found in the records of the English Society for Psychical Research. The experiments of the members of this Society and other investigators have resulted in the piling up of a mass of facts more than sufficient to fully establish the correctness of the theory of Mind Reading. Series of carefully managed experiments were conducted, the results of which conclusively proved that thought-waves set into motion by the mind of one person may be consciously received by the mind of another. We shall quote here from the reports of those investigators, in order to show you the important results that have been obtained, and to set at rest any lurking doubts as to the reality of the phenomena which may still find lodgment in your mind. Remember, please, that these committees were composed of some of the leading scientific authorities of England- men whose standing and reliability, as well as whose...

Mihlon Clayton Impromptu

Instruct him to deal three piles of six cards face-up on the table. If he deals from the bottom of the face-up pack, dismiss from your mind the card just noted and remember the bottom card of those remaining after the heaps have been dealt. These cards are laid aside face down and the bottom card is the key card. If, however, he turns the pack over and deals from the top then the bottom card already noted becomes the key.

The Basic Secret Revealed

Cloud Busting has always been a topic of discussion among the psychic community. It was even featured in the movie The Fisher King. In the movie you lie on your back and stare up at the sky. You try to break the clouds apart with your mind. In the movie the main characters attempt to cloud bust in the middle of the night. Robin Williams' character claims you have to be naked to do it correctly naked

Congruence Being All of a Piece

Your reality must be more powerful than hers. It's that simple. As long as your reality is the dominant reality, no woman can shake you up, make you crazy or ever take away your power. While this may sound like hubris, or overweening pride, it's simply the way things work. It may not be absolutely true that you are the best possible choice for her to make, but it is an effective working rule that you are. She wants you to be the man. It's her own hard wiring that makes her respond positively to a strong lead.

Original Author Unknown

Now practice your mind reading skills. Have someone cut the deck (as above) and take the top card off the left pile. You place the right half of the deck under the left half. While doing so, take a glance at the bottom card without making it obvious. Mentally count three cards up from the card you see on the bottom of the deck, and this is the value of card that was chosen. As for the suit, if a Spade is showing on the bottom then the card chosen is a Diamond. (Example Six of Hearts is the bottom card, then the Nine of Spades is the chosen card Ten of Clubs is on the bottom, then the King of Hearts is the chosen card.

More About Impressions

We speak a great deal about getting impressions on the tapes. But we figured we needed to say a few things more in this regard. The only reason people are impressed with accurate impressions is because they doubt that they have such impressions themselves. This is not the case of course. Most people however are trained to ignore their impressions - to dismiss them from thought as they pop in to mind. We don't have to train you to get impressions. This is something you already do in everyday life. People have to be trained to ignore impressions - not get them. Instead of ignoring odd or apparently random thoughts that cross your mind, we say speak these ideas out loud. That's all there is to it. Kenton is also aware that he will be correct at the end of the effect, so what does he have to lose He knows he can adjust using words such as other , another , What I mean by this is and so forth - tools we have given you elsewhere in this text. There is no reason in the world, except for your...

Words as Power Tools vs Pointless Chatter

This means you must keep the goal of what you're attempting to accomplish always somewhere in the forefront of your mind. Make sure that your actions remain natural and appropriate to the situation don't just focus in all laser-like on your mission and buzz through the steps like some kind of robot. You have to stay light on your feet and respond correctly to what is happening around you. No two encounters will ever go off exactly the same in real life, no matter how much you rehearse for them in your mind beforehand.

Methods that really dont involve most magic plans anyway

You will see me use the word *vj sualize frequently in this book. If you can visualize, you needn't be an artist your mind knows what ifc vmtats*and youn eyts must either find it or recognize it. Visualize the illusion as you read the plans. Imagine the completed prop in your mind and you will soon understand scaling and blueprints.

Domination of Thought

'An experiment called Domination of Thought . I say experiment because conjuring of this nature is never infallible. It depends on psychological workings and 1 cannot be sure beforehand how your mind will react to the suggestions 1 put out. Do you think it is possible for me to influence your mind so that you will think just as I wish you to think, without your being conscious of the fact Well, though everyone thinks he is free to guide his own thoughts, there are times when one mind can secretly control another. 1 shall try to prove the truth of this statement by compelling your thoughts to run in the same channel as minewhich can be done under favourable conditions. You doubt my words You think 1 exaggerate To convince you I shall furnish three witnesses. Here are two packs of cards. Now in order to get our minds perfectly attuned will you please go through the exactly same motions as I do 'Please do not alter the card in your mind because those two cards on the table are so to...

Practice Exercise 1 Finding Locations

After you have grown proficient in locating the corners of rooms, you may have the Transmitter select other parts of the room, such as doors, mantels, windows, alcoves, projections, etc. Try a number of these selected locations in turn, gaining a variety of experiences which will prove valuable later on. In all of these experiments the Transmitter must guard you from running into obstacles, furniture, etc., by telling you to avoid them, guiding you part them, and in other proper ways prevent you from bruising yourself or breaking or upsetting things. You must impress this upon his mind, and then you should give yourself into his care with the utmost confidence, giving yourself no further concern about these things, and keeping your mind as passive as possible. Don't allow your mind to be distracted by outside things- attend to the matter of the experiment in which you are engaged.

The Dribble Replacement

Those who do the Pass, then follow it immediately with a shuffle are not entirely wrong in the concept but their timing is way off. To show what we mean, suppose a magician does the Pass but he does it so well you haven't any idea he has done the move therefore, in your mind the card is still somewhere in the center of the pack.

In the space below write your own quotes pattern using the commands imagine having amazing sex with me and get

Let's give an example of the power of where you put your pictures in your mind stop a minute and think of someone you really, really like. Someone you're very fond of. As you do this, and you see their image in your mind, take your finger and point to where you seem to see that image. If this is a little hard for you, just imagine your mind is like a mental movie screen. Take note of where on the screen the image is. Up Down To the left The right Where the fucking hell is that image, bb And, by the way, how big is it Now as you think of both images at the same time you'll really begin to notice that they are in different places in your mind, subjectively speaking. Notice what happens now as you try in vain to move the picture of the person you don't like into the same location as the picture of the person you do.

Maintain A Healthy Attitude Toward Magic

You must not let the knocker discourage you or plant any doubts in your mind if he should come your way. You know that you stand head and shoulders above him with your SCIENTIFIC TRAINING in MAGIC. You are enthusiastic and inspired, you are enjoying a rare opportunity in studying this course. Let nothing dampen your spirits. Keep your outlook healthy and you are bound to succeed.

New Art For The Magical Entertainer

Since our last month's advertisement, these have been selling to all the wise boys . . . the ones who know a good line when they see it If you did not make up your mind to send for a trial packet do so now. One large dog made out of ONE BALLOON ONLY Instructions photographically illustrated.

Always Have Your Antenna

As a review, just remember to stay focused on the process of flirting and kidding around with women, and release yourself from worrying about what the outcome should be. If you come to view the opportunity to flirt as a fun thing to do for it's own sake, instead of choking on the pressure of trying to score with her, you'll at least be able to function. The pressure of trying to score all the time is too much even for guys who are good at it, much less for the unskilled and the low confident. Being able to feel you have no goal in mind but to have a little verbal banter defuses the pressure cooker and re-frames what's happening in your mind so that it isn't so life and death. This allows you to 1) open your mouth and not be afraid to at least say something thus subduing your rejection sensitivity, and 2) assume a relaxed attitude that takes you light-years down the right track towards actually doing the thing that you're not really even trying to do, i.e., seduce her

The Future Through Listening

The first time you really went out on a date, it wasn't quite what you expected. Your second and third dates weren't all that different. Then I see by the time you felt you really fell in love, it was real for you. At least you thought it was then. Still somehow those experiences keep influencing you, as if they were happening today - just below the surface - when they are all in your past, and they can only do harm if you continue to let them. I see where this should be fading from your mind now, if it hasn't already done that, once and for all

The Failure To Understand This Simple Difference Between The Two Kinds Of Mental Pictures People Make Is The Single

You could imagine yourself acting confident and powerful until you are blue in the face, but unless you give your mind some cues as to when it is going to tap into those pictures you will get NOWHERE. You will never tap into all those great resources you've been imagining. Now, step into the picture, and see the events as if you were actually looking out from your own eyes. See what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel how good it felt in your body. When those feelings of confidence and power reach their peak in your body, reach over with your right hand, and give your left wrist a squeeze. Run through this twice more, giving the same squeeze in the same place. This will train your mind to recall those feelings of power and confidence whenever you squeeze your wrist the way you are doing now. As you do so, reach over with your right hand and squeeze your left wrist, triggering your confidence anchor. This will train your mind to automatically call up the feelings of confidence and...

Unstoppable Confidence A Definition

When you are unstoppably confident, you really do have the 'go for it' attitude. When you are unstoppably confident, you never ask yourself, well, what if this goes wrong, what if that goes wrong Is this even possible You flush all of that from your mind and instead, begin to ask yourself, How easily and naturally will I apply this What will it take for me to go after this This way you're directing your unconscious mind that, Hey, it's a given. It will happen. It's just a matter of what it will take. Any question that you ask of yourself, your mind will answer. For example, if you say, Why am I so shy Then your mind, being the obedient answer-generating machine it is, is going to come up with the answers and say, well you're shy because a, b, and c.

Why Confidence Matters

When you use these techniques and focus on your dreams, no matter what those dreams are, you'll develop the unstoppable confidence to go after your dreams and make them a reality. By keeping your vision in your mind, imagining it vividly and regularly, you automatically teach your unconscious mind to lead you to that day. And won't that day be wonderful

Step 2 Knock her off her Pedestal

What the hell do I mean by that Well, one of your problems is that you've built up great looking women to be untouchable goddesses in your mind. This stops you from approaching them because you are in awe of them. It's like when someone idolizes a celebrity then finally gets a chance to meet the object of their reverence . What happens They freeze up and can't speak a word Why Because the celebrity has been built up to such superhuman proportions in the mind of the adoring fan, that seeing him for real creates a paralyzing overload in his brain and he can't function in that person's presence. Sound familiar, bucky

The Dantes Life Span Reading

You are sensitive, and will use your own judgment. However, you are susceptible to flattery and the influence of others. Your own judgment is invariably the best, as you have learned in the past, so learn to rely upon it. You have no outstanding abilities in any particular line, but are wonderfully adapted to most anything you make up your mind to succeed in. Your life line runs to 80. It doesn't show at any time you will have to appeal to anyone on account of ill health or sickness. Right now, you are not as full of vitality and energy as you appear. Very shortly (snap fingers) there will be a change in which you will find yourself to be more mentally alert. You will gain considerable from this change. You will even be happier - and more lucky. No accidents, no operations, but you will have treatments from an eye, ear or nose specialist before the year is out. Nothing serious, but will result in a distinct advantage to you. When you die, you'll just go to sleep and not wake up. Very...

Working And Presentation

Addressing one of your friends, observe I want you to be good enough to keep your mind a perfect b ank for a moment . . Try to remain in the passive state . . Think of nothing . . Now, please draw that white card slowly out of the row . . . Thanks. Be guided entirely by me . . . Replace the card somewhere near the centre of the row . . . There is no hurry . . . Thanks .

Page 9j in my book C contains a sentence thai reads 14 Common Mistakes in Borrowing Motley printed in bold type It is

I fas your mind settled in on a number Great. Please concentrate on (hat number. I'm getting a three no. a tw o digit number. Is that on vet One number is even, the other number odd Is that correct Concentrate an the even number 2, 4, 6. S. The even number is I. is that correct how concentrate on the odd number. I. 3. 5. 7, and 9. The add number is I. But the number yon an* thinking about isn't 41 it's 14 is that correct You may sit down now. I will get hack to the word you selected in a few minutes.

Pause 1 may repeat parts of my instructions While there is a date or year on each page it takes some people between

Just relax as j ott read those last few lines. Karen, you haw a Jondness for animals, don't you' ' Great, because who' came through to me the strongest its you v. civ looking at thai page was an image of some kind of animal. There is an animal mentioned in the last Jew lines of text, tsn 't there Picture that animal in your mind. You don if really like this animal do you.' 1 didn't think so. because also picked up some tension or discomfort the more you thought about this animal Keep focusing on this antmal. It's a small am mal von could hold it in one hand but you wouldn't want to hold this animal, would you You are thinking about afield mouse, aren't vou lorn, have you selected a good. long, interesting word Great. To help thai word sink deeper into your mind, please silently repeat that word to yourself two or three times. Now silently peli that word, letter by letter, in your mind. Tom. to save time, let's see who read your mind correctly. What was the first letter of your word T....

Have Laser Like Focus

Take what I'm saying, use your creativity and apply it to your own situation. If you're thinking, my business is different, stop right now That's a total cop out. I promise you, when you put your mind to it, you'll find ways to apply this to your industry. Of course, the keywords that came to your mind may have been different. But that's not important - the important thing is to get an initial list of keywords.

Pawology Questionnaire

We understand that appearing on TV Radio or Live on stage can be very nerve racking and therefore in order to make things crystal CLEAR IN YOUR MINDS it would be appreciated if you could answer the following questions. Thank you for completing this form to get things CLEAR IN YOUR MIND before ShowTime, now please just complete your contact details below as AFTER THE SHOW I will ask for this form and its contents may be used for future media interviews.

Attraction Not Necessary

To me, attraction is an intense need for validation. If a girl really needs your validation, she's attracted to you because she will do a number of things to get that validation. And that intense need for validation is created through the use of sexual tension, where you can invalidate the girl as a sexual object and make her strive to get that back. Neo-Rio said it best when he stated If you treat a woman with respect, she feels cheap because she feels pressure to do something to advance the relationship. If you treat her like an inanimate object in your reality, she feels special because you're making all the effort and she doesn't have to do squat.

The Qualities Of Beliefs

Beliefs have certain mental qualities about them that allow them to be encoded as beliefs in your mind. Intuitively, this is obvious that there must be some way the mind differentiates between what is a strongly held belief and what is a weakly held belief. To put it another way, there has to be some way that your mind knows what you are absolutely sure of and what you are unsure of.

Evidence of dishonesty when youre only just meeting someone for the very first time is a super red flag to any woman

Focusing most of your attention on this search for common interests also acts to help deflect your shame, because it keeps you immersed with a task that occupies your mind. It prevents you from back-sliding destructively into the zone of pain-loving self-centeredness ( I'm an asshole I suck I'm blowing this I'm too nervous what the fuck am I doing does she like me what should I say next should I ask her out now is that a snot I feel hanging out my nose I hate myself I should have never said anything how do I get out of this will I ever be able to come back here again and show my friggin'face etc.). The fact that you are tasking instead of shame spiraling will calm you and make you seem like a confident, High Status Male.

Visual Qualities Of Experience

Movie stars are often adored to the point where they are mobbed by fans and are glamorized as larger-than-life. The reason for this is because they are literally presented as larger-than-life on huge movie screens in theaters. In the same way, when you think about certain things on your mental movie screen, things will seem very compelling. If you have something that you want to experience more of, you can increase the size of whatever it is you are picturing in your mind and notice how that feeling becomes more intense. Another way to make a belief more intense is to make it brighter and closer. Just like sitting in the front row in the movie theater, you can do the same thing in the movie theater of your mind. The brighter and closer you have something, the more intense the feeling you will experience. The converse is similarly true. If you want to make something less powerful, you can make it small, dark, and far away. To lessen the intensity even further, you can make the picture...

The Hourglass Letters

Hopelessly confused Martin Gardner That is something that surely doesn't happen very often, and it didn't last long. A letter dated September 29 came from Walter P. Reid, also from the U.S. Naval Ordnance Lab. I am writing to put your mind at ease (on the impact theory posed by Alt-man), and to suggest that you not publish a correction. I am sure that your explanation was correct. Reid went on to show mathematically how the impact of sand hitting the glass' bottom is exactly balanced by the loss of the sand's mass while it is in free fall. Reid later adapted his letter for publication and his short article Weight of an Hourglass appeared in American

Time Is Of The Essence

Focus intently now in a relaxed way on that special time in your life a special time in your mind I'm not going to do anything at all It's all up to you of course I'm staying way, way over here I'm not going to touch your watch, I'm not going to do ANYTHING. Close your eyes now, take a deep breath hold it let it out, relax and focus now on that moment It is the POWER of that MOMENT we are going to use An emotional and special MOMENT for you and I believe others as well Focus on how you were feeling Who was around you now during that special TIME in your life Notice the colors, hear the sounds going on all around you good get a real sense of that special moment in time for you now that special time in your life that moment in time forever in your mind now in a most positive way See the good in that moment of time, the sense of connectedness the joy of that moment when you see it for what it truly is that special TIME Continue to focus on that time now Now I say One of the images on...

Davidgreenes Mental Force Variation

David says to the spectator, In a moment 1 want you to concentrate on a playing card, but not yet. We are going to do this together. I want you to first clear your mind and relax. Then after David pauses to allow for this briefly, he continues saying, Are you completely relaxed yet, or just getting there which reinforces that the spectator IS beginning to relax. David proceeds Now, imagine a white canvas. I want you to visualize making a couple of strokes on the canvas in your mind (pause) Great Now concentrate on the details. At this point David pulls out his wallet, and says, I am hoping we visualized the same card, because for some reason, 1 had a strange hunch. Please name the card you saw in your mind'. If they name the Seven of Diamonds, David opens his wallet which has the Seven of Diamonds staring the spectator right in the face

How To Change Your Beliefs For Good

Back to your normal, neutral state of being. Third, we'll discover how you believe in things strongly. We'll again bring you back to your normal, neutral state of being. Finally, we will change your beliefs. We will take your limiting belief and turn it into a doubt. By doubting your limiting belief, you free yourself from it. We will take your empowering belief and lock it into your mind as a strongly held belief.

More Dramatic Presentation

Sir, I'm going to set my watch to the very hour my idol and mentor passed away. (Performer sets watch and closes case) Would you be kind enough to think of any hour from one through twelve. In other words, imagine that you see the face of a watch that has but one hand, an hour hand wildly spinning round and round. Now, it's slowly coming to a halt. In your mind, can you see the hour the hand is pointing to Good Don't reveal it to me or to anyone else. Simply commit it to memory. (Performer places watch in his breast pocket with the chain hanging over the edge of the pocket, in full view) Two things have just occurred. First, the hour you're thinking of is more deeply embedded in your mind. Second, the deck is now unbalanced. In other words, since no one knows how many cards are left in the deck, the use of mathematics in accomplishing what you're about to see is impossible Remember, you've shuffled the deck and no one knows the position of any card.

Your Pre Game Attitude Adjustment

1) When Flirting, think Fun, not Outcome Develop the mindset right now that you are going to flirt for fun's sake and that's all. Do not concern yourself with any preconceived notion of what the definition of success ought to be, let Nature take care of that. You're just playing. It's never Game 7 when it comes to flirting it's always just the preseason. Reject the pressure to score from your mind permanently.

Step Five Change The Belief

Congratulations on removing that limiting belief. Since nature abhors a vacuum, we will place an empowering belief in your mind where the limiting belief used to reside. To do this, think about something with respect to your confidence that, when you believe it, your life will improve. 6. Open your eyes and name three different things in the room to clear your mind 12. Open your eyes and name three different things in the room to clear your mind

Defuse Limiting Beliefs With The Power of Questions

If in fact you do find yourself acting shy, never beat yourself up over it. Remember that there is a positive intention behind every behavior. That means that the way you were acting served some purpose that ultimately did some good in some context in your past. Figure out what the positive intention of your shy behavior is by questioning, What is the positive intention of this tentative feeling Be silent and allow the genuine answer to pop into your mind. When you get an answer, thank yourself for wanting the best for you and politely tell yourself that shy behavior is an outdated way of behaving and that you choose confidence from here onward. Be good to yourself at all times.

Go on and state further

Your mind works better at accepting positive suggestions when your body is at rest and your mind is just listening to each and every word of the hypnotist, your subject is saying. Listen to the words as you listened to parents when you were a child of five or six years of age. Remember that anything is possible when you are in the hypnotic state of mind.

IJ 13111 F1YC1 CI 7

Excellent, close your eyes once more. Now I want you to see all those lines and colors coming through to you. Make a large picture of it in your mind. (This serves the purpose of telling the spectator to name the court card. She will start to visualize the lines and colors that only a court card can display.)

N ink Like Your Charactei

What goes on in your mind as yon perform is more important than what goes on in your hands. Skeptical Read on. In actual performance you wouldn't think in such detail. I hope however, that you took the time to do the cxercise, because you will see and feel the difference. 1 want to emphasize the importance of thinking like a magician. If you could really do magic, what would the thoughts he that would run through your mind Your thoughts should be consistent with how your character would think.

The Improved Buckley Method

Or 8,K,3,10,2,7,9,5,Q,4,A,6,J,8,K,3, etc., depending upon which system you use. Whenever you stop, you note which finger your thumb is then touching and that tells you the suit. Thus you are able to run through a stacked deck in your mind as fast as your thumb can count.

Chapter Six Mastering Your Internal Voice

Imagine you had a private stereo in your mind that played things personally, just for you. If you put on a CD and found a whining, droning voice coming through that stereo, constantly cataloguing the failures you've had, or griping about how hard life is, you'd feel pretty bad, wouldn't you Wouldn't you want to turn it down, or get rid of that CD

The Heavy Weight Lifting Test

Get clear in your mind the exact position of the parties sitting in the chair (Figure 3), and your position (the lady) in making the lift. The first person takes his seat in the chair and places his feat firmly on the floor at A B, grasps the chair seat on either side as shown at D, and tilts the chair back so as to throw all his weight on the rear legs of the chair at G and H. Everybody seems to think this a proper position to throw all the weight onto the performer making the lift.

Pattern 1 getting her to become attracted to you quickly when you arent her type

I think what happens, is, you go inside, and you think about the inner qualities that you really want in a person, you know, you think about the things on the inside that really makes someone become more much more attractive in your mind, the qualities that makes you really want to be with them, you know, in such a way that you just start to really look at them in a different way. It's like as your talking with them, maybe you notice one particular feature of their face, that really starts to grab your attention, and suddenly you think to yourself, God you know when I look at him this way, he's actually really handsome . Or you think, You know I want to kiss this guy . Or maybe their voice really starts to get to you. It's like their voice starts to take on an actual physical warmth, that you can feel the warmth of that voice starting to spread through your body, so their words, just start to really get to you. It's like you create an opening for their words like you create an opening...

To Get The Right Answers Ask Quality Questions

The internal dialogue, imagine giving the voice a really, really ugly scrunched up face to the point where the face is disgusting to even look at. Then imagine a boot drop kicking the face right out of your mind. Serves it right for trying to stop you from getting what you deserve and sidetrack your success Isn't that better now If it tries to come back, the boot will be right back.

Feel uncertain about where the whole thing is going

Notice the patterns in him that ruined your last relationship or maybe you start to look at him in a way that really makes him a lot less attractive in your mind However, you would just do that I mean it's so weird how the mind does all this stuff, but what I'm curious about is, what would it be like for a person if that entire process that usually takes months, what would it be like if that entire process were to TAKE PLACE INSTANTANEOUSLY (snap your fingers in her face) in someone's mind It'd be like (wave your hand in her face) you couldn't see his picture any more in your mind. Every time you tried it'd be like something was just wiping it right out. And that's how you'd know that you'd already started to forget all about him, to make him less important. Or you know, like, is there someone you used to date, but now there way out of your mind you haven't even thought about them in a long time Yeah Well notice as you take your finger and point, where do you see their picture

Overcoming Intimidation

If I feel intimidated, it's because I'm not only dwelling on their extraordinary gift but I'm also blowing it WAY out of proportion. In blowing it out of proportion, I'm totally exaggerating it and making it larger than life. It's an excellent strategy to feel intimidated and one that far too many people have mastered. A useful belief in dealing with someone who has the potential to intimidate you is that whenever you meet anyone, you can realize that everyone has at least SOMETHING in common and you can find that in any person you meet. People have much more in common with others than they realize. All people have the same wishes, hopes, dreams, and fears overall. People want to be happy, prosperous, take care of their families, enjoy their lives, and have the freedom to pursue what they want. Furthermore, people want to avoid going broke, avoid sickness, and avoid death for themselves and their loved ones. When you keep these beliefs in your mind as you talk to a person, you will...

Pattern 2 Cancel date pattern

That activity is in your mind right now, if you were to take your finger and point to where in your mind you see that picture, where is it out. The only kind of people I want around me are people who can now feel totally motivated to be with me, however, your mind just allows that to happen. Ok. If you don't go out with me, you're going to lose alot, cause I'm really great guy. So if you find yourself changing your mind and really want to do that, call me, and we'll go out have a great time. And if you don't it'll be a loss for us both whether you now realize that or not. Ok Bye.

Linking At The Curl End With Regular Pins

This is the same hold as you use in the. effect Secret Addition of a Third Pin. As in this effect, open the pin in the right hand and hang the other pin over its staff, Fig. 2. But before you close the pin you apparently change your mind and say, No, I'll attempt to link this one the hard way, by magic, that is.

The Lady And The Tramp

On this card the Lady has written a three figure number. I am telling you this so that your mind can channel itself. Both of us will concentrate on this number when I give the signal word, 'Ready '. The number which then flashes into your mind I want you to state aloud . , . .O.K. The assistant signifying that he understands, then awaits the signal word. During the short pause, the card held by the presentor is dropped into a glass bowl which rests on the table.

The Belief Change Cycle Procedure

If there are any conflicting or limiting beliefs that come up in the 'Currently Believe' space, hold them in your mind and move to the 'Open to Doubt' space. (Again, if you have chosen a 'mentor' for your 'open to doubt' state, you may step into his or her 'shoes' at this point. Seeing yourself through the eyes of your mentor, you may give the you who is becoming 'open to doubt' any of the limiting or conflicting beliefs some helpful advice or support.)

The Mystery Of The Blackboard

Effect On platform, stage, or at the front of room is a blackboard facing the audience. Chalk and eraser are at hand. The performer states that he will attempt a most difficult test of telepathy and will need the assistance of three people from his audience. They come forward and stand near the blackboard. Follow this in your mind and you will realize the effect of the set up on the audience.

The Pointer Phenomena

Ask the spectator to keep his finger on the word he's selected. It's also advisable to look away as the spectator points to the word. Tell the spectator to concentrate on the first letter of his word. Appear to concentrate intently and state that you seem to be getting the impression. Does your word begin with the letter H I inquire. The spectator states that it doesn't. I seem to be getting conflicting thoughts. Let's try and get on the same wavelength. What is the letter you're concentrating upon the performer continues. The spectator states, I. The performer says, Let's try that again. Move to the next word on the line and this time picture the entire word in your mind as if it were printed on a large billboard.

When Next You Are In London

It may be that when you have noted the 17th card you will find that its duplicate (i.e. the one of the same value and colour) lies between it and the 8th card from the top of the pack. When you remove it-therefore, the 17th card will become 16th which will foil your plans. The situation can be dealt with subtly thus . Remove the 17th card as though that was to be your prediction card. Then change your mind, replace the 17th card in the 18th position, and then remove its duplicate. This will leave the card at 17th, where you want it. If the card you want is between the 8th. card and the top simply remove it and then slip one card from the bottom to the top of the pack.

Its Not Magic But

If you place yourself in the category of those who can't learn from a book, I have a suggestion take up origami as a hobby. In order to fold origami models you must be able to read and follow written directions. There is no other way. Many beginners' folds are very simple. They are designed for children. Start there. Learn to associate the written word with the given illustrations. Learn to read slowly and carefully. Learn to compare your folding with the goal of each step. Learn to visualize the results of each step so that you see it clearly in your mind before you attempt it with your hands. Little by little you will find that you can learn from a book, and this will give you the confidence to tackle more difficult projects, including learning tricks from magic books.

Getting Into The Mood

Other times I'll read a joke book or a light-hearted article on magic. Reading a Sherlock Holmes short story sometimes spurs me on to greater things. I've found that staying up late without watching Johnny Carson sometimes stimulates my imagination. Television kills creativity since your mind is on a plot and not on producing something. You are conditioned to being a passive spectator when the knob is pulled. You instinctively relax. Therefore, you do not have the right attitude. You don't have that thirsty, killer attitude necessary to create magic.

Superdefiance Oneman Mindreading

Please concentrate most intently on your cards, and my partner will endeavor to call each card that was selected. Remember, any noise or disturbance in the audience makes it very hard for her to receive the mental vibrations from your mind, and for that reason, please let it be as quiet as possible.

Reactions And Backtracking

I see that you are very much concerned about someone near and dear to you. Your HUSBAND is giving you some anxiety, isn't that correct (The client's eyes widen - a bullseye) . There is another person, a woman (WRONG - the eyes narrow - try another track) . About this money. There is some uncertainty about husband and money - about his ability to make and retain it. (The eyes widen again) . There seems to be a lack of will power - of responsibility. This weakness does not seem to center about other women, but he does like to drink and gamble. This concerns you, not so much for yourself - for I see you are not vain and greedy like so many women. (This FLATTERY softens them up) . Both for you, the family and the future. (Reaction here brings sympathy and confirmation) . You see I have read these negative thoughts in your mind. I can see you crying many times (a slight nod) . You dearly love your husband, and you appear afraid of him.

Changing Your State To Confidence NOW

It's very important to become aware if and when you are not as confident as you desire. If you're not as confident as you want, it's a direct consequence of running a non-confident process through your mind. One of the major steps in gaining more confidence is being aware of when you're lacking confidence. The reason for this is because you have to be aware of something before you can change it. When you're aware that you're not being confident, you can change it. It will no longer be a given that you're shy or tentative or whatever label you previously used to describe yourself. As you become conscious of what you're doing inside your mind with respect to confidence, pay particular attention to how you're talking to yourself inside. If you have a limiting, negative internal voice with bad tonality nagging at you, I'm sure you naturally realize how that can instantly stop you dead in your tracks when you really want to go for it. Like paying attention to how you talk to yourself...

Second Guessing Authors

Decide which method is the best and why. This is important. It will help you later to discard methods which you'll never use. It will also help you clarify in your mind the type of magic you want to create and what type you don't. For example, suppose the effect given in the book was to float a playing card in the air. Your first thought would be to use invisible thread. (That's thread that's visible to everyone except the magician and people who write magic books.) effects. This same way of second guessing the author can help you to originate your own effects. Many times an author's description of an effect can be quite lengthy. Use this disadvantage to your advantage. As you read the effect, jump ahead in your mind and try to guess what the effect is going to be. If you turn out to be correct, fine. If you are wrong, you may have a new effect that you can use. If so, work on finding the right method to accomplish it.

Rapid Fire Confidence At Will

Anchors can be set to have an external stimulus to trigger your confident state or to have an internal stimulus. If you have an anchor with an internal stimulus, it's completely under your control because it's something you see, hear or feel inside your mind at any time. Consequently, internal stimulus anchors are more versatile because you can use them wherever you are without needing external stimuli. A great internal anchor of mine that I want to pass on so that you can make it yours is the following scene. After you imagine it a few times, you'll naturally associate what you see and hear inside your mind with a powerfully confident state. Picture a jet-black Puma at the top of a glorious canyon, spanning miles across. The puma radiates intensity with its back arched and poised to pounce on its unsuspecting prey below. The prey below do not even realize what will transpire as the puma knowingly licks its sharp teeth, thinking to itself inside, YOU ARE MINE about the little animals...

The Original Stop Trick

If they delay saying 'Now,' you remove cards at snail's pace-you can be as slow as they, and need never run beyond the sixteen bank. You can by play as to 'this one, or the next '--'Do you want to change your mind ' etc., before you expose the card, and always have them name it before you turn it over.

Austin Summit Cancelled Sortof

And then you decide on Christmas Day. Umm, don't you think you could have called Formhandle right then when you guys were discussing it and brainstormed with him God knows he crossed your mind when you were hashing out the details, and you guys were too chickenshit to call him, and instead do this roundabout way of changing the city. And don't you think it's a little fucked up to change a whole fucking summit for the whole community and sponsored by ASF, all based on yours and Papas (and PH) whims

Monks Mystery Jack V05burgh

Say, in starting, that you wish a word selected, one in the English language. To prevent your mind and speech from influencing the subject, you continue, it shall be made by chance, with cards and a book. And, you finish, to make impossible the reading of the subject's mind by yourself, of course, you shall write do-m first what thought has come Into vision of your foresight.

Initial Fear of the Approach Revisited

I'm wondering to what degree things like NLP could help with this. Something were you could 'create' these experiences of approaching HB in your mind several times a day for weeks before you start to do so in the real world. Has anyone done anything like this approaching HB in your mind I think the trick is to keep the outcome unattached in your mind. When you're first starting off, if your goal is simply to get an answer from the girl and then walk away, you know what the outcome is going to be, so you are more in control of the situation. Its the uncertainty of outcome that fucks a lot of guys up.

Trick Courtesy of codringuwindsorca

Now practice your mind reading skills Hold out the deck and have someone cut it and remove the top card from the left pile. Place the right half of the deck under the left pile. Glance at the bottom card without making it obvious. Add 3 to the value of the bottom card. This tells you the value of the chosen card. For example, if the bottom card is a 9, the chosen card is a queen. If the bottom card is a queen, the chosen card is a 2 (queen, king, ace, two). To determine the suit, remember the sequence CHSD. The letters represent Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds. (Think of the word CHaSeD. ) If a spade is showing on the bottom, then the card chosen is a diamond. If the 6 of diamonds is the bottom card, the 9 of clubs is the chosen card. If the 10 of clubs is on the bottom, the king of hearts is the chosen card.

Thank you For Your Time

If there is anything I have to say in summary, it is this have an aesthetic vision for your magic, and let the realisation of that vision be the reason for performing. Be clear in your mind what your magic looks and feels like what the experience of your magic is to your audience. Let that clarity drive the creation of your verbal and non verbaI communication as you perform, and dictate the material you choose. And work to transmit your material, not just present it.

Borrow Confidence From Someone Else

Once you've identified the person who embodies confidence to you, you want to get to know how they move through the world as thoroughly as possible. To do this, spend as much time as you can with them and talk with them about how they think about confidence, life, and going for it. If your model of confidence is not accessible to you, perhaps you can get to know the person vicariously by purchasing their books, CDs, home-study courses, or by attending their seminars. If it's a rock star, you could go to their concert. If it's a star athlete, perhaps you could attend their sporting event. The idea here is to expose your mind to them as much as possible. The better grasp you have on their beliefs, attitudes, and values, the more effective you can model their confidence. If it helps, imagine yourself as them in different contexts. When you fully have that unstoppable confidence, see yourself stepping outside of their body and back into yourself. As you float back into your own body, take...

Hot and Horny On The Phone

YOU'RE SO ATTRACTED to the sound of a man's voice, that whenever you FIND YOURSELF REALLY LISTENING, it's like THE WARMTH OF THAT VOICE JUST STARTS TO WRAP ITSELF AROUND YOU, and SPREAD ALL THROUGH YOUR BODY, maybe to the point where you FIND YOURSELF THINKING ABOUT BEING WITH HIM IN A MMMMM SPECIAL WAY, in a way that would make you both feel mmmm, you know So much so that those pictures in your mind GET BIGGER, AND BRIGHTER AND MORE INTENSE, and those FEELINGS MMM INTENSIFY you could just EXPERIENCE AN OVERWHELMING DESIRE TO BE WITH HIM to the point where you just had to PICK UP THE PHONE, and invite him over

The Boyfriend Destroyer Part II

And you think he's real cool, and you're enjoying it and all that and then let's say for whatever reason you break up. You ever BREAK UP WITH SOMEONE (point to palm) and you go through that period of mulling it over, or maybe you NOTICE THE PATTERNS IN HIM THAT RUINED YOUR LAST RELATIONSHIP or maybe you start to LOOK AT HIM IN A WAY THAT REALLY MAKES HIM A LOT LESS ATTRACTIVE IN YOUR MIND However you would just do that I mean it's so weird how the mind does all this stuff, but what I'm curious about is, what would it be like for a person if that entire process that usually takes months, what would it be like if that entire process were to TAKE PLACE INSTANTANEOUSLY (snap your fingers in her face) in someone's mind It'd be like (wave your hand in her face) YOU COULDN'T SEE HIS PICTURE ANY MORE IN YOUR MIND. Every time you tried it'd be like something was just wiping it right out. And that's how you'd know that you'd already started to FORGET ALL ABOUT HIM, TO...

Visualization In Yama

In both of these self-development treatments you will find it helpful in holding the definite ideal and mental-picture, if you will fix in your mind the characteristic physical actions and general behavior of a person manifesting the desire quality, and then picture yourself as acting out the part in general physical demeanor. There is a close correlation between physical actions and mental states. Each act and react upon the other, and are really the two poles of the same thing. Accordingly, always mentally-picture yourself as acting out the physical part expressing the mental attitude you are seeking to develop by Yama visualization. The better you play the part in such visualization, the better will be the result.

Swish Into Confidence

Now what we're going to do is retrain your mind so that whenever it experiences the cue image, it will automatically flash to the ideal self and therefore draw you into being your ideal self. When you've done this successfully, you will see the trigger that used to make you shy and immediately experience an unconscious shift into more confidence. Close your eyes and see the cue image in the forefront of your mind. See it big, bright, and close up, just like you would if you were experiencing it for real. In the lower right hand corner, see the ideal self-image as smaller, darker, and farther away. While you make the swish sound, immediately flip the two pictures so that the cue image becomes small, dark, far away, and disappears as the ideal self image becomes really big, really bright, and really close. Do make the swish sound as you do this exercise because it will help you unconsciously move the pictures around. Pause for a moment, open your eyes to clear your mind, and then reset...

Routining Card Tricks

In using the word mastered in the first sentence of this chapter, we mean that the student has his tricks literally at his finger tips and that he can do them at a moment's notice, anywhere and with any pack that may be handed to him. This is the only way in which to get complete satisfaction from performing and to give complete satisfaction to your audiences. Make up your mind at once that it is better to know a few tricks thoroughly than it is to half know several dozens.

Invent Your Own Stack

Make up your mind ahead of time exactly what types of shuffles and deals you will be doing during the effect. Also decide exactly what the final outcome will be (maybe a Royal Flush in Spades or a perfect sequence of cards AD to KD etc ). Now using the numbered deck, you perform the exact sequence that you intend to use during the effect.

Amazing Word Prediction

Once you have talked about the circle of concentration, you point to the pieces of paper and invite the spectator to take one of the pieces. Say, print your word inside the circle of concentration, and I want you to print it, because it will make it clearer in your mind. This is a very helpful point, because you know that you will be then able to read their writing

The Confidence Resource Triangle

The stuck location should be a context in your mind where you need more confidence. Close your eyes if it helps you. See what you see in that situation. Hear what you hear when you need more confidence. Feel what it feels like to need more confidence. Just when you've gotten a taste of it, step outside the location. Name three different things in the room to break your state and thus get you out of your stuck state.

How To Create Your Own Personality Tests

The following is such a test that Kenton devised based on popular art tests. If at all possible, get a deck of cards out to do this. Seeing the cards in your mind is not the same as looking directly at the cards themselves. Results may vary widely without actually looking at the nine cards involved.

Odd Number Prediction

On stage, you could perform this trick as a kind of experiment. You might introduce it as an experiment to find out, who is on my side, and who is going to make life difficult for me You would go on to say, Now, I'm going to try and control the minds of the entire audience tonight, I want you to think of a number between 1 and 50. Got it Now, erase that number and change your mind because I want you to think of a number between 1 and 50 that has the different digits, so it can't be 11 or 22 for example, both numbers must be different. You get the idea.

Confidence And Taking Action

The reason doing things right now as soon as you possibly can is easier than procrastinating is because of the psychic wait. If you procrastinate on something, you might typically think to yourself, I should be doing that instead of this. Then you might talk yourself into doing it later. Meanwhile, the leisure activity, which you were supposed to be enjoying, is now consequently ruined due to the fact that your mind is preoccupied with what you should be doing. Or worse yet, you might be feeling guilty for not doing what you should do. This procrastination attitude ruins your leisure and does not get things done. That is why the do-it-now mentality is so powerful. When you get it down to where it is a habit, it's really much easier to set up tasks and get them done and then, free from anything else on your mind as a result of taking care of your obligations, you can enjoy yourself in your favorite leisure activity.

Wait and See Card Prediction

Hand out the pack to be well shuffled, meanwhile asking the assistant if he will kindly think of a number, between, say, ten and twenty while he is shuffling the pack. You will, on your part, think of a card, and, to give you no chance to change your mind later on, you will commit yourself by writing the name of the card down, which you proceed to do on a small pad. You tear off the slip, fold it and hand it to the spectator, before you take back the shuffled pack. Test conditions indeed.

Transmitter Please Draw A House

One of you will be the transmitter and the other the receiver, so transmitter I want to project what you are drawing from your mind to the other volunteers mind at the same time as you draw it And receiver you will just notice that an image will jump into your mind and its this image you will start drawing, hopefully it will be the same as that being projected towards you

Magic Square Telepathy

The presenter of the act approaches a member of the audience or one of a committee upon the platform and asks him to think of a number between forty and one hundred. Keep the number in your mind, sir. Addressing his audience the performer harks on the antiquity of the Magic Square and turning a blackboard over shows an example. The blackboard also has a skeleton square drawn upon it. Coming back to the spectator who thought of a number between forty and one hundred, the performer tells the person that he wishes to try out a most difficult form of telepathy between the spectator and Madame X. You, sir, have a number in your mind, a number between forty and one hundred. Here are a number of cards carrying drawings of magic squares from the make-up number of forty to one hundred. As I run these in front of your face, sir, I want you to remove that opposite to the number you have in your mind don't let anyone see it, but concentrate on the numbers in the square. As he fans the cards for...

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