Nominalized Handshakes

We would like to share with you another wonderful bit using nominalizations and unspecified words. Kenton and Rex have used this most effectively in various situations. This technique is simple and very easy to do - if you will muster the confidence to do it.

Before describing this concept, let us point out that it may be used on stage, in readings, at parties, or just meeting new people who you might like to have as spectators. It's a great conversation starter, and let's people know right away that you are "different". So are you ready ?

This is really all there is to it: Reach out to shake someone's hand. As you make contact, suddenly stop the shaking motion - still holding on to their hand - and begin spouting nominalizations and unspecified words. Imagine this for a moment. Someone meets you and goes to shake your hand, and as they do, you suddenly stop and begin saying things such as:

"Surprise... New awareness... Some obstacles... But they're being resolved now... Changes... Health, Balance, Control Issues fading... New opportunities... Breakthrough... Important!... Very GOOD...".

Can you imagine the shock on the other person's face? What are they going to do? We'll tell you: They'll be so surprised by this, they will just stand and listen and wonder as they fall into a slightly altered state of mind.

Now unless you want them to go into an altered state, follow what you've just done this way. Stop talking and begin shaking their hand like nothing has happened.

Then say:

"I'm Kenton (your name please!) nice to meet you. Don't give that any thought at all. Don't think about what it means. Just try and forget what was said. Don't try and understand how it applies to you now. That's just how I get to know people. Forget all about it. Really. Itjust helps me understand people better... How I meet people... "

By telling a person NOT to think about your words, to DON'T consider how they apply, etc., you're making the person do exactly these things. It's like saying "Don't think of a purple octopus" - you have to think about it first, in order to forget it! All of which means the person MUST think more about what you have said to them, and how it might apply to their lives. Now they are even more curious...

Which of course leads you right into who you are and what you do. You can at the very least rest assured the person will remember you - even if they say nothing. You might do this just as you have someone sit down for a reading. If you are sitting yourself, as they approach your table to sit down, stand up and do this handshake nominalization pattern. After telling them to forget it, etc. invite them to sit down for a reading or a few "experiments". Chances are they will feel inclined to be "in the mood".

Do this at dinner or cocktail parties, and you may well get all the free publicity you need. To be sure, you're likely to get a few inquiries about what you do, and when you can do it. Try the same thing out on people as you meet them. Just be sure that you WANT them to know you do incredible things. If you do this as you ask for a loan from your bank, it may not be in your own best interest. At least not until after you get the loan. We are sensible about when and where we use this technique naturally.

Kenton and Rex have been known on certain occasions to walk through their audiences and shake hands with people, doing the nominalized handshake procedure as they exit a performance. You might consider this as well. Perhaps if you are a mentalist, you might try this out when a spectator comes to help you on stage. Do the handshake nominalizations, tell them to forget it, and go into your planned effect. Doing this will definitely add an air of potential legitimacy to your routines. If you give these "brief readings" for a spectator on stage, you may find that others are eager to help you too.

The applications are broad and varied. Try it out in a way that works for you and your own personal style. Check out Wonder Words Vol. I about Nominalizations and Vol. I'll for more information on the negative "rebellion" words for your follow up "aftercare" as Kenton calls it. Phrases such as "Try to forget about what that means" and "Fight off the urge to understand all that" can be found in this final volume of the series that may prove useful.

Be bold and take the plunge with this wonderful application of nominalizations. Be warned though, there may be many curious people who will want to know MORE about you, once you do this kind of thing. Some may be nearly fanatical. You might also think of this tool as cheap advertising - IF you take advantage of it. Enough said.

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