y^pleasant little novelty.

LFFLCT ANlP PE.L5LNTATI0NI - The Ten of Diamonds, which a spectator has been influenced to select, is returned to the deck. Since the performer has just washed his fingers and can't do a thing with them, he requires two chances to locate the lost card.

The magician's first attempt produces the Six of Diamonds. Close, but no bubble gum cigar. His second try turns up the Four of Diamonds. Wrong again. Apparently our magical misfit has failed! In desperation, he asks for the identity of the spectator's selection. Upon hearing it to be the Ten of Diamonds, the magician squeezes the Six and the Four together - compressing them into a single card - magically creating the selected Ten of Diamonds!

6ELT-UP - Position the Four of Diamonds and the Six of Diamonds at the face of the deck. Place the Ten of Diamonds on top of the deck.

6TC.P ¿?NlEL - Hold the deck face down in your left hand and slip-cut the top card to the center. Replace the right-hand portion onto the left hand cards, holding a little finger break above the Ten. Force this card by riffling down the side of the deck with your left thumb as you ask the spectator to say stop. Time your riffle so that you stop near the break. Lift off the cards above the original break with your right fingers (apparently where the spectator stopped you) and have the spectator remove the card from the top of the left-hand packet.

5TE-P T- Replace the top half of the deck onto the left-hand cards and obtain a left little finger break above the two cards (the Four and the Six) at the face of the deck. Transfer the deck to your right hand - transferring the break to your right thumb. Pivot the top half of the deck into your left hand with your right forefinger. Have the selected card replaced onto the left-hand packet. Drop the right-hand cards back onto the left-hand cards, transferring the break to your left little finger.

5TLP TtlR-E-L - Double undercut the pack bringing the cards below the break to the top. You'll now have the Four and the Six on top of the deck followed by the Ten. Throw in any false cuts or shuffles that leave this top stack undisturbed, then deal the top card (the Four or the Six) face up onto the table. Give the deck another false cut and again deal the top card of the deck face up onto the table.

6TE.P pOLJR. - Obtain a left-little finger break below the top card of the deck as your right hand scoops up the two tabled cards. Place the Four and the Six face up on top of the deck. Grasp the cards from above with your right fingers, squaring the two face-up cards along with the card above the break. Tilt the squared cards to the right, as in FIG. 1, leaving a triple out-jogged to the side of the deck.

5TE.P flVEL - Grasp the triple from above with your right fingers (FIG. 2).

This is in preparation for the standard snap-over change. Brush these three cards (keeping them squared) against your sleeve, going from wrist to elbow. Under cover of this motion snap the cards off your right second and third fingers instantly revealing the Ten as in FIG. 3.

Immediately drop the triple (Ten side up) onto the deck. Thumb the face-up Ten to the right, where your right fingers take the card and toss it to the table. You have thus compressed the Four and the Six into a single Ten

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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