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ZOX Pro Training represents a compilation of several different programs into one. Their system involves audio, PDF guides, and videos. It is a sort of hybrid of lots of different training programs, many of which were developed by Richard Welch. Unlike speed reading, photo reading is a much advanced technique which uses our photographic memory to record the information and by learning it a person can really become a genius. The concept is about storing the required information in the form of images and when you build a strong rapport with your subconscious mind- this information can flow astonishingly as if you are downloading the stuff on your computer. You will get access to several modules, videos, ebooks and audio files that will help you work through the entire system. You also get lot of bonus material to help you put all that you have learned in this course to further use. The program is instantly downloadable once you make your payment. Continue reading...

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Contents: Training System
Author: Richard Welsh and Shannon Panzo
Price: $197.00

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

When compared to other e-books and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

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Zox Pro Training Companion Product Summary

Contents: Audios
Creator: Todd Lee
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Price: $97.00

Retraining Yourself To Be Confident

All the habits listed in the previous chapter spring from how you have trained yourself to react to certain situations. In order to become supremely confident, you must retrain your brain to react in positive ways rather than negative ones. This will take both persistence and practice, but eventually you can permanently reshape the way your react to your world.

Digital Timedelay Weaponfiring System

This device's uses in magic should be obvious, but I will explain anyway. You mentalists probably figured this out already. Briefly, you have an assistant in another room with the jammer. At the agreed-upon time, you turn on someone else's TV or radio. You pretend to concentrate your mental powers on it, and, all of a sudden, the reception is drastically disrupted. You attribute this to the powerful vibrations your brain emits.

The Three oods Would Could and Should

Should is the worst of the 'oods' Should implies that there's some sort of expectations projected onto you and that you lack a choice in how you want to behave. Think of the sentence, I should be doing this right now. Well, you should be doing this according to whom Ask yourself that, according to whom Whose expectations It's all about your own expectations, your own internal frame of reference. After all, you're running your brain, you're leading your own life. You're a unique, divine individual in charge of what you're doing. So, saying should is like keeping yourself hostage by limiting your choices. If you have a preconceived notion that you should do something all the time in a certain circumstance, then you're not going to investigate other options because you're just going to do what you should do . And that's a limiting perspective because whenever you have fewer choices, you're less empowered and have less control over your life. Not good.

Step 1 Dont surrender to your shame

Snap the rubber band you keep hidden behind your wristwatch a few times to get all those powerful and upbeat emotions flowing through your brain. This will act like novocaine for your shame ( hey, I like that ). Whatever you do, don't just passively give in to your shame and the terrible fear that it creates -- stay resolved to fight it whatever way you can. Use every dirty psychological trick you can dig up to reduce the volume of all your negative self-talk. Replace it with upbeat, courageous notions of yourself wherever possible. There is no cheating by using positive replacement therapy that's just your screwed-up Disabled Will giving you grief. Fuck it

See also Cry Hypothalamus

Consciousness first appeared in vertebrates ca. 200 m.y.a., in mammals, according to neurophysiologist John Eccles of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt (Bower 1992 234). To seek primordial self-awareness, we go to great lengths to quiet the verbal dialogue, e.g., through meditation, chanting, or staring into a candle flame, in order to re-enter the original consciousness which lies beneath the chatty stream in a region of the brain stem known as the thalamus. We experience a deeper-level, mammalian form of consciousness in the evolutionary older thalamus, which is the central processing station for all the senses (except smell) on their routes to the cerebral cortex. It is within the thalamus that a human's central nervous system first experiences consciousness of incoming sensations, before they are re-examined upstream in the neocortex.

Hypnotizing People and Other Living Things

First of all, there is no button in your brain that you push to become hypnotized or dehypnotized. Do you really think that with your experiences in life, that you can possibly find a state of mind that never existed before in your history or your partner's history. Hypnosis is a state of mind. Becoming hypnotized is just following directions and concentrating so intently on a particular thought or string of thoughts, that nothing else that is going on around you seems to be distracting or very important. Since there is no button to push, there is no button to get stuck and have you frozen in hypnosis or self-hypnosis. In all of the history of hypnotism, no one has ever gotten stuck. That's too bad, because it is a wonderful state of mind to be experiencing.

Your only real task on any first encounter is to plant the seed of romantic possibility in her mind

The best way to fix these steps into your subconscious mind is to write them out for yourself in longhand. Print them on a small card that you can keep in your wallet, and get in the habit of reading through them whenever you get a chance. Burn them into your brain at least once a day for a month or so. Twenty-one days of repeated exposure to any sort of new idea permanently fixes it into your deep, reflexive memory.

Practice With Recorder

The cassette player is to tape your approaches. its awesome to listen to what you said and what her replies were. VERY entertaining and moreso EDUCATIONAL. get a microcassette player and tape ALL your approaches. Its also good because an approach is very formatted it has a beginning AND an ending. So does a tape. So when you see the girl, you think I want HER. You scan the situation and say, OK, here goes and you press record. And in you go. When it is over, you press stop. Its so perfect for your brain. you are going in not to get the girl but rather to perfect the pick-up so you can have the PERFECT tape to play to friends. They will listen and say, FUCK. YOU are GOOD Then you show them a picture of this girl that you fucked and she is a 10 . That is what its all about. Getting GOOD at this. Its an art. But its a PERFORMANCE ART.

Read Me A Story Please Plan D

As I state before in Chapter 1 and as I describe further in my first book, How To Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind, a hypnotic induction is just a formal ceremony to get your conscious and subconscious minds alert that hypnosis is coming soon. It cues your brain to start working on the suggestions given with more concentration than you give in normal conversation.

Effect 27 Drunk on Water

Now in a moment I'm going to ask you to take another sip of water. It will still taste like water but your brain will believe it is wine. Take another sip tastes the same yes It tastes the same but your brain thinks you're drinking wine. Take a really big gulp now OK. Take another sip of water. This time your brain knows that its water. The effects of the wine wear off - the water cleanses your system and you return to normal.

The Big Three Questions

Before we go any further, let me give you a reality check. There is an old saying that is as true today as it ever was. The biggest word in 'show business' is 'business.' You'd better start hammering that into your brain right now. Being a professional magician is not all fun and games You've got to do paperwork, taxes, book shows, make contacts, adapt programs, pack and unpack, drive for miles alone, etc. Yes, you still get to do magic, but as Eugene Burger said, there is a big difference between performing magic because you want to for some friends, and performing magic because it's Monday night and you're scheduled to appear in a restaurant. If you think you're going to have fun all the time, and you'd rather do magic than work for a living, you're in for a shock I'm not trying to discourage you from following your dream I'm just trying to wake you up to the reality of what it takes to bring that dream to fruition.

Rapid Fire Confidence At Will

You can even anchor states with internal stimuli. As you think about it now, you will realize that any image that automatically puts you into a certain state is already an anchor. For some people, just thinking about the smiling face of their spouse puts them in a romantic state. Thinking about a happy baby is enough to make many people melt with tenderness. All of the imagery in the mental techniques we have been learning is designed to tap into that natural power, to activate the emotional circuitry of your brain and body to produce the confident states you want. Once you have that state, you can pair it with outside stimuli like music or pictures, or you can associate it with internal stimuli like imagined pictures, sounds or feelings.

Who Could Have Imagined

Ultimately this man became known for his original thinking and performances - even his Weerd ones. By the time the last Weerd Weekend rolled around, all agreed this man was Weerd Enough . Those long-term attendees at Weerd may recall these earlier times. But most of you will be shocked to remember that close-up fellow was me. Really. To you who recall, I have just performed the most Weerd effect upon your brain that I have ever demonstrated to you to date. Truth is always better than fiction. Imagine that. Thanks Docc - For Knowing.

Swish Into Confidence

The next technique is called the swish technique because you redirectionalize your brain as rapidly as you can make the swish sound. The specific instructions for how to do the technique will be given a bit later on. Pause for a moment, open your eyes to clear your mind, and then reset the pictures so that you see the cue image big and close and your confident self in the lower right hand corner. Then make the swish sound as you transpose them in the same way you did previously. Continue to repeat this pausing, resetting, and swishing of pictures until you can simply look at the cue image and your brain automatically gravitates toward the ideal self-image. That's how you know you've been successful in retraining your mind.

Making The Box Office

When we speak of making the box office pay, the question arises What do you want your box office to pay You want WEALTH of some kind. You can have the WEALTH you decide upon if you will bend your attention to it and work with understanding and common sense. Big things are the result of careful growth. You must start with the seed and with proper care develop gradually into the flowering process and its fruit. Day by day we seek means of progress, of eliminating mistakes and short cuts to our ends. You, like every man, have your individual problems and it is up to you to use your brain power and by proper care bring about the bigger things you desire.

Effect 2 The Book Test

The performer unfolds the mandala, shows the front to the audience, and states that it is the only remaining artifact of an unknown South American Indian tribe. It has mysterious powers. One of these If you meditate a few minutes, something in your brain, or perhaps in the subconscious mind will be opened. For a short time you will know more than you did

Centering Your Thoughts

This will be an experiment in visualization, you begin. I'm going to ask you to concentrate on a single thought, a name or a word, something that has meaning to you and you alone. Please stare at the center of this paper, allowing the arrows to guide your focus. Now imagine your thought printed in black letter in the center. That's good. It's true that when you write something down several times it becomes fixed in your brain, so please write your though three times, and

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

What I do instead is use a very small rubber band as a trigger because the sensation forms a distinct memory in your nervous system. I loop the band around my wrist and keep it hidden behind my watchband where no one can see it. Pull the rubber band upwards and stretch it about an inch away from your skin, and then let it snap back. The small sting that it makes is your trigger. You can snap it either on the top or the bottom of your wrist, but once you make your choice be sure to stick with it consistently because you'll be teaching yourself to associate this specific jolt with a particular kind of emotional storm in your brain, so it's important that the feeling is exactly the same every time. Otherwise the neurology gets confused and nothing happens. It's those awesome feelings that you'll want zapping through your brain as you reach over and snap the band. Snap once or twice, always the same way. If you can't seem to think of an intensely upbeat personal experience, then make one...

The Creery Experiments

The truth is that the muscles have nothing to do with the passage of the mental currents or waves from the Transmitter to the Receiver any more than they have to do with the transmission of nervous sensations from body to brain, or the motor impulses from brain to body. When you wish to close your hand you send a nervous current from your brain to the muscles controlling your hand. The current travels along the nervous system, and is by it distributed over the muscles causing them to contract. A current from a galvanic battery will cause the muscles to act in the same way. But the muscle is the machinery affected and set into motion, and the nerves are the delicate telegraphic wires leading to the parts.

One Secret to having Seduction Confidence

The brain will find the answer to basically any question that you ask even if the answers aren't based in reality. Your brain will find the answers. Notice that all of these questions presuppose your success with women. When you ask yourself questions like these, and really allow yourself to go inside and find all the answers to these questions notice how your focus shifts notice how you begin to see and feel all the things that work for you and say that as your state shifts, you will begin to notice that your focus has changed and now your brain is proving all the things that you have asked yourself to be true

Marylands Magical Mecca

Tions which this Apostle of Aesculapius has succeeded in obtaining during the crowded course of his career. The Wizard of Mann nevertheless, soon puts his guest at ease, since he is exceedingly proud of his membership of the International Brotherhood of Magicians as well as of the British Ring. To describe this magnetic personality is, however, difficult, since he is silhouetted so much out of the mass of mankind by his outstanding appearance and most agreeable demeanor. Like most persons of intellectual eminence, he possesses an exceptionally large head which is definitely significant of the brain-power behind it, whilst his delightfully blue eyes are irresistibly fixed on a visitor as he discourses on every imaginable topic in his own characteristically genial manner. Magic is necessarily the dominant theme, for this world-renowned magician has been interested in wizardry for more than 50 years and his Isle of Man Clinic is a perfect Elysium for all those who find pleasure in...

Unfair Seductions In An Unfair World

Now, you may decide, the heck with it. If you can't at least like and respect a lady, and if you have to resort to tactics you learned in a book, then it just isn't worth it, and you will skip dealing with such loser females altogether. I certainly can respect that choice it's the choice I eventually made myself. But only YOU can make that choice. Even if you do, this book will still be of great value to you, because you will learn fantastic techniques for improving your confidence, meeting and picking up women anywhere, any time, and how to quickly recognize and swiftly eliminate all the nutty-losers BEFORE they get to empty your wallet, bend your brain, and kick your heart in. You'll be able to get rid of the dirt, so you can enjoy the diamonds.

Its All Subconscious With

M any of the impulses and 'prime directives' for finding a suitable mating partner are hardwired deep within the primitive parts of the human brain. Some women can just knock you right out the moment you first set eyes on them, while others barely move the needle on your peter meter. Why Because an unconscious image exists within you of what your ideal female looks like. When you happen to stumble across someone who matches this internal portrait walking down the street or standing in line at the supermarket, you are assaulted with all sorts of alarms and whistles going off in your brain. You instantly launch into all sorts of uncontrollable sexual fantasies.

The Pattern eg The Phobia Cure

Since you have taken this new position to your younger self, you can now look at the ways you internally represent that memory and notice the submodalities your brain has used, up to now, to code this memory. Now, go to the situation of comfort at the end again and, as soon as you step into it, feel, see, and hear it fully rewind the movie even faster. As you do this over and over your brain will become more and more proficient and the rewind will go faster and faster until the rewind takes only a second each time. Zoommmm

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

And secondly, don't go overboard with the Mr. Solution routine. Men tend to respond to people's problems by immediately offering up a litany of potential solutions. That's because we take pride in our ability to go around solving other people's problems for them. The answers are all quite obvious to us That's all well and good, but you have to realize that when a woman dumps her problems on you she isn't always looking to hear your instantly available laundry list of wise and clever solutions. Most of the time all she wants is a sympathetic ear. That's right, you don't have to suffer under the burden of having to think up all those amazing solutions anymore All you have to do is listen quietly and offer a warm hug now and then, maybe pour her a glass of wine and do something to take her mind off whatever it is that's bugging her. It's most likely trivial anyway, right So why burn your brain out giving birth to one solution after another that she isn't going to use anyway, when all she...

The Side Sweep Second Deal

It must be stressed however that these sounds are all subtle and part of the flowing motion of the deal. Yes, even though the Side Sweep is a snappier deal it still must be a flowing action with all the stages of the deal melting into one. With your deck held nice and loosely the sounds will become so intrinsic to the deal that you may not even hear them. BUT they will be there subconciously your brain, and more importantly the brains of anybody watching your deal, will be taking them in. It's one of those weird effects if the sounds are there in a good deal then you may hardly notice them but if the sounds are absent suddenly the whole thing will be glaringly exposed to anyone with knowledge. In other words this is another example of the tiny points being absolutely critical towards making a perfect whole.

Without Embarrassment

And if you're already in 'buddy jail' with some girls that you know, it would probably be better to just forget about them for now and move on to finding some fresh meat. Only this time you have to be sure to establish some sexual tension with them right off the bat, okay Then you won't have to wrack your brain trying to figure out how to turn another friend into a lover (an impossible task). Listen to me, no great love affair starts out as a friendship, it's always the other way around You must get at least a little spark of passion crackling in her brain at the earliest possible moment or you'll lose your romantic chances with her forever, and the best way to do that is by not being afraid to touch her. Love affairs begin with a bang of chemistry, not a polite exchange of pleasantries, and the sexually-charged touch sets the test tubes to boiling

STtTiSipositive attribute of the person to their

The mind, being a product of the brain, is securely cased within our thick rigid skulls. It is not only highly protected physically but also emotionally with various mental protection states. There is no safer place for our thoughts to be stored away and never revealed. Even if a surgeon were to slice open your head and take out your brain, the Information would not be accessible.

The Right Way To Use Visualization To Build Irresistible Confidence

This will make these behaviors very real to your brain, and will tell your brain INSTANTLY to call them up when you need them, so you don't even have to think about it Keep holding the squeeze and you will experience the powerful, bold, confident feelings in a circumstance that used to make you nervous You have now trained your brain to react to women by putting you into a powerful, confident, bold state, WITHOUT YOUR HAVING TO THINK ABOUT IT AT THE TIME YOU ARE ACTUALLY IN THE SITUATION

Is This Really Weerd Enough

I recall a creator and dealer I know and respect saying, Fine, I shall refund your money for the information you have now lodged within your mind, if you will gladly remove these ideas of mine from your brain. I have sold you ideas and information - not pieces of paper. You are confused as to what constitutes the value of a text. Returning the paper, which I used to communicate my ideas, is not returning what you have gained. Give me back those ideas in your mind, and I will give you back your money . Let's not forget - a 1,000.00 bill is only ONE sheet of paper too.


Somewhere in your development as a human being, your brain learned to avoid things as a way to protect yourself. Maybe when you told a girl you liked her for the first time in second grade, she laughed at you and said Boys are icky before running away. If that made you feel bad or ashamed, your brain made it a point to try to keep you from telling girls you liked them as a way to avoid feeling those bad emotions. You basically trained yourself to avoid situations where this might occur. In order to change this habit, you'll have to train yourself in a new routine. A work-out program for your brain that will continue to protect you in a new way if you persist at it.


There's only one major problem with this situation of course, that in order to have a sexual-intimate relationship with a woman you must be committed to passing through and suffering in the Zone of Discomfort. All those churning emotions that they write those songs about have to be given free reign to rattle through your brain for weeks and months on end before you can settle into that comfortable relationship that you seek. The primary dynamic between men and women is always described by sexual tension (Nature demands that this be so). Establishing a friends only relationship with a woman is unnatural, and therefore falls under a special category in her mind. In order for her to accept you as a friend, strict control of passion must be agreed upon right from the start. That kind of mental emotional control immediately kills all future thought of passion. You become viewed as something akin to a brother. And brothers can never ever become lovers (except, of course, in Kentucy,...


You are already familiar with Helstromism or Contact mind reading. Many are now using that effect to locate their paycheck. While I prefer mine in the form of a money order in a small manilla envelope with my name on it two weeks in advance, many performers insist on searching for theirs. The following patter theme should virtually assure success at this sometimes risky business. Leave the room while they hide the check making sure that the volunteer who is to act as the medium is absolutely sure that he knows the exact location of the check. When you return, quiz the volunteer to make sure he kncws where the check is. Band him one end of a handkerchief while you take the other. Say to him- I am merely going to try to read your brain impulses through this handkerchief. Make your mind blank. Do not try to lead me to the check. Just relax and I will tell you where it is located. Do not let the fact that when I find the check, I may split it with you, influence your part in this. Now all...

Keys Royale

The performer empties lock and keys into his outstretched hand. Take one key. Show it to your brain. Now go with your gut feeling. If you feel that it is not the proper key, put it back and take another. You may exchange as many times as you wish. When you sense you have the right one, say so.

Mental Rescue

I have been standing at quite some distance from the table and consequently I do not have any idea as to what your two cards may be. However, I'll try to find them. I must depend upon mental vibrations, your reactions, and what recently has come to be known as extra-sensory perception. Look directly at me, please (to A). In your mind think of the color of your card, now the suit, and now the value. Lastly, repeat the name of your card to yourself silently. Thank you. Was this your brain picture

The Diagnosis

On returning to London I went straight to my GP, who in turn sent me to see a neurologist, and he sent me for an MRI scan. The neurologist also made me a reservation for a night's stay in hospital, where he wanted to perform a lumbar puncture. I had to ask what a lumber puncture was, and when I found out, I wished that I hadn't It was the insertion of a very large needle in the base of my spine, whereupon a quantity of spinal fluid would be extracted and sent for diagnostic tests. The MRI is a type of scan that shows very explicit details of your brain and spinal cord. Bear in mind that I still believed that they were looking for a trapped nerve, nothing more sinister than that.

Our Audiences

Or I could use paper and ink, like this book, to give my thoughts to you. Again matter is used to transport my thoughts into your brain. Or maybe I can convey my thoughts to you with body language by the way I (a material thing) move by my carriage by the way I pose or shape it, so to speak, into a material sign, a sign that you can understand. Regardless, whatever medium I use to give you my thought, it always involves some form of matter. Without the use of matter, conveying my thoughts to you isn't possible, apart from genuine mind reading.

Rating Systems

The Decimal Rating System (whereby one rates a woman from one to ten), while extremely popular, is neither accurate nor terribly practical in the FIELD. What one AFC calls a 7.5 may be considered an 8 by another. In fact, AFCs may disagree on the rating of a particular woman by a full point or more. While it is oftentimes great fun to argue with your buddies on whether a particular girl is a 9.2 or a full out 10, these spirited debates hold little value and are a glorious waste of both time on the FIELD and the PUAs precious brain power. This system however is good when recanting stories to others about the TARGET in a particular scenario.

Lots O Stuff

Photographer author Walter Wick has designed a children's book which contains photographs of impossible objects. The book is beautifully designed, and it will turn your brain inside out as you try to figure out how these illusions are constructed. (Amazingly, even the front cover of the book is an optical illusion.) Walter Wick's Optical Tricks is a great book to put on your coffee table as a reminder of the remarkable ability of the human brain. I'm fascinated every time I look through it.

Complete Script

Your senses are very acute. You are TOTALLY in touch with your body. You are COMPLETELY in touch with your ENTIRE body. Notice how you can FEEEEL your vagina. Notice how you can FEEL EVERY NERVE in your vagina. FEEL EVERY NERVE IN YOUR VAGINA with EVERY NEURON IN YOUR BRAIN. FEEL your vagina. FEEL your vagina begin to GET EXCITED. FEEL your vagina BEGIN TO LUBRICATE, as it does when your vagina BECOMES VERY EXCITED. FEEL your vagina BECOME VERY EXCITED. Feel EVERY NERVE in your vagina with EVERY NEURON IN YOUR BRAIN. And FEEL your vagina. BECOME your vagina. BECOME YOUR VAGINA And GIVE your vagina A MIND OF ITS OWN. And MAKE your vagina CONTRACT. MAKE your vagina CONTRACT NOW. CONTRACTING NOW HARD Sending PLEASURE ALL THROUGHOUT your body. CONTRACTING NOW HARD Pumping pleasure ALL throughout your body. FEEL the powerful orgasmic contractions making PASSIONATE LOVE to you. FEEL your vagina with EVERY NEURON in your brain. BECOME your vagina. GIVE your...

The 30sec0nd Profile

The reader's goal in profiling a new subject is to try and answer as many questions about who this person is, as possible, such as marital status, apparent age, children, lifestyle, possible hobbies, line of work, ethnic background, religion, etc. If it seems like a lot of information for 30 seconds, it is not. With practice your brain, being the remarkably efficient information processing machine it is, will develop shortcuts. It will begin to recognize similarities between past subjects and your current sitter, and classify them accordingly. This is why experience is considered the best teacher of cold reading.


Emotions are motivator circuitry hard-wired into your brain, designed by natural selection over the last billion years. It is in fact THESE built in programs (called emotions) that assisted billions of beings before you to motivate these ancestors to mate and make them survive long enough to do so . So, when you are lonely, this is a strong indicator that something must change. We like to sometimes simply WISH the emotions away because they don't feel good. Some people even TRY to do that. They will take drugs or meditate or talk themselves into thinking that they hate girls because you feel so bad when you think about them (Tal has been through this last one). Thing is, notice how this emotion will motivate you to get the fuck out of your house for a change If you are lonely, this is a great sign that your body and your mind (these are not two separate things as your brain is a part of your body) are functioning properly and it is telling you (like HUNGER) that you will increase your...

The Series

Between two and a half and three pounds and there are no moving parts. Now before you run off to the store to get one, stop to think, you're using it right now. That's right, your brain. So begins the first episode of the series. It is David's introduction to the show. His guests on this occasion are film stars Ingrid Pitt and Christopher Lee and if there is a theme to the programme it is metal bending. David rubs a coin between his fingers and it curls, two teaspoons are twisted together and the handle of a fork bends sideways at the thickest part. Ingrid Pitt and Christopher Lee make a good audience. Ingrid looks wide-eyed and astonished while Christopher appears to genuinely believe that such mind-bending stunts are possible. He wonders whether such powers can be made to work on larger objects. His question provides the perfect link to the next item. The panel on the far wall slides back to reveal the large projection screen and we watch two pre-recorded items. One in which a lady...

Brain Blaster

Brain Blaster

Have you ever been envious of people who seem to have no end of clever ideas, who are able to think quickly in any situation, or who seem to have flawless memories? Could it be that they're just born smarter or quicker than the rest of us? Or are there some secrets that they might know that we don't?

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