The following escape tools are extensions for keys to reach those hard-to-get-at locks and to cut yourself free from ropes.

The first tool is made from a gun-cleaning rod intended for large-caliber guns. The blade-holding chuck of the rod is modified to hold a handcuff key or a small knife blade. The tip comes from an X-ACTO knife. It screws right onto the end of the rod. The rods may be hidden on your body or in a box or bag from which you are attempting to escape. This tool will allow you to open some difficult locks.

The second escape tool is made from a car or radio antenna. Remove the round head on the antenna and split that end in two. Insert a handcuff key in this split and epoxy it in place. You also need to flatten the antenna slightly with pliers or in a vise. This will prevent the tubes from rotating inside each other, and the handcuff key will now stay in place. On some antennas, the last rod is only a piece of wire and will not flatten. In this case, you will need to remove this wire and split the second tube (or rod). This escape tool is used much the same way as the first, as an extension to reach a lock. The antenna could also be bent to reach the lock.

Affix a handcuff key to the end of antenna.

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