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This source is the Weather Underground and is the worst of the three for accuracy. I have found in the winter time they may be forecasting snow. Yet if I go to Accuweather, they will be forecasting overcast skies. In most every case Accuweather turns out to be correct. However, you can use the Weather Underground in a clever way. You can print out their forecast for the current day if it differs from the one at Accuweather. You then show this to people as the local weather forecast for the day. You tell them you will change the weather that day. What you tell them you will do is what is on Accuweather's forecast. Of course the person NEVER sees the Accuweather forecast.

You need only visit these websites daily and compare the forecasts. In many cases they will ALL be different. As mentioned before when they are different, Accuweather seems to be the one that is closest to being correct.


Here are some of the techniques I use to make it appear I can control the weather. Remember weather changes constantly. Most people don't visit the above web sites to check the weather. They usually read the paper the night before and see the extended forecast, which is usually wrong. They watch TV from a station in another town and mistakenly think that will be their weather, which may not be the case at all. Remember weather can often change overnight. The forecast someone sees on the 6 o'clock news for the next day's weather may turn out to be wrong.

Luckily for you they may not see an updated forecast. The last forecast they have seen may have been the one on the previous night's news. A lot can happen overnight. You need to be aware of these changes. Many people only see the weather forecast once a day on the evening news. This is the one they will remember. You however, will be watching the weather on the websites. You will be aware of changes that most people are not aware of yet. You can tell people who remember last night's forecast that you will change the weather. If the current forecast is different from what was forecasted the previous night, then that is what you claim you will cause to happen.


Whether you use a web site or your cell phone weather service, you can pinpoint the weather forecast for your city. This is something that the TV stations don't always do. The first thing is to check the forecast for the city that the TV broadcast originates from. Enter that city's name and print out the forecast. Then enter where you live or will be performing. Compare the two forecasts. You may find them to be entirely different. It may have rain in the forecast for the TV city, but overcast skies for your town. USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Tell people that the weatherman said it would rain today. You have plans for outdoors and will keep it from raining in THIS town. Since a lot of people saw the weather on the news last night they will be expecting it to rain. When it doesn't you are given credit.

If the TV city shows sunny skies, but rain in your town, then you tell people things look too dry. We need some rain, and you say you will make it rain. When it does you get credit.


The Weather Channel's five day forecast is almost always wrong. There are some exceptions and I will explain these now. Sometimes you will see a five day forecast and it shows rain or snow for all five days. This could be the result of a stalled system or front. In these cases it probably will be correct. What you are looking for are those single days where they say it will rain. Sometimes they forecast rain for two days in a row. For example let's say it's Monday and they are showing rain for Friday. You can just about bet your last dollar that it will NOT RAIN ON FRIDAY. It will probably rain on Thursday or Saturday, but NOT on Friday. If you look at the same forecast on Tuesday, you may find that now they are saying Friday will be sunny and the rain is set for Saturday. By the time Friday gets here, they may be saying it will be sunny both days.

Always go against the rain forecast when it is four to five days away. If you are with someone and the Weather Channel is on, then pay attention to the five day forecast. If there is rain set for the fifth day, then you make some comment about your plans. Say something like I plan to play golf that day, it won't rain if I have anything to do about it AND I DO. You can rest assured it will not rain that day. When it doesn't rain, point out to your friend that you did control the weather as you claimed you would. If the rain was a day earlier, say you made it rain a day earlier so it wouldn't ruin your golf game. If the rain is set for Saturday, you say you delayed it.

Another thing you can do is go to the Weather.com website on a Monday morning and print out the seven day weather forecast for your city and keep it with you. It will be wrong later down the road. However, check the Accuweather web site daily to get the current forecast for the current day. Let's say today is Thursday and the Weather.com seven day forecast is showing rain (this is the forecast you printed on Monday). Accuweather is showing overcast skies for today and by now so is Weather.com. However, you bring out the forecast you printed on Monday and show it to someone. Say the weather forecast is calling for rain today; I think I will stop the rain. When it doesn't rain you will get credit for it. Don't worry about the fact you printed the forecast on Monday. It's the forecast for the week so nobody thinks anything about it. You can also cut out the 5 day forecast from your local newspaper. On the fifth day you show the forecast to someone and apparently change the weather. It's that simple. I do need to point out, that these people you show this to should be aware of your ability to bust clouds. You point out that clouds control the weather, since you control clouds, you can control the weather. You will find that people who have seen you bust clouds will have NO PROBLEM believing you can change the weather. The feats go hand in hand.


During the winter months check out the Weather Underground web site's forecast for your city. Compare that with the Accuweather forecast. If the Accuweather web site has no snow in the forecast for the next 24 hours, but Weather Underground does, then believe Accuweather. However PRINT out the Weather Underground forecast for that day showing snow. Show it to people and say you will delay the snow. When it doesn't snow that day you get the credit. Weather Underground is notorious for forecasting snow that never arrives. TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THIS.


You may have an outdoor show booked for the following weekend. The lady who booked you calls on Tuesday and says the weatherman is calling for rain this weekend. She is calling to tell you they will set up some kind of tent or move you indoors if need be due to the rain. If the show is four or five days away, you know the odds are it WILL NOT RAIN THAT DAY. So you simply tell her on the phone, that you will use you magic powers to hold off the rain for your show. You don't even have to check with the weather web sites. Just tell her that.

In most cases when Saturday arrives there is NO RAIN in the forecast. You of course remind her that you said you would stop the rain. You can rest assured that she will tell others that the weather forecast had rain for today, however you told her you would stop the rain. Apparently you did. Suppose it does rain that day? You say nothing, if she remembers you said you would stop the rain and mentions it; just say you were joking around. You will find in most cases the rain will not show. This is like the psychics who throw out the predictions. People only remember the ones that come true and forget the misses.

You have to play it the same way. When your claim to change the weather hits, you REMIND THEM. If for some reason the weather forecast turns out as predicted; you say nothing. Since you made the comment several days earlier, the person will forget in most cases, unless you remind them. You only remind them when you succeeded!


This is one of my pet secrets for apparently controlling the weather. It can be accessed at the Accuweather web site. On there you will find a small link that says GO HOURLY for more detail and it is exactly that. It gives you a break down of the weather for each hour during the 24 hour period. Now the incredible thing is that this is fairly accurate. Sometimes they may be off by an hour or so but that is ok as you will see. The newspaper may say rain on Saturday. The weather channel and TV weather reports may say rain on Saturday. What they don't tell you is WHEN it is going to rain on Saturday. People may assume it is going to rain all day (which it seldom does). Here is where the hourly breakdown comes in. You can look at the forecast for that day and see the weather breakdown for each hour. For example it may show rain from 10AM to 1PM. Then it may show that from 2PM to 5PM you will have overcast skies, with the rain starting up again at 5PM. Now remember most people don't have access to this information, and most don't even know you can access it.

How can you use this information to your advantage? Let's say you have a show scheduled for outdoors that day. The first thing you do is check the hourly forecast and see when the rain is supposed to stop during the day. If you are lucky, it may be during the time you have the outdoor show scheduled. Let's assume your show is scheduled for 3PM. You arrive there and it's raining. You tell the person who hired you, that you will attempt to use your powers to stop the rain long enough to do the show. Sure enough in a short time, the rain stops. You set up your show and do it under overcast skies. After the show is over and you are packed up, the rain starts again. This happened to me a few weeks ago. I was scheduled to do a show outdoors at a local park. The lady called and said she had a shelter reserved so I could do the show under it. I thanked her but told it wasn't really needed as I planned on stopping the rain long enough for me to do the show and pack it up without getting wet.

Of course I had looked over the Accuweather hourly forecast and knew when the rain would stop and start again. I got there and the rain had stopped. I told her I would use my powers to hold the rain off long enough to do the show. I knew I had less than hour before the rain would start again, so I quickly set up my show and started right away. When the show was over I knew according to the hourly forecast that the rain would start again within 15 to 20 minutes. I quickly packed my show in the van and told her that my powers could only hold the rain back for so long. Now that the van was packed, I could let the rain continue. Believe it or not as I was pulling out the parking lot, the rain began again in FULL FORCE.

Can you imagine the impact this will have on people? You apparently have the power to stop the rain long enough for you to perform. Suppose someone says keep the rain away for the rest of the picnic? You have two options. If you know the rain isn't set to come again till 7PM and the picnic ends at 6PM, then you say OK, you will hold off the rain until the picnic is over. Then the rain will return. Sure enough, the picnic ends, they have about an hour to pack away things and the rain returns as you told them. This will really make them wonder.

On the other hand, if you know the rain will begin before the picnic is over, you tell them you are sorry, but it takes a lot of energy to stop the rain. You tell them you were only to stop the rain long enough to do your show, your powers are drained. You are sorry, but the rain must return.

Another way to use the hourly forecast is to create a sudden rain shower. We will assume that in this case the skies are sunny but Accuweather shows that a thunderstorm will appear at 3PM. If the person doesn't know the forecast, you can apparently create the rain. A lot of thunderstorms just suddenly appear after it being sunny all day. Assume it is 2PM and the skies are still clear. Tell him you are going to create a short rain storm within the hour to cool things down. Go into any type of meditation or trance you wish. Of course this is all fake and just for show. Within the next hour the sky will become overcast and a thunderstorm will come forth. Many times the proper clouds will be in the sky for cloud busting. In this case you may wish to bust a few and tell him you are changing the weather patterns to produce rain. He sees the clouds vanish and within the hour rain comes.

As mentioned before, most people don't know about the hourly forecast on Accuweather for any city in the world. You can print it out in the morning and have it ready to refer to during the day. Please note that the hourly forecast is updated as conditions change or the weather gets closer. If you have a laptop computer with mobile internet access you can secretly look at the most recent update of the hourly forecast. Just have the laptop in your car where you can secretly access it. This will allow you to use pinpoint accuracy to tell them when you will stop and start the rain.

The Accuweather hourly forecast can be your best friend if you want to convince others you can control the weather. Use it wisely, it's a great tool and one few people know about.


This is another wonderful tool for the psychic who wishes to convince people he can control the weather. If you have the right kind of cell phone you can subscribe to a mobile weather service. With this installed on your phone you have access to weather radar in REAL TIME. Now this can really help you create miracles because you can secretly access the weather radar using your cell phone at anytime. If rain is in the forecast, you can see the rain on the radar and see how far away it is. You can also see in what direction the rain is moving.

If it is already raining you can see how far the rain extends and the direction it is moving. Let's say you see a small gap in the rain storm (a clear spot) and it is moving in your direction. This means there will be a brief let up of the rain. When you see the brief clearing heading your way you can tell others you will stop the rain briefly. Sure enough the rain will stop briefly and soon start again. Of course you are given credit for this.

The cell phone radar can be INVALUABLE to those wishing to make a rainbow appear. Let's assume it is late afternoon and one of those days with scattered rain showers. You can see on the radar by using the motion feature in which direction the rain is moving. You can also tell when the end of the rain is near from the radar. This information can also let you know WHEN the conditions are right for a rainbow to form. Let's say the rain is moving eastward, you know a rainbow could form in the eastern sky. The reason for this is that the sun is setting in the west and the rain is moving eastward. Once the rain stops at your location it will still be raining in the eastward direction. The low setting sun behind you on the west will shine through the rain moving eastward creating a rainbow. You can then tell people WHERE you will cause a rainbow to appear and point toward the eastern sky. I always have a small compass in my car, that way I know which direction is either east or west. This allows me to point to the proper direction without fail.

It is important to remember that the SUN MUST BE BEHIND YOU to create the rainbow. If the radar shows the rain moving westward, then no rainbow will appear. That is because the rain will be between you and the sun setting in the west. In which case you would not tell people you will create a rainbow.

When you learn to use the cell phone radar properly; you will know when a rainbow is likely to appear. If you use this in conjunction with the most recent Accuweather hourly forecast then you can almost pinpoint the exact time a rainbow will appear provided the rain is moving in a direction AWAY from the sun. As previously mentioned the sun must be low to create a rainbow. In early morning hours the rain moving westward will create a rainbow in the western sky. In late afternoon the rain needs to be moving eastward for a rainbow to form in the eastern sky. This is the general rule for creating a rainbow. Yes there are some exceptions. Depending on your location and altitude, it is possible for a rainbow to form mid-day but these are rare.


I've used this for years and have convinced all my friends and family that I can make it warmer than the forecast says for the current day. This works almost 100% of time during both the winter and summer. The secret is very subtle and appears in print for the first time.

Once again this is based on the fact that the forecast is usually wrong. Accurately predicting the temperature is nearly impossible. In almost every case you will find the temperature is always HIGHER than what the forecast says. I've found this to be the case almost 95% of the time. The weather forecast may say a high of 75 degrees. Yet later that day as you drive past a bank sign that has the temperature and time on it, you will see it is 81 degrees. The high temperature forecasts always seem to fall short. That is because the weather forecasters seem to err on the side of caution. They will usually forecast a temperature that is lower than what will actually transpire.

The same thing happens during winter. The forecast calls for a high of 17 degrees, yet when you drive by the temperature signs you may that it is 25 degrees. The simple fact is that the temperature forecasted is always going to be wrong. It will get hotter than they forecasted and it will NOT get as cold as they predicted in most cases. So how do we use this in our favor?

We simply ask friends or family members if they have heard what the high temperature for today is going to be. Tell them you would like it a bit warmer and will make it warmer that day. Let's assume the forecasted high temperature for that day is 75 degrees. As soon as it reaches 80 degrees or more, you let them know and take credit for it.

During winter you can ask friends what the projected high is for that day. They may say 17 degrees. You say that is too cold and you will use your powers to keep it from getting that cold. Later when they realize it is currently 25 degrees, you take credit for it.

In any of the above feats you must be aware of the temperature during the day. At the proper time you point out the changes you have made to the weather. Once again if they have seen you do other things such as cloud busting, they will believe you can control the temperature.

Here is another way to offer some proof. First thing in the morning check all three of the weather sites I have previously given you. All three will have a different high temperature for the day. If it is summer find the one that has the LOWEST high for the day and print out that forecast. You can show your friends an actual weather forecast that shows a high of 72 degrees. Tell them you will make it warmer. When it reaches 81 degrees they will be impressed. The reason you want to check all three sites is that the forecast range can vary greatly. One may be showing the high is going to 72 degrees while another will show it is going to be 76 degrees. The bigger the range between the forecast and the actual temperature, the more impressive it becomes. Obviously you want the one that says 72 degrees in order to create the best effect.

The same applies during the winter. Check all three web sites and find the one that has posted the LOWEST high temperature. Again you will find each site will have a different projected high. Print out the one with the lowest projected high temperature for that day. Use this to show people as the current weather forecast. Tell them you will not let it get that cold. I remember one time Weather Underground said we'd have a high of 15 degrees. Actually it reached 30 degrees that day. Those I showed this to were not only impressed, but grateful that I kept it from getting so cold. Go and do likewise.


You can do any of these weather feats long distance. It doesn't even have to be your town. All you need is access to the Accuweather web site. The temperature increase is possible anywhere in the world. All you do is call some friends or family members; it makes no difference where they live. Ask them if they have seen the weather forecast for the day. Ask them what the forecasted high is for that day. Once they tell you, simply say you will make it warmer than that. As you know from reading the previous explanation, it will almost always get 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the forecast. It works automatically; you need only say you will make it warmer than forecasted.

To change the weather for any city, check the five day forecast for that city using the Accuweather web site. If you see that rain is scheduled for only one day and that day is four or five days away, then you can apparently change the weather. I like to do this on a Tuesday because the weekend is included in the five day forecast. If you see rain scheduled for the weekend, then you have the perfect set-up. Call your friend in the distant city and tell him you have been working on changing the weather with your mind. Ask him if he knows the extended forecast for the weekend. If not, have him check the local newspaper with the five day forecast or turn on the weather channel. He will tell you that rain is scheduled for Saturday. You explain you will try to delay the rain or make it happen on Friday so that the rain doesn't spoil any weekend plans. Say this tongue-

in-cheek and don't make a big thing about it at the moment. Just tell him and change the subject. All you have to do is watch the Accuweather forecast for his city each day. As the weekend approaches, the odds are great that the rain has been changed to a different day. It will most likely be a day later or a day earlier than the original forecast. If Saturday arrives and there was NO RAIN that day, then you call him that night or the next day.

Remind him how you told him a week ago you'd use your mind to change the weather and not spoil his Saturday. If it rained on Friday, take credit and say you made it rain on Friday instead of Saturday. As previously mentioned you will find this works the majority of the time UNLESS THEY ARE FORECASTING SEVERAL DAYS OF RAIN IN A ROW. In which case, you don't attempt to change the weather.

What happens if the five day forecast turns out to be correct? It's rare but it does happen. You will know because you have checked the forecast daily for that city. If the rain does transpire then you don't call him. The odds are he will have forgotten because you talked to him five days earlier. That is why I said only briefly mention this on the initial phone call. You only want to play it up AFTER it happens. If it doesn't, you ignore it and the odds are it will never be mentioned again.

What do you do if he does remember and calls you saying, "Hey, it rained on Saturday. I thought you were going to stop it." In that case, you simply say, "Oh, I'm sorry I forgot all about doing that!" This is a good answer and it is one that doesn't make it looked as if you failed. After all, you spoke to him five days earlier and you apparently forgot about it. That is why it rained; you forgot and didn't use your powers. Luckily I have never had to resort to this out. It is a logical out, if the weatherman happens to be correct this time.


By using these tools you can create the impression that you can control the weather. Learn them and master them. Use them in conjunction with your cloud busting feats. Soon you will have the reputation of being a master of the elements. Jerome briefly mentioned in his section about how he could apparently control the weather, but didn't go into a lot of details. I have shown you the proper tools. You may want to go back and review his section on controlling the weather again, as you now have the secret tools to duplicate anything he mentioned.


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