The Peruvian Turnover

The Mexican Turnover is a marvellous move. But, it is detectable when it isn't done well. In the last chapter I described the results of my investigation of the sleight, and I believe that 1 have found a precious and undetectable Mexican Turnover.

But while I was travelling in Peru, in the highest regions of the Andes (close to 4.000 m. above sea level), these techniques occurred to me, which is why I call them Ā«PeruvianĀ». 1 believe they are very subtle. You can judge for yourself.

The Peruvian Turnover

Try to perform the Mexican Turnover, as described in the last chapter, after clearly bending the corner of the card on the table to identify it (fig. 1).

When you lift the card you are going to use as a spatula off the top of the deck pinch it between your third and fourth fingers, at the inner right corner, and secretly bend the corner (fig. 2).

Now perform the first phase of the Mexican Turnover (steps 1-5) really switching the cards.

You now hold the card that was on the table, with a bent corner, in your right hand. Your right second finger pushes upwards on the corner and straightens it out (fig. 3).

The card on the table still has a bent corner, which indicates that it hasn't been switched (?).

Repeat the pass clearly, without changing anything, very clearly flipping over the card on your third attempt.

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