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It seems ironic that as I write this, the Sci-Fi Channel is showing reruns of the 1973-74 television series "The Magician" with Bill Bixby. I was a magician 10 years before that show aired, but it provided more inspiration—to me as well as to many of today's professional magicians— than any other television show to date.

In the show, the magician, Anthony Blake (Bixby), was constantly overcoming the criminal element with his clever use of magic. I don't think he ever used a gun, unless he took it away from the bad guy. He always handcuffed his adversary to something or to another bad guy. It was absolutely hilarious to watch his use of misdirection. I used to wonder if it could really work that simply. And to my surprise, it did.

People were caught so off guard when I applied the handcuffs that they did not know what to think. Now I'm not talking about handcuffing my grandmother; I'm talking bar fights. At one time, I was very proficient at Chinese kenpo karate. I still remember the techniques, but I'm only a shadow of what I was 15 years ago. What I did was incorporate the handcuffs into a karate technique. For example, if the guy is taking a swing at you, you simply have the handcuffs in your blocking hand. Your opponent throws his wrist right into the awaiting cuff, practically handcuffing himself.

The accompanying illustrations show my recommended lines of defense for an experienced magician. I used to carry a gun around with me. While it's true that a gun is usually the best personal weapon, a gun says one thing to a cop if you get into a confrontation. It says—and shows—

intent, premeditated intent. While you may very well be in the right, you are the person who is going to have to prove why there is a dead guy with a head full of bullets slumped over the barstool.

Every item depicted in the next illustration shows a strictly defensive intent on your part. The most important item is the personal defense spray, often erroneously referred to as Mace. Several years ago, a new form of this spray was introduced on the commercial market. It contains a derivative of the hottest pepper there is. I have personally stopped two guard dogs coming at me full speed dead in their tracks (never mind what I was doing in the museum at 2:00 A.M.). The stuff will stop the most aggressive human on earth. There are several different brand names for this oil of capsicum spray, and it is now widely available in gunshops and sporting goods stores.

The handcuffs can be used in the obvious ways or more creatively if you have an imagination. The long chain handcuffs are my favorite. They work best when you are trying to handcuff the bad guy to something. First, he should never even know you have the handcuffs in your possession until it's too late and he has at least one hand restrained. It's best if you can already have one cuff secured around something like a post, car handle, tree branch, etc.. This way all you have to do is apply one cuff to his hand and retreat. He is stuck and mad as hell.

The choke chain and padlock are used to secure his legs. The smoke bombs and other various incendiary devices are used in evasion. A smoke bomb in a closed room will create havoc. They also work great for misdirection, such as in trash cans, under cars, etc. We will examine a modified smoke bomb and chain next.


These devices should only be used in the worst of situations. The choke chain has been modified by placing fishhooks at the points shown. The smoke bomb also has fishhooks glued or taped on it.

The chain is applied quickly to the legs of the subject. As soon as the chain whips around his legs, the fishhook on the end digs into his left pant leg. From here you simply tighten the chain as best as you can and let the fishhook that is close to your hands also dig into his left pant leg. That prevents him from running after you. By the time he removes the fishhooks, you're long gone (unless, of course, he wants to take off his pants and run after you, which is doubtful).

You can leave it at that or go a step further. The bad guy thinks he has problems now, but he ain't seen nothing yet. You remove a small PVC pipe from your coat and remove one end cap. From there you light the fuze of a smoke bomb inserted in the pipe. This is done with an ingeniously rigged butane lighter taped to the side of the pipe. You release the lit smoke bomb directly onto his clothes, and it sticks to him. A lot of things run through the bad guy's mind at this point. The illustration shows how to construct the chain and smoke bomb. These items are very dangerous, so use common sense.


Here the magician is prepared for a confrontation with his assailant. You, the magician, clip the personal defense spray to the inside of your forearm. (Small cans usually come with a pocket clip attached.)

You spray the subject in the eyes with the spray. Then you release the pouch on your belt containing the choke chain and padlock. Kneel down and whip the chain around his legs tightly and padlock it shut. The subject is busy trying to get the chemical out of his eyes, so he won't give you too much trouble when you chain his legs together. If he does, you're in a great position to rack him.

After chaining his legs, you have the option of leaving him as is or continuing your beating. It is my personal opinion that if you get in a fight it should be to the death, so let us continue.

Stand up directly in front of him and deliver a hard side kick to his stomach while gouging out his eyes. "Think of it as crushing grapes with your fingers," my martial arts instructor used to say. From here, the now-defeated aggressor will be lying on his side, front, or back. If he is on his back, jump up and land on his throat with both heels. No air, no life—it's that simple. I'll tell you an extremely well-kept secret in black belt karate: if you are going to kill someone with your hands or feet, the attack must center around the throat and neck. Think of the windpipe as a garden hose. If it kinks, no water comes out. If the windpipe is crushed, no air passes through, and the subject expires in short order. If the guy has landed on his stomach or side you will need to jump up and land on his skull, thus crushing it, or you can land on his neck and sever his spine from his head. Either way, you've just killed him.

I know I speak of death in a matter-of-fact manner, but we live in a violent society and there is no way around it. If someday you or someone you love is in a prison camp in some Godforsaken country with nothing but knowledge and a will to survive, taking a human life to escape death is reason enough for me to publish this kind of material.


Handcuffs (with several keys)

Handcuffs (with several keys)

Various Smoke Bombs and Mini Incendiary Devices (commercial or improvised)

Of course, everything is hidden under your coat orjacket.

Various Smoke Bombs and Mini Incendiary Devices (commercial or improvised)

Of course, everything is hidden under your coat orjacket.


1. Approach subject from behind with chain in hand.

2. Quickly throw chain around legs.

1. Approach subject from behind with chain in hand.

2. Quickly throw chain around legs.

This device could be used around the arms if the person is wearing a long-sleeve shirt or coat.


1. How the specially designed chain traps the legs.

2. No padlock required.

3. The more the person tries to free himself, the deeper the fish hooks dig into his pants.


1. Light smoke bomb and release from container.

2. Smoke bomb will attach itselfto subject's clothing.


Tape or glue fish hooks to a smoke bomb.

Tape lighter to pipe for instant lighting.

PVC pipe with end caps is the transport case for this device.

Tape lighter to pipe for instant lighting.

Spray Clipped to Watchband

Spray Clipped to Watchband

Tie his legs together with the choke chain and padlock. Apply handcuffs to his wrists (optional).

Kick aggressor as hard as you can and gouge out his eyes.

NOTE: Attacks to the eyes will end any fight at once.

Optional: Coupe de grace head stomp. This very violent method is a standard black belt killing technique. Jump, stiffen legs and body prior to landing on his head.

WARNING: This is extremely dangerous. Your opponent's head will be crushed by your body weight.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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