The Real Facts On Making A Cloud Vanish

Unfortunately, due to the publication of this information, many people thought that cloud busting could only be done using an artificial heat source. This is not to say this method doesn't work. It does work and can be done. However, it isn't practical for most of us. Al Mann in his writings even suggested the use of lasers, although admitted it was not practical. To many the idea of causing a cloud to vanish was nothing more than an impractical pipe dream. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I vividly remember visiting Al Mann at his West Virginia home and stunning him with my ability to vanish any cloud he chose. Until that time Mann wasn't sure just how practical this could be in the real world. I convinced him cloud busting could be an everyday occurrence for the skilled cloud buster. I went on to tour the country causing clouds to vanish for reporters in every city I played. As a result many newspaper articles were written about my abilities of manipulating the weather. My techniques are all explained here.


There are effects (such as sky revelations) that can be done year-round with clouds. However, basic cloud vanishing is limited to fair weather days. You will find the best time to do these effects is from early spring to late fall. This time span has the best fair weather days. Granted there are some days in the winter that will work, but as a rule you will do most of your cloud busting in the summer months. This is the way it should be, because people are outdoors and are willing to stand around and watch your miracles.

Festivals are everywhere, amusement parks are open and if you are performing at these places you have a ready made audience for your cloud miracles. The summer time is perfect for street magic. If this is your thing, then cloud busting can become the ultimate street trick.

What you are looking for are the days when the wind isn't blowing, the sky is blue, blue and full of those little white puffy clouds that resemble cotton balls. The clouds will vary in size from small to very large. It is possible to work with any of these clouds, but I recommend starting with the smaller clouds. Al Mann said you could find these clouds in the morning. I have found in real life that the clouds form from early morning to late afternoon, depending on the location and time of the year. The smaller clouds will disperse faster and on the average will only take you a few minutes to vanish.

To learn this technique you are going to have to spend an afternoon watching clouds. Just make sure it's an afternoon with blue skies and small puffy white clouds. For best results check the weather forecast and make sure no pending storms are in the forecast that day.

Now pick out a small cloud and watch it, do nothing but watch it. You will find in a short period of time the cloud will dissipate. It may take a while if you picked the wrong cloud. However, this is part of the learning experience.

How To Spot A Cloud Ready To Vanish

A cloud ready to vanish will have a slightly different look to it. Some clouds will have a thick milky look to them. Others will be a bit more translucent, with a foggy look to them. These are the ones ready to vanish. Other telltale signs are that the edges of the cloud look misty instead of rounded. You may note that some clouds have what appears to be a foggy edge around the cloud. These are the clouds you are looking for. The misty look and foggy edges are telltale signs the cloud is breaking up.

This is why it is imperative that you spend a few hours outdoors watching the clouds. It will take some practice at first but soon you will get the knack. You will be able to spot a cloud that is ready to vanish. When you watch it, it will vanish but the others will stay intact around it. Once you spot the right cloud, you time it with your watch. Get a feel for how long it takes the cloud to vanish.

If you are riding in a car, look at the clouds in the distance. You will spot clouds that are about to vanish. Become 'cloud aware' as I like to term it. When you go out, look to the skies. Learn to know what clouds are going to vanish. You will find that within a week you will be able to go out and just point to a cloud and make it vanish. Yes, your mind's eye will immediately spot the right cloud(s). It's a knack, but one that is easily learned.

Making The Cloud Vanish

In Jerome's section he goes into much detail on how to create the proper build-up. For now I am giving you the basics. You don't want to make this look too simple. Tell the spectators you've spent years learning how to use your psychic energy to make clouds to vanish.

Point to a cloud so everyone knows what the target is. Have them focus their attention on the cloud. This also helps keep them from noticing any other clouds that may vanish. I like to bring both hands to my temples and let my eyes go out of focus. I tense my body so I go into a sweat (if it is hot enough outside). I chant over and over, "Vanish, Vanish, Vanish..." Sometimes I will let my arms shake from the muscle tension. This is all build-up. In a short while the cloud will vanish. You need do nothing but act and strain as if your mental energy is being drained from your body.

Sometimes I will collapse (faked) after the cloud vanishes, creating the appearance I am totally drained.

This serves a dual purpose. First it makes it look more realistic, and second, it stops people from asking you to do it again by pointing to a cloud you can't vanish right away. You can always say this has drained your energy and you can't do it again for at least 24 hours. This gets them on your side. Ever notice how David Blaine plays this for all it's worth in his major stunts? He is always on the verge of collapse from all the energy lost. People love Blaine because of this. So make it look like this has drained your life force and that it will take time to recoup. People will believe what you did was for real because of these actions.

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