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Paniel Cros is the magician-in-residence and professional handsome person at the Desert Inn. It's been said that just one smile from Daniel contains enough charm to melt the elastic in a girl's underwear. Despite this embarrassing handicap, Daniel Cros has become one of Las Vegas' most sought-after close-up entertainers. And now, to add insult to injury, Daniel has taken my prize "Bizarre Twist" from Intimate Secrets and mercilessly streamlined the handling so that it can now be performed with one hand. Danny tells me that this brilliant refinement was prompted by the desire to engage his other hand in more pleasurable pursuits (shuffling cards, performing coin rolls, etc.).

E-FfE-CT - A card is sandwiched face down crosswise between two other face-down cards. While this three-card assembly is held in one hand, the center card instantly and visibly turns face up! Since only three ordinary cards are used, everything can be examined.

- Refer to the original "Bizarre Twist" (see Index) for the complete sequence which includes the big ya-ha color-changing finale.

6TEP ObIE. - Hold the two red Aces and the Joker face up in your left hand. The Joker is at the face of the packet. Here's the original sequence which sets the cards in position for the reverse. Your left little finger buckles the back card at the lower right corner enabling your right fingers to turn the Joker and the card below it face down onto the remaining Ace as one card. Grip the packet with your right fingers from above by the short ends. Your right fingers lift the top single face-down card off, as your left hand turns palm down with its two cards (FIG. 1).

The audience is prevented from getting a flash of the second reversed card because of the cover provided by the right-hand card.

The right hand takes its face-down card by its short end between your right thumb and forefinger. The left hand holds the other two cards from below by the ends (FIG. 2).

The tip of your left forefinger presses against the bottom of the two cards. You are now going to convince your audience that the card in your right hand (ostensibly the Joker) is being inserted between the two cards in your left hand. Actually this card will end up below the other two.

6TE-P TLlEEL - Carefully line the end of your right-hand card up with an imaginary gap between the two left-hand cards. Instead of going in between, the card is pressed up against the back of the bottom card - held flat against these two cards with the tip of your left forefinger.

The "inserted" card is now at right angles to the other two cards (FIG. 3).

5TE.P pOUE. - Now for Daniel's one-handed "Cros Twist". Transfer the crossed-card setup to your right fingers (FIG. 4).

Your right thumb lays across the center of the top double-card. Your right fingertips curl in and press up against the face of the single card on the bottom. Undercover of a slight shaking motion, extend your right fingers. This action will cause the two crossed cards, below the top card, to revolve out - snapping the hidden face-up card into view as in FIGS. 5, 6.

It takes a certain knack to make the two face-down cards line up as in Fig. 6, but it's an easily acquired knack that takes only a minimal amount of practice. When properly performed, the center card instantly and visibly flashes face up.

• The two face-down cards were never meant to line up perfectly (although with deep practice it can be done). The effect will be clear, as long as both face-down cards end up in a vertical position and the face-up card is crossed between them.

• A few fine points: Just before the twist, the tip of your right forefinger touches the right edge of the bottom crossed card and the face of the card above it. These two cards move out as one unit during the action. Your right thumb helps to straighten the top card so it ends up pointing in the same vertical position as the bottom card. A gentle forward toss with your right fingers helps all of the cards swivel into position.

Paul Harris The Art of Astonishment

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