Nominalizations And Combinations

By combining special words called nominalizations, you can force a reading to fit the spectator

Nominalizations are words that sound like actual things, but represent no actual physical thing. For instance, you cannot put "stability" or "toughness" in your wallet. You can't pick up a box of "stubbornness" and move it to the other side of the room. Not physically anyway.

When a person hears a nominalization, they have to interpret this word for themselves to make sense out of what is being said. In other words, they have to make this FIT their own experience somehow. "Issue" is a great nominalization. People toss this word around so often these days, one tends to think of it is as a legitimate thing. But it is not a "thing" at all, and that's the point.

Consider these phrases "control issue" "privacy issue" "self-esteem issue" "confidence issue" "an issue with relaxation" "a commitment issue" "issues with your self "issues with your family" "work related issues" "payment issues" "maturity issues" "responsibility issues" "emotional issues" "childhood issues", etc. If you can link a word that is not an actual physical thing (nominalization) to the nominalized word "issue", people will generally find a way to make sense out of this in their own lives.

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