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Law Of Attraction For Kids

Winsome Coutts, a mother of two and a grandmother, has a teacher's certification in education and she has taught several schools in Australia and Canada. She has also written hundreds of articles concerning self-development. Winsome has a passion for the Law of attraction, meditation, Self-help of Personal development, goal setting, and the secret movie. She decided to engage in the pursuit of knowledge in the mentioned areas throughout her life. Winsome has considerable experience raising children following her studies in Child psychology at University, and as a past teacher, a parent, and a grandparent. She knows that when children learn how to plan for their future and how to achieve their goals, they have a skill that will last them a lifetime. Winsome personally studied with two popular teachers, John Demartini and Bob Proctor and both are featured in The Secret' movie. For several decades since the early 90s, she has been goal setting for kids, visualizing, and applying the law of attraction. The law of attraction for kids is the first book ever to describe the law of attraction and the term goal setting. The language employed is simple for your children to understand and it will answer any question about the life-changing topics in a more detailed parent's guide. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this ebook are precise.

Purchasing this book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

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Last month, your child, David attended a special assembly programme at school which I, John Simpson presented, and I'm sure David enjoyed it. Why book me Quite simply, I have the unique experience and professionalism necessary to make your child's party simply unforgettable. You may have seen my advertisement in yellow pages which is now in it's fifth year, which for you means I am firmly established in the community as the first choice of entertainer by many parents. These are just a sampling of comments that I receive regularly, so it should be obvious that your child's party is in the safest hands I realise that the timing may not be right for my services just at the moment, however, I do get booked up for some time in advance, so as an incentive to book now for your child's next birthday, or perhaps another family celebration, call me in the next 48 hours for an early bird discount of 25 of the regular price. This offer won't be repeated, so please act fast to secure your...

Youll be the Envy of your Friends

If you follow the advice in this course you will become successful in the 'fame game' and or financially. How that affects those around you is entirely up to you. A good magician is held in high esteem, and your family and friends may not be prepared for the attention that you will receive, or your increased financial status. Also, other magicians in your area who don't have this course will probably become envious of your success. If you are a member of a magic club (or eventually become one), not everyone will be happy for you when you are singled out as an example of what can be achieved. Don't worry about this. Just try to maintain a 'down to earth' manner and continue to treat everyone respectfully. However, what impressed the audience the most was that after every performance they took the trouble to appear by the front of the stage to greet the audience, talk to them, and share in discussing anyone's interest in magic. Be careful to keep your feet firmly on the ground, and you...

Colored Writing Steve Dusheck

Offer a spectator a blank card and an assortment of bold, colored marking pens. With your back turned, have her print her first name on the card and place it writing side down on the table. You insert the card into the Get the Picture envelope (obtaining a peek) as you explain that one's personality and interests often determine favorite colors. Proceed to give her a short cold reading, i.e., You are a person who enjoys life and works hard to make the most of it. You also love travel, your family and warm fuzzy things. Now, the zinger. A person with your unique and particular personality would choose to sign her name in purple, (or whatever you peeked at), isn't that right Doris

Develop a relationship with as many people as possible

You are in the supermarket and you overhear some women talking about an event they are planning - perhaps a party for one of their sons. Seize the moment, and politely talk to the women, Excuse me, I couldn't help over hearing you say that one of your children is having a party. I might be able to help you out. And so on, the point is you were prepared for the opportunity, you had a business card with you, and you politely offered your services.

Contains 100 fruit Juice to rejuvenate pr entire body and help keep colds at bay

Now let's apply this concept to magic. As an example, instead of simply saying Magic Mark will float your child in the air , it would be far more effective to say Magic Mark will float your child in the air, which means they will have an unforgettable experience, and it will probably be their best birthday party ever

Nominalizations And Combinations

Consider these phrases control issue privacy issue self-esteem issue confidence issue an issue with relaxation a commitment issue issues with your self issues with your family work related issues payment issues maturity issues responsibility issues emotional issues childhood issues , etc. If you can link a word that is not an actual physical thing (nominalization) to the nominalized word issue , people will generally find a way to make sense out of this in their own lives.

The Future Through Listening

While there have been some childhood experiences in the fifth grade that held over and influenced your decisions about High School, I see where the way your family differed at times and this became the major focus for reevaluation of your educational plans. What was that We have found that people will tend to consider what was said as potentially viable - based on the amount of apparent details that were involved. Notice the detailed grade level in this example is a specific number. There is the notion that these experiences were prolonged. That these prolonged experiences and your family's viewpoints differed at times . That all of this then lead to another sequence of events, including a review of educational plans (another set of details and events).

Dont have conflicting goals

If you decide that you want to aim for several goals at the same time, make sure they do not conflict with each other. Otherwise, this will just cause frustration. For example, a goal of travelling around the world for a year would obviously conflict with a goal of being able to give up work to spend more time at home with your family

Important Please Respond Immediately

This presentation is on the theme 'Say no to Drugs' and it is curriculum based. It will be presented by a professional motivational speaker and entertainer, and features magic, laughter, and story-telling to provide the children with a memorable lesson, that will remind them about the dangers of drugs. As this is not a compulsory activity, we are writing as a courtesy to seek your permission for your child to attend. Please indicate your decision below, and return the form promptly, thank you.

Police to Train As Magicians

You approach community oriented groups that have a need or desire to raise funds for a specific purpose. You provide all the tools they need to raise the funds. The primary function of their campaign is based on selling tickets to your family oriented Illusion show. Right

What Kinds of Stories Do I Read to My Lover

Take your time and pick out books that you would read to your child. Usually children's books will have some kind of moral or lesson to teach. Those will be fine. If children's books aren't of interest to you, perhaps autobiographies of great people, stories from the Chicken Soup of the Soul series, or stories of miracles or people achieving success regardless of the odds they face.

Warm reading using verbal feedback

From the above we can see that the essence of cold reading is the use by the reader of nonverbal feedback from the client to help him decide between a number of already-known alternative routes for the conversation. While cold reading requires the client unwittingly to deliberate between implicit choices produced by the reader, in what might be termed 'closed questioning' (e.g. do you have children ), in warm reading the emphasis is on the client to provide answers to 'open questions' to which the reader need not know the range of possible answers (e.g. what are your children's names ). The process of warm reading is less constrained than that for cold reading (as for example

How to Get More Kids Shows than All Your Competitors Put Together

Don't get us wrong about this, there is nothing wrong with having a general magic show, in fact you need to, however, there is a time and place for everything, and the reality is that if you offer a themed magic show where the kids learn as well as have fun, almost 10 times out of 10 you will be selected in preference to a general magician. Let's put it another way, do you want to make some money or lots Then start creating a themed show

Originally published in Genii Magazine

Coming, as my father did, from a large family, Lorraine was much older than me, probably in her late twenties or early thirties at the time. Among my family members, I always remember her as being especially positive and enthusiastic and supportive of Eugene, the teenage magician. She was always ready to watch a new one, smile and laugh and applaud in all the right places and then go on and on about how WONDERFUL and CLEVER I was. I suspect that Lorraine never doubted that I would one day become a professional magician. In the mad inner turmoil I remember as my twelfth year, Lorraine was indeed a shining star, and I loved seeing her and performing my magic for her -- which happened about four or five times a year (depending upon family weddings and funerals). The show began well. Family members are tolerant of twelve year old performers. Later, I discovered they changed radically and had become much less tolerant by the time I was seventeen. My mother, father and several other family...

Text of Presidents Bushs August 9 2001 TV Address to the Nation

A large number of these embryos already exist. They are the product of a process called in vitro fertilization which helps so many couples conceive children. When doctors match sperm and egg to create life outside the womb, they usually produce more embryos than are implanted in the mother. Once a couple successfully has children or if they are unsuccessful, the additional embryos remain frozen in laboratories. Some will not survive during long storage, others are destroyed. A number have been donated to science and used to create privately funded stem-cell lines. And a few have been implanted in an adoptive mother and born and are today healthy children.

Elizabeth Cohen Ethics of stem cell research

COHEN Their reason to oppose it is because they say life starts at conception whether that conception is done the natural way or done in a petri dish in an IVF lab somewhere. They say that these leftover IVF embryos frozen in labs all over the country could at any time be implanted into a woman's uterus and become a child and, in fact, have pointed out that some infertile couples have adopted these embryos and impregnated the wife and today have happy healthy children.

My Sad and Pathetic Story How Women Piss on Low Status

They're damn good at it Conversely, men get a sense of a woman's potential to bear healthy children by looking for signs of physical attractiveness, which are primarily signs of youthfulness and fertility 70 hip-to-waist ratio, big eyes plus small chin (childlike face), smooth skin (youth), ample breasts (post-puberty), slim figure (more childlike indicators), etc. So we make the exact same kind ofjudgements about women, but using a different criteria that plays into our different strategy for reproduction.

Youre a Green One Mr Minch

(I would be remiss if I didn't also mention that long-time subscribers to MAGIC have at their disposal one of the greatest resources of ingenious and little-known scams available - Bob Farmer's marvelous Flim-Flam column. Combine Bob's column with Dan's tapes and you could probably put your kids through college.)

Final Thoughts by David Berglas

After a long career as the International Man of Mystery, I have often been asked to explain the philosophies behind my impossible stunts and routines. Morbidly, many have asked me to make sure to pass on some of the secrets before 1 pass on If not in book form, they said, then at least divulge your methods to your children Peter, Marvin and Irena. Most importantly, retirement has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my ever-growing family. I've always maintained that magic is the greatest hobby in the world but it is not a particularly good profession. It's part of show business and show business, by definition, is very stressful and uncertain, involving a great deal of travel and time spent away from home. You wouldn't wish that lifestyle for your children and I've spent most of their lives discouraging them from thinking about being in show business. Luckily I succeeded in two out of three cases

By Mark Strivings

You will need to locate several of the little wind up toys that your kids play with (just don't tell them what you're going to do with them). You will need to be able to get inside the toy without damaging it. The most obvious and easy to doctor toys are the ones that have screws holding them together. I have successfully opened the type that are glued shut and then reglued them with a superglue. Whatever works for you.

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

I don't know to what degree, if at all, any of this resonates with you. Everybody has their own unique upbringing and story that goes with it. One clue as to whether or not the way you were raised might've had anything to do with developing a hypersensitivity to rejection later on as an adult, would be to recall if any openly allowed expressions of affection were commonly encouraged or even tolerated in your family. In my case, while my parents were always supportive and never abusive to me and my brother, there was always an unspoken rule of maintaining an aloofness with one another and a respect for everyone's privacy. There was no hugging or kissing in my family, and certainly no one ever uttered the words I love you to anyone else. Even to this day I rarely act this way around my mother. It makes me feel guilty, but I just can't bring myself to do it -- so powerful are the deeply ingrained feelings of shame at the thought of such silly expressions of affection. Everyone just knew...

Language of Love Shares Many Traits

In evolutionary terms, the payoff for each sex in parental investment differs to produce a child a woman has an obligatory nine-month commitment, while for a man it's just one sexual act, said Dr. David Buss, a psychologist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and author of The Evolution of Desire (Basic Books, 1994). For men in evolutionary terms what pays is sexual access to a wide variety of women, while for women it's having a man who will commit time and resources to helping raise children.

The most powerful aphrodisiac on the planet challenge

By acting like this, a modern woman harms herself without knowing it. This choice to live with a man who is unsure and beta kills passion and brings to the relationship something that a beautiful woman considers to be worse than death boredom. On the other hand, however, this kind of choice may be desirable for raising children in a safe and stable environment.

High Status powerful Males vs Low Status weak Males

The appearance of wealth must be a priority. Certainly you don't need to be millionaire wealthy - but you do need to project some kind of nonverbal evidence that you've done alright for yourself, or (even better) that you are still going places either with your company, in the business world, the universe of arts and entertainment, etc. Just the appearance of being economically competent is enough to attract the attention of most women. You see, in order to achieve their personal level of highest fulfillment, women are faced with the urgency of someday having to raise children. For this they need to find a man who will help out with the money, not just the sperm donation. This kind of attitude is not golddigging (unless it's taken to the extreme of Anna Nicole Smith ), I'm simply talking about the normal desire to find a man who can bring home the bacon. Two areas of primary concern are your apartment and your car. Your car doesn't have to be a Mercedes but it should be about 2-6...

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

Prospective buyer might be having with some aspect of his life, and then attempt to demonstrate how this product is the answer to making that pain disappear. That's why effective ad copy always concentrates on describing the benefits of owning the product in question, rather than simply describing interesting aspects of the product itself (the features). Our Nuclear Stink-Rat Annihilators are baited with 5 pounds of irresistibly delicious warthog guts is a feature of the Annihilator, which is nice but doesn't necessarily make you want to run out and buy one. Our Nuclear Annihilators will forever end the reign of terror that stink-rats have been holding over you and your family by vaporizing up to 700 of them per hour are benefits of the Annihilator that shows you how it will solve a major problem in your life. Define the pain and then solve it. No more terrifying stink rats you can live in peace, free of fear forever. See the difference

Beginning To Run Your Own Brain For A Change The Myth Of The Shy Gene

Believing that your parents were shy which caused you to be shy is no excuse. Same goes for your kids. People do not become shy automatically when they are born. There is no 'shyness gene'. Shy people can't blame their genes. People become shy because they've learned to behave and act in a certain way. When I was shy around people, it's because I was in the habit of looking at a person, saying inside my mind, He she won't like me, and then feeling bad inside, picturing him her rejecting me, and then feeling immense fear that paralyzed me. That was simply the way I learned to behave. I only knew one way of behaving, but fortunately I got more choices. Kids unconsciously pick up the behaviors of the parents. Your parents may have influenced you to be shy, but that's different from them inflicting you with some untreatable genetic disease, which is really what it really means when people say, That's just the way I am

My True Reason

The certificate involves deciding what you want to accomplish from this magic course, and then making a written resolve to do it. It is your commitment to yourself (and your family) to achieve something that will bring yourself and others great satisfaction for many years to come, even into your retirement years.

Child Preteen

That you will be self supportive, because you are not lazy. That you will be in your own business or be self-supportive, and I would sense that there would be some desires by your family to be involved in a family business, either with close relatives or at least relations.


If you lived in a family where the motto was Stand up for yourself, when someone insulted you, chances are you learned to fight back, and you're familiar and comfortable doing so. However, if your family upbringing was Don't make trouble, then it's more comfortable for you to not say anything and accept the insult. Each of us naturally assumes the emotional traits of his own family. Your family is the one that sets the starting point of your development. Whenever you feel good or bad, you are basing that on the standard your family set for you.

College Male

The search of self, so that you may find if everybody else likes one particular religion in your family, you may like another religion. If somebody likes one particular thing, you may like something else. You are going to find that you are diverging angles relative to what you're friends and your family like, and relative to what you like.

S Female Married

In retrospect, you've taken a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders, and of course, your family would see you as a young child yourself. I sense that you would have a fear of pregnancy more then a desire for pregnancy. You will have two healthy children, and my sense is that you would conceive pregnancy in the morning rather than in the evening, and I would think that you would probably conceive pregnancy on the 13th day of ovulation and my sense is that it will be a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning. As far as the future is concerned it might be wise for you to investigate the idea of some sort of work that you might do out of your home. You would do particularly well in child care, as far as being a babysitter, being a nanny, being a tutor, or being a person who would have empathy with children. You could be a good child psychologist, and you could do well in creating children's greeting cards or children's books and storybooks. You have no problem in accepting...

S Male Married

You will father healthy children, and I would sense probably three children. Money won't be an issue, health won't be an issue. You are a person that attracts people to you that become dependent upon you. You shall raise your children as you've been raised. I don't feel that you were dysfunctional, I don't feel that you were needy or dependent on those around you. You've had instilled within you a great deal of independence. As the future unfolds for you, it is because of this sense of humor, it's because of this way about you of seeing things that is going to make you accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. But you must be patient with yourself, you must be patient with people who are less together than you, or be patient with yourself with people who are less organized than you. In many ways you'll have a tendency of being somewhat the workaholic, and if there is nothing to do, you would probably find something to do.

You Have To Be Good

The tried and true formula for determining just how good you are is to perform in front of real people. (This does not include fellow magicians or members of your family.) You should perform at every opportunity that's appropriate and leave whoever you perform for radically impressed They should walk away thinking you are the greatest magician they have ever seen If you can do this consistently and in all kinds of environments, you will know you are good. If, however, you come across as a nuisance or someone to be put up with, you are not there yet.

O Jaysankey

JS Repetition is a big part of helping kids learn and make an emotional investment. There are three or four different kinds of segments in every show. It's not like we spend the whole show teaching tricks. I show Bridget a trick. Bridget is impressed by the trick. The second part is I teach Bridget how the trick is performed. i.e., where you hold your hands, when you look someone in the eye, what you say and why you say it. Then we cut to black-and-white footage, like old-time movie footage, kind of grainy and scratchy, of the Amazing Bridget, and she now performs the trick for the camera. DA What if it's a colour-change JS stares stone-faced DA Okay, what kind of tricks do you teach JS Standard beginner tricks we all learned from Uncle Moses - two straws that melt through each other, bending a spoon against a table, rubbing a coin on your elbow and it vanishes, the wobbly pencil. Tricks that are visual, simple. Also, what's clever and is going to appeal to the imagination of a...

Use of Music

Music helps your show and smooths over many effects. Perhaps some member of your family plays the piano and can be your accompanist. I have often had music with my shows through the use of a portable phonograph and a few up-to-date records. I have the machine off stage and my assistant operates it. It has worked out very nicely. By using the new-style reproducer, you may be able to work out a nice orchestral effect. It is worth trying.

Peculiar Pairs

I have actually run the following experiment as a sort of 'bazaar' effort, charging a spectator the sum of 3d. for the privilege of shuffling the pack, and paying out the sum of 2 6d. if I failed to deal as stipulated later. Needless to say, very very seldom indeed was a half crown forfeited. In your family circle you may try it out somewhat as follows.

The Cold Reading

First, a few words of advice - I perceive a figure about you, which indicates a long span of life. It is quite probable you will live longer than most members of your family - possibly to the age of 80 to 85 years. Your life will always be marked with certain minor ups and downs. Your life should be reasonably free of personal injuries, serious illness and accidents. Precautions should be taken to avoid a very nervous disturbing condition, some stomach disorders and a glandular distur

Supplemental Patter

You are very much concerned about your children - one in particular. My friend, early in your childhood, I can see you falling. You may not even recall this particular fall, but I see that it has left a mark upon you - A SCAR ON YOUR LEFT KNEE Are you aware of it If not, LOOK AND SEE NOW - or when you return home. This is a SENSATIONAL PUNCH and will hit 99 out of 100 times. It is an old gag to the 'cold reader', as it is based on the fact that practically EVERY PERSON, at some time or another, suffers a fall, and will endeavor to protect themselve with the LEFT KNEE, and thus suffer an abrasion, which will leave a scar that will remain thru out life. Check - look carefully at YOUR own left knee

See also Cry Fear

We attribute animal characteristics to ourselves. Zoomorphism is a popular theme of greeting cards, e.g., which liken friends and family members to cuddly kittens, bunnies, and bears. The Zuni Indians of New Mexico compare strong-willed men to black bears (Cushing 1883).

Remember the Parents

Disney has this idea down to a fine art in their animation movies. The primary audience is of course the children, but Disney knows all too well that it's the adults who get 'dragged along' to the cinema to take their kids So they always include lots of jokes that go straight over the heads of the kids, but that adults will enjoy. Very clever, and you can do exactly the same with your kids magic shows with a little thought.

Magic Master

Besides using karate schools as a venue to perform, you can use them as a place to solicit students to teach. Kids go through phases. Martial arts schools are always looking for new programs to keep kids involved. A karate school provides a ready-made place to get students and promote your services as a magic teacher. You're going to find far more students there than at the local magic shop. Parents who send their kids to karate classes have pre-qualified themselves as people are interested in helping their children develop skills, and are willing to spend money doing so.


7 The 'bold' interpretation is easy if you have the Gift of Gab, or someone in your family has kissed The Blarney Stone. Seriously, if you have enough imagination and are quick-witted, it is not hard to do. I have often done this as a card revelation one spectator selects a card (forced) and another freely shuffles the deck and divides it into any number of pile. Cards are turned over randomly by the first spectator from the top of any pile. The mentalist interprets the face up cards to determine the card selected. It is very impressive. I don't remember where I read about the method. CMSJr

Stage Movement

How To Be A Working Actor, Mari Lyn Henry, 16 How To Become A Working Actor, Susan Wright, 9 How To Market Yourself As An Actor, Andrew Reilly, 16 How To Sell Yourself As An Actor, K Callan, 1996 15 Glam Scam Avoiding The Casting Couch, Erik Joseph, 12 A Guide To Breaking Into Show Business, Terry Chayefsky, 13 It Would Be So Nice If You Weren't Here, Charles Grodin, 12 Launching Your Child In Show Biz, Dick Van Patten, 14 Successful Careers In LA, Judy Kerr, 16 Movie Extra's Guide Book, Cullen Chambers, 16

Schedule Your Dreams

With the answers to these questions, build what I call an expanded-resume. A typical resume presents yourself to your employer in order to get yourself hired. It charts what you have accomplished and the skills you possess now. The expanded-resume encompasses your entire life your family life, your career, your social circle, your spirituality, your finances, etc. Create this resume that will be true for you in five years. Be sure to stretch yourself because stretching ourselves is what causes us to grow and develop as people. Reread this resume once a week or more often if you can invest the time and in five years time, you will have accomplished much if not all of what you put down.

The Willing Game

The well-known Willing Game will afford you an opportunity to develop this faculty of wireless Mind Reading. Your audience is seated in the room, and you enter blindfolded. An object has been previously selected. You stand in the center of the room, and the audience wills to the right then forward then a little lower down, etc., etc., etc., until the object is found just as was the case when the Transmitter sends the impressions. The audience should Will only one step at a time, and you should take that one step without thought of the succeeding ones. The mind should be held as receptive as possible, that is, open to vibrations. Take your time, and do not let hurry or anxiety enter your mind. It will be well to practice this experiment with members of your family, or with harmonious and sympathetic friends.

FR An Airport PickUp

So the plane lands and I'm helping her to strap this dog on her shoulders. Its funny, because at 6'1, I tower over this itty-bitty girl. We start walking together to the gate, and I say we should hang out when we both get back to LA. She says she'd love to and gives me her number before we split up and greet our prospective family members.

Black Female

I sense that although you would be black in this lifetime, in several past lifetimes your heritage or your family tree would indicate Cherokee or Blackfoot indian. I also sense you had a great great-great grandmother who had blue eyes. You may well have found that your grandmother had more of an effect on your life than your mother did, because your mother was very busy in doing a lot of things. I don't believe you would bring your family any problems. Your mother raised you to be a polite young lady. You would probably at different times in your life be overly critical of yourself, you put on weight probably a lot easier than you would take it off. I would suspect that you would have your mother's eyes and your fathers nose. You will live into your eighties perhaps even nineties and it appears that the women in your family lived to be very elderly. You will not die of sickle cell anemia. and it's important for you to hold your head up high and to look into the eyes of anyone that...

Wuderground Com

We simply ask friends or family members if they have heard what the high temperature for today is going to be. Tell them you would like it a bit warmer and will make it warmer that day. Let's assume the forecasted high temperature for that day is 75 degrees. As soon as it reaches 80 degrees or more, you let them know and take credit for it. You can do any of these weather feats long distance. It doesn't even have to be your town. All you need is access to the Accuweather web site. The temperature increase is possible anywhere in the world. All you do is call some friends or family members it makes no difference where they live. Ask them if they have seen the weather forecast for the day. Ask them what the forecasted high is for that day. Once they tell you, simply say you will make it warmer than that. As you know from reading the previous explanation, it will almost always get 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the forecast. It works automatically you need only say you will make it warmer...

Asian Female

I think that you are old fashioned, straight, and traditional relative to your family. So that you would be a new breed. And your mother, your aunts, your grandmother would see you as too assertive, too aggressive, too much Americanized, so that you would perhaps not be the person that they would want you to be. I believe that in a relationship that you give totally, unconditionally.

Real World Magic

In my recent lectures, I have commented that if you only perform for your family, your friends, or your buddies in the magic club, I don't really care what you do. You can buy a trick in the morning and perform it that night. This circle of friends, family, and colleagues has a vested interest in your performance. Whether your performance is good, bad, or indifferent, they are going to love you anyway. The problem arises once you step outside that circle and you start performing for people who have no vested interest in you. Then what you do affects me. When you perform for strangers you represent all of magic, and your audience will judge all magicians by what they see you do. This is a pity, but it's true. If you walk into a bar and there's a lousy piano player pounding away in corner, you don't say, All piano players are lousy. You say, That guy's a lousy piano player. You have enough opportunities to hear good piano players (either live or on recordings) to know that good piano...

Hispanic Female

I would sense significant names that would come to me, first of all I get the name Maria. I feel somehow that will be significant in your family, and I would get maybe three or four other names, but strong names that come through would be Miguel, Roberto and Ricardo. Based on your family tree you will have more than one child, and I would suspect probably three if not four children. You would always be supportive of family members around you, simply because you are a natural caretaker, doing things for others, picking up the pieces for others, maybe being treated as a mother before you would actually be a mother. You would always have a strong desire to be close to your mother or to be like your mother and have empathy with your mother, and sometimes the males in your family are a little bit rough, a little outspoken, a little too demanding, or too moody, really different than you.

The Flasher

The performer displays a box containing addition Flash Cards which are used to teach children how to add. Removing the cards, the performer explains that there are 50 cards with simple addition problems printed on both sides. A total of 100 different problems in addition just waiting to be solved. The first of three spectators is randomly selected. The spectator is handed a card containing a numbered list of 20 different objects printed on it. The spectator is asked to confirm that the items printed on the card are all different from one another. The spectator is now asked to thoroughly mix the cards in any fashion that he wishes and to then freely select one card while the performer's back is turned. The spectator is then requested to add together either the top two numbers on both sides of the card he selected or the bottom two numbers.


I have used this for some of the most intelligent people from around the world. This is one of the most valuable items you will ever learn. Once you see the potential, I hope you will read some of Harry Lorayne's books and use these memory aids in other areas of your (and your family's) life.

Three Cards Across

It may be wise to tell you at this time that you cannot gauge the effect of a trick accurately when you perform for your family or intimate friends. They know you too well. They will either tell you that you are wonderful or that you are not very good, and neither may be the exact truth. To determine the value of a trick and its presentation, perform it for strangers.

Current Trends

Forty percent of single mothers have never been married, 34 are divorced, 21 are married with the spouse absent and 4 are widowed. Forty-four percent of single fathers raising children are divorced, 33 were never married, 18 are married with the spouse absent, and 4 are widowed.

Thought Viruses

As an example, the woman mentioned above was working as a nurse for a doctor in general practice. Instead of saying that she was being foolish like her surgeon did, the doctor that was her employer took her aside and told her, You know, if you really care about your family you won't leave them unprepared. While this was less confrontive than the surgeon had been, it was actually more of a potential thought virus than saying directly that's a bunch of 'poppycock' . Because a good deal of the meaning of the message is implied and not stated, it is more difficult to recognize, That's just his opinion . You think, Yes, I do care about my family. No, I don't want to leave them unprepared. But what's not stated, what's not on the surface, is that leave them means die . The presupposition of the statement is that 'you are going to die'. And the implication of the statement was that she should 'stop this nonsense and get ready to die' or it would make it more difficult for her family. If you...

Wonder Tools

Responsibility for what is being said then rests with the tools, and not you. People generally are more likely to accept something when it is stated indirectly, as opposed to hearing direct opinions. For example a reader may say You sometimes falter in taking care of certain details, and you need to change that This is causing you and your family some problems . But consider how this might be said using a tool of some kind This is showing where you forget certain important details that sometimes ends up causing you hardships. In this position, this card indicates that a simple change of focus in this area can reap great rewards for you .

S Male Single

You will not bring problems to your family. You will make people proud of you. But of course you have your obstinate ways, your stubborn ways, and your moody ways, and that probably won't change. That it is probably the way that it is going to be. In my mind I can see you driving a four wheel drive vehicle, like a Cherokee or an Explorer.


In location 4, find a higher level criterion that can override the limiting criteria of step 3. What do you find more significant or so important that you would give up smoking even if the smoking triggers feelings of relaxation and nurturing (e.g., feeling respected by your family). What do you hold as a value even more important than that (e.g., saving your life)

Confident Kids

Confident Kids

Although nobody gets a parenting manual or bible in the delivery room, it is our duty as parents to try to make our kids as well rounded, happy and confident as possible. It is a lot easier to bring up great kids than it is to try and fix problems caused by bad parenting, when our kids have become adults. Our children are all individuals - they are not our property but people in their own right.

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