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This training program is comprehensive. No secrets, wisdom or knowledge is withheld. In addition to learning the profound art of meditation, you will also be taught Yoga and Pranayama, as well as the practical wisdom on how to run a successful meditation center and create a high traffic meditation web site. Here is some of what the program teaches you. Learn Basic Meditation Techniques. Learn Advanced Meditation Techniques. Learn Gentle Yoga. Learn Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises). Learn the Fundamentals of Enlightened Living. Read more here...

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Online Yoga Teachers Training Summary

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The Secrets of Yoga Cosmology

Illusion Levitation

Certain phases of Cosmology have direct relationship to an understanding of occult and magical phenomena in the Universe. It affirms the Yoga teaching that infinite space is filled with a subtle, ethereal substance known as Akasha which is more tenuous than the most tenuous matter we can possibly conceive, and can only be described by the terminology of infinitely thin, rare, and light, as an ancient Hindu text informs us. The Yoga teaching on the matter of The Akashic Records is that the Infinite Akasha, filling all space, is permeated with the Infinite Universal Mind Principle where one is, the other must be for they are twin aspects of infinite reality. Consequently, there is an infinite memory in this Universal Mind Principle, which is embodied in the Universal Akasha Principle. Thus, according to Yoga teaching, the Cosmos is really seen as an infinite brain, having its material substance and base, and its indwelling and immanent psychic or mental principle. There is however an...

Yogi Mental Broadcasting

Olemps Mairie Photo

In addition to the manifestation of silent psychic influence in the direction of a particular person or persons, the Yoga teaching deals, also, with a broader application of the process in which a large field is covered, and sizeable groups of people are subjugated to the influence as a crowd. It is this handling that the magicians use in mass performances. I have named the phenomena, Yogi Mental Broadcasting, as being descriptive of the effects of this technique. As you will learn in studying the subject it has an even more personal aspect in relation to our daily lives and personal successes. You have already learned how persons may be reached by psychic influence, but you may wonder how inanimate things such as events, conditions, circumstances, etc. can be affected by thought and will. The question demands an answer, and the answer is forthcoming in the Yoga teachings, viz.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing

In the Yoga teaching, emphasis is placed upon the importance of alternate nostril breathing that is in the using of first one nostril, and then the other, in the act of breathing, one nostril being shut off' by the pressure of the finger to its side while the other one performs its function. It is only when the oriental teaching concerning the two currents of pranic energy, the Ida and the Pingala, are understood that one begins to get an inkling of the reason for the practice of this method. Let us consider this principle for a few moments.

Becoming A Master Magician

Girl Levitation Hypnosis

The astral images cannot be perceived by means of the five physical senses, but may only be sensed by employing the astral senses. The astral senses are the counterparts of the five physical senses in everyway excepting that while the physical senses function on the physical plane, the astral senses function on the astral plane. The description and use of these astral senses constitutes an important phase of the Yoga teaching.

Dharana And Dhyana

Vivekananda Magical Images

Let us now study the Yoga teachings regarding the mental control known as Pratyahara (controlling of the senses) which is regarded as a preparatory stage of Dharma, or the control of the mind in general. Our senses furnish the raw materials of thought, and it follows that control of sensations is the first step of complete mental control. In Pratyahara, the senses are mastered by the will, and the mind is thus made free for concentrated meditation (Dhyana) upon some chosen subject or object. Before the mind can obtain the quiet power enabling it to perform properly the processes of concentration and visualization, its senses must be so controlled that outside influences are shut out temporarily by the methods of Pratyahara. The control of the senses in Pratyahara is accomplished by the exercise of attention attention being distinctly an action of the will. The process is not one of the will holding a sensation in mind, but rather of holding a sensation out of mind. In other words, of...

Healing By The Hands

Hands The Balls

The Yoga teaching holds that all forms of mental or psychic healing of all kinds, no matter under what name applied, are in reality accomplished by this same method via the projection of thought and will accompanied by prana. Swami Vivekananda has this to say on the subject We see sects in every country who have attempted the control of prana. In many countries of the world I have heard of this power being used under many different names, such as oydic force, animal magnetism, faith healing, etc., but if we analyze the different processes we shall find that the background of each is this control of prana, whether they know it or not. If you boil down their theories, the residuum will be the same. It is all the one and the same force they are using, only unknowingly. They have stumbled on the discovery of a force, and do not know its nature, but they are unconsciously using the same powers which the Yogi uses, and which comes from prana. All manifestations of power arise from this...

Affirmation In Yama

Affirmation is called mantrayama by the Yogis apply it as you have previously been instructed in connection with the practice of Yama or self-development. The general principle consists in expressing in verbal form, either mentally or vocally, the idea or thought, the picture or concept, which you have already visualized and are about to project. This serves to crystallize the thought, and gives it body and form also, according to Yoga teaching, there are certain effects produced by the vibratory influence of thought-filled words.

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