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This is a subject that needs some discussion. Frankly, how do you find people to show this to? There are some right ways and some wrong ways. Let's deal first of all with the easiest ways to get an audience, and then we will look at ways to get perfect strangers to watch you. This discussion is geared basically toward getting an audience for cloud magic. However, many of these techniques and venues can be used to do any form of street magic. In other words, if the sky isn't right for cloud busting, you can still use most of these techniques to approach strangers you wish to show other forms of street magic.

If you are working outdoors as a paid entertainer, then many opportunities will avail themselves to you. Any time you have been hired to work outdoor picnics, campgrounds, festivals or fairs will give you the perfect opportunity to perform cloud magic. The point is to keep your eyes open. The sky may or may not be right for your effect. If during your performance you note that the sky is ripe for cloud busting, then you introduce the subject and call the audience's attention to the sky. So if you are doing a festival show or picnic and you see the right cloud then go for it.

If you have a set performance time you may have to leave out another trick from your show. However, when given the chance to bust a cloud I would forgo one of my other effects and vanish the cloud. The effect is much stronger than most any smaller effect you would do in your show.

If you do outdoor strolling magic in an amusement park, campground or festival then you can approach spectators any time you see the conditions are right. Since the spectators are in an amusement park or festival they will not mind you approaching them as you are one of the paid entertainers. This is covered in more detail later in this book.

Watch the clouds (secretly) when you attend family reunions and cookouts. If you see the conditions are right, you're ready for an impromptu miracle. Just get some spectators together and go into your routine.

Outdoor sport events are perfect. You and your friends will often be sitting around for as much as an hour beforehand waiting for the game to start. If you spot the right kind of clouds then go into a demonstration. You will find under these circumstances it's very easy to get the other spectators to watch. WARNING: Don't do this during the actual game; some people would be very upset if you made them miss some game action while busting a cloud. Only do this before the game or during half-time.

Speaking of sports events, you can also do cloud busting from your living room. Some times you will be watching a golf game on TV and get a clear view of a cloud in the background. You will realize the cloud is going to dissolve. Call attention to the cloud on the LIVE TV show and state you will try some long distance cloud busting. This works best if the people already know you can vanish clouds.

If you are attending an outdoor music concert then you will find many chances to perform your cloud magic. You will also find that the majority of young people are willing to watch. This works best at those large all day concerts (such as Ozz Fest) where thousands of people are walking around. Just find the spots away from the stage area where people are taking a break from the music. The areas that sell food are perfect for finding people. People often share the outdoor tables for eating. If you see a cloud ready to vanish, then grab some food and ask if you can sit at the table. Start a conversation and tell them you can vanish a cloud. You can then proceed to bust a cloud while sitting at the table with them. You'll find it very easy to get an audience at a music festival.

Here is a venue I bet most of you never thought of before. If you do table hopping in restaurants you can do cloud busting. A lot of magicians work restaurants doing close up magic on weekends. Most restaurants have seats right next to windows that give a clear view of the sky. If you are working a restaurant, then keep on eye open for the proper clouds to vanish. When you see one, approach a table next to a window. Do a quick lead-in such as spoon bending. Tell them your next feat is so large, you can't do it inside the restaurant! Let them know they don't have to go outside. They can watch through the window. Point out the cloud and make it vanish.

If you are a street busker doing a magic act, then add some cloud effects. Once you have gathered an audience you are set to do miracles with the sky. Adding some cloud busting will make you stand out from your competition.

Finally, I've done cloud busting at flea markets. I've found it quite easy to gather a group of people around me to watch. With flea markets most people are the friendly type. People often start up conversations with perfect strangers. In a matter of minutes you will be amazed to find out how many people you can get to watch you vanish a cloud.


This is something I have done many times. When it works (which is most of the time) you have a very strong effect. Although you can call anyone, I prefer to call someone who knows I can vanish a cloud. Here's the low down on how you pull it off. Ideally the person lives in the same town or city that you do. You are outside and notice the sky is blue, blue with hundreds of those small puffy clouds. As a rule the sky will be like this over most of the city. You also know these are the clouds that will vanish within a short period of time.

Call your friend on his cell phone. If he is not outside, then ask him to go outside to try a cloud busting experiment. Remind him how he has seen you bust a cloud in the past. Tell him you want to try this LONG DISTANCE, but you need his help and concentration. Explain to him that he is to pick a cloud and concentrate on it. You will try to see the cloud through his mind's eye and cause that cloud to vanish while he is watching.

Caution him to pick a small cloud, as a larger cloud will take much longer. Point out that this will ONLY WORK PROVIDED HE FULLY CONCENTRATES ON THE CLOUD so you can get the image in your mind. Once he has chosen a cloud, tell him you will concentrate and try to send psychic energy to his location and bust the cloud. Tell him to give you a progress report.

That's all you need do as the rest happens automatically. If it is a blue, blue sky and he picks a small cloud, then that cloud SHOULD vanish within a few minutes. As soon as he notices the cloud is breaking up he will tell you. Tell him he is doing a good job of focusing on the cloud. Within a short period of time the cloud will have vanished completely. You of course take credit for this, but praise him for his excellent concentration.

What happens if the cloud doesn't vanish? In this case he has chosen the wrong type of cloud. Don't sweat it. Just tell him this was an experiment you were trying. It depended on his ability to send you a clear image of the cloud. Tell him you just aren't getting a clear image of the cloud. Let him know that next time you see him in person you will bust a cloud.

This can also work by calling a friend in another state, or even another country. You have to ask him if there are small fluffy white clouds in the sky. If so have him pick one and proceed as described before.

You will find that the majority of the time you will succeed in busting the cloud long distance. When you do, your friend will tell others of how you made a cloud vanish while talking to him on the phone. This is the stuff from which legends are made. One time I even did this with a newspaper reporter I had never met. I called him on his cell phone and had him go outside. This can be an effective publicity stunt that doesn't require you to be in town to pull it off.


Cloud busting and sky revelations could be considered the ultimate in street magic. The trick is getting someone to watch. This is a lot harder than you would think at first. You need to understand the art of approaching people. There is a right way and a wrong way. This information comes from years of experience of finding out what works and what doesn't work.

You've spotted the right clouds and are eager to show off your skills. You only have a few minutes. How do you get someone to watch your cloud magic?

First of all, who should you not approach? With today's crime infested world, approaching perfect strangers (on the street, not at an event) is becoming more and more difficult. The people you are approaching don't know what you want. The last thing they will expect is that you want to show off your ability to make a cloud vanish. Most people will be apprehensive of a stranger. They may think you want to sell them something, harm them, rob them or even kidnap them. The news is full of such stories daily. People are often leery when approached by a stranger.

My first rule of thumb is never to approach a single person, especially a woman. Young girls will think you are trying to hit on them. Older ladies may fear you are a robber or a rapist. I know this is sad but it is a sign of the times. If you approach a single woman on the street you are asking for trouble (unless you are just asking for directions and even then she may be apprehensive). My advice is simple, don't do it. Some hip magicians may think that cloud busting is a good way to pick up girls on the street. Think again, it's not.

Single males can also be problematic; they may think you want to hit them up for money or something. The bottom line is that in most cases the man will be leery of you. He may abruptly let you know he isn't interested in what you have to show him.


This is the inside secret and the real work. You want to approach a group of people. There is safety in numbers. If you, a single performer, approach a group of people then you are not perceived to be a threat to their safety; provided you look clean and decent. I've found by using this approach I can approach a group of guys standing on the street or even a group of girls. You will find that younger people are more susceptible to watching you perform. So look for a group of young people and approach them. By younger people, I mean teen-agers and college age spectators.

So what do you say to get their attention? I always say basically the same thing and it works like a charm. "Hey, have you guys ever seen David Blaine or Criss Angel do magic on TV? In most cases they will say yes, and this is your lead-in. "Would you like to see something along the lines of what they do, RIGHT HERE?" If you word it just like this you will find that 95% of the time, they will say they would like to see you do something. Another approach is to use metal bending as a lead-in. Approach the group and ask them if they have ever heard of psychics who can bend spoons with their minds? Most will say yes. Offer to demonstrate and pull out a spoon and cause it to bend. I often use my marketed item AUTOBEND SILVERWARE to demonstrate this. Afterwards I will state by using the same power I can cause clouds to vanish from the sky. Would they like to see this? By now you will have a ready made audience eagerly awaiting your next miracle.

Don't look like a bum or street hooligan. I know this may go against what a lot of you think, but you have to look respectable. If you are dressed like a slob or look like a gang member you are not going to create the impression you need to get people to watch. I'm going to tell you who you can approach, but if you look like a street gang member they will not want to watch. You don't have to be wearing dress slacks, but at least look clean and respectable. You will find it a lot easier to approach people this way. If you look like a safe person, they will probably listen to you.


College campuses are ideal for this type of work. If you live near a college and are a younger performer then hit the campus yard during lunch time. You will find hundreds of students sitting around on the grass. They will often think you are another student. Just approach a small group and start your cloud effects.

During the summer time, city parks and beaches are the perfect places to demonstrate your abilities. Just look for a small group of people and approach them. Most of them are just there to relax and aren't going anywhere. If you look respectable, you will find you can get them to watch.

On occasion, I've even busted clouds at outdoor ice cream stands. You normally will find groups of people standing around eating ice cream. You can point out how some cloud looks a scoop of vanilla ice cream and then go into your cloud busting

Beaches are probably the best spot in the world for doing cloud busting. Thousands of people are sitting on the beach watching the water. Few are watching the clouds. Approach a small group and you will have another ready made audience for your cloud feats. Be careful, after seeing your cloud feats they may ask you to walk on the water. After all many people saw Criss Angel do it on TV.


This is a bit bold, but I've done it many times. This is a surefire way to stop a group of people on the street. I mean random strangers without them fearing you. Many of you will find this technique to be worth the price of the book. Let's assume you are walking down the street. You have spotted a cloud that will vanish in a few minutes. You're dying to show this to someone but you know you just can't walk up to a perfect stranger for the reasons I've previously mentioned. Of course if you see a group of people you could approach them. However for this bold bit, we will assume there are no groups of people readily available to witness your miracle.

Here is what you do. Stop right there and point to the cloud with your extended right hand. Look at the cloud intently and SAY NOTHING. Ignore everything and everyone around you for the moment. Now think about this for a moment. Here you are standing on the street pointing at something in the sky. Almost everyone walking by you will pause and look to the sky. They will wonder what you are pointing at. They won't see anything unusual and their curiosity will be peaked. Some people will walk past you and pretend they don't see you. That's ok, let them walk on by.

Remember you are not trying to stop anybody. You are pointing to the cloud. Again, it is important to stress that you must look like a clean cut and respectable person.

Here is the amazing thing; you will find that within a few minutes PEOPLE WILL STOP AND ASK YOU WHAT YOU ARE POINTING AT. That's right they will start talking to you. Don't look at them, but keep pointing at the cloud and say you are trying an experiment. You are trying to make the cloud you are pointing to VANISH by directing energy from your hand. Casually say, "If this works it will really be an amazing thing to see. Why don't you watch the cloud for a few moments and see if I succeed?"

This is where the fun starts. You are pointing to the sky and other people are standing beside you watching the cloud. New people walking by see some people staring at the sky and wonder what is going on. In a matter of moments you will have a small group watching the sky. Be sure to tell the new arrivals what you are doing. In a few minutes you may have as many as 20 or 30 people watching you vanish a cloud! It works like a magnet, the larger the group, the more new people it attracts.

A more advanced technique is to try to get the first person who stops involved. Tell him that you can speed things up if you can use his arm as an additional antenna to direct the energy. Have him point to the sky and say you will direct your energy through both his arm and yours. Everyone who stops will not do this. Some will be self-conscious, but there are always a few who will play along with you. This makes it even better because now you have TWO people pointing to the sky and this serves to stop a crowd even faster.

When doing this for perfect strangers I like to include the RAINMAKER BIT. When a group of random strangers sees the cloud vanish and suddenly feels the burst of rain they will be very impressed. This is also a great opportunity to pass out your business cards. Let the people know you do other things magic-wise. You may find your impromptu cloud busting may lead to some paying jobs. They have just seen you bust a cloud so they assume you must be good. This can be a real reputation maker. All you need is a bit of nerve to pull it off. I can tell you from experience, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

This crowd stopping idea actually dates back to 1930. In an episode of THE LITTLE RASCALS called: Pups is Pups; Hal Roach has a man leave a doctor's office with a neck problem. The doctor tells the man he has to keep his head tilted back. He walks down the street looking upwards. In a matter of minutes everyone is looking upward to see what he is looking at. Soon he has a crowd of over l00 people standing around him looking up. This was the inspiration that led me to the cloud pointing bit. I understand this gag was used in one of the Charlie Chaplin movies too.


1-Tell them what you are going to tell them (build-up).

2-Tell them.

3-Tell them what you just told them (recap).

I have found this works great for cloud busting. You tell them what you are going to attempt to do. You create a build-up in their minds. Next you make the cloud vanish. Then you recap by telling them what you just did.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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