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The Most Comprehensive On-line Ventriloquism Course Ever Created. 36 Time Released Lessons That Consist Of Videos, Written Instruction, Homework And Practice Sessions, Presented By A Professional Ventriloquist! The course was designed and is presented by a professional ventriloquist. I earn my living by entertaining audiences with ventriloquism. You will learn the proper techniques from a skilled performer, not an armchair coach. High definition video is used to provide close up views and detailed instruction on difficult techniques. There is no guessing you will understand exactly what is required to master each lesson. You receive 36 lessons that build your skills correctly. The course covers everything from proper breathing and lip control, to puppet manipulation, presentation skills, script writing and staging. The course is time released. Each day, you will receive information and have time to practice it before you can move forward. Just like taking real lessons, you can not overlook important steps, and you can not jump ahead! Read more here...

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Contents: 36 Lessons
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Ventriloquist Script Writing Course

Learn How To Create Original Scripts For Puppet And Ventriloquism Shows. Course Includes Interviews With Five Top Ventriloquists And Features A Bonus Video By Agt Winner And Las Vegas Headliner Terry Fator. Toms courses will go down as the best value ventriloquist and script writing ever. It already surpasses the renown Maher course. This Master Class Includes The Following Video Material: An Interview With Mark Wade 13:03 Interview With Bill DeMar 8:03 The Bill DeMar Interview Part Two 10:35 An Interview With Steve Petra 8:53 Interview With Sarah Jones 11:06 The Sarah Jones Interview Part Two 14:11 Ken Groves On Script Writing 11:09 Ken Groves On Script Writing #2 11:51 Ken Groves On Script Writing # 3 13:15 Ken Groves On Script Writing #4 15:47 Ken Groves On Script Writing #5 19:04 The Script Writing Process Synopsis 22:10 Terry Fator Video Bonus 43:51 These twelve lessons will be time released, one every three days. Each day, you will receive an e-mail that will encourage you to work on the materials my guest discusses. (Due to a recent change the e-mails will now be available each day on the web site. They are released every 24 hours.) At the end of the course, you will maintain full access to the videos and be able to review the materials any time you need inspiration. Read more here...

Ventriloquist Script Writing Course Summary

Contents: 12 Lessons
Creator: Tom Crowl
Official Website: learn-ventriloquism.com
Price: $79.00

The Jcstly Celebrated

Royal Ventriloquist, MODERN HACtlCIAN, (made expressly for the occasion.) Hi Ventriloquism will be introduced In a New Piece exceedingly welt adapted to give scope to the various characters Intro* dnoed IS in number - greater variety of voices than has been attempted by any other Ventriloquist, since the days of ,Mon, Alexandre.

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Are You a Ventriloquist If so, you will probably find just the New and Original Novelty you are looking for in our NEW VENTRILOQUIST'S CATALOGUE. Send 66. Stamp for this and see the real photographic illustrations of a number of lovely and surprising NOVELTIES. Make your act distinctive with one of our New Lines.

South African Notes

Hayes, De Caston and De Greechy are running their triple alliance of Conjuring, Ventriloquism and Juggling, with success. The show has been well received and is well spoken of. Prof. Albert, Conjuror and Ventriloquist, is filling engagement at the Alhambra, Capetown. Bradlaugh, the American Humorist, is drawing well in his turn at the Alhambra.

Magic Circle Festival Of Magic

Slim, but busty fire eater, Jackie Flosso with gags, fooling Saveen with ventriloquism and Gogia Pasha. Leslie Lester opened the second half with manipulative magic consisting of card and cigarette production plus a very effective presentation of the diminishing cards. Then there was Eddie Schuyer and assistant with a delightful novelty act. John Daniel and company closed the show with an eye popping vanish and re-production of a duck plus a great lay public fooler version of the Sawing Through John Wade proved an amiable compere, whilst Sydney Jerome and his orchestra supplied the music.

Book Of Card Tricks Professor Kunard Magicpedia

Ventriloquist and Conjurer, 15 Faraday Road, Notting Hill, W. 1. Practical Ventriloquism. A thoroughly reliable guide to the Art of Voice Throwing and Vocal Mimicry, Vocal Instrumentation, Ventriloquial Bunkum Entertainments. A Collection of Original Laughable Skits on Conjuring, Physiognomy, Juggling, Performing Fleas, Waxworks, Panorama, Phrenology, Phonograph, Second Sight, Lightning Calculators, Ventriloquism, Spiritualism, etc. ,to which are added Humerous Sketches, whimsical Recitals and Drawing-room Comedies. By Robert Ganthony. Illustrated. 2 6, by post 2 9. Ventriloquist & Magician, 23 Broad Street, South Molton. TirANTED, Books on Magic, Sleight of Hand, * * Jugglery, Ventriloquism, Recreations, Second Sight, Black Art, Necromancv, Exposures, etc. S. R. Ellison, M. D., 118, West, 103rd Street, New York. U.S.A. 1. The only paper in the British Empire devoted solely to the interests of Magicians, Jugglers, Hand Shadowists, Ventriloquists, Lightning Cartoonists and Speciality...

Comments And Additions

An ancient one, long popular with ventriloquists. Senor Wences, the Spanish ventriloquist, also makes good use of this type of hand puppet. His puppet drinks wine (gurgling sounds), sticks out its tongue (done with thumb of other hand), and puffs a cigarette (by squeezing left hand). There is a section on the puppet in Professor Hoffmann's Drawing Room Amusements (1883), p. 182.

Giant Spring Sausages

Are You a Ventriloquist If so you will probably find just the New and Original Novelty you are looking for in our NEW VENTRILOQUIST'S CATALOGUE. Send 6d. Stamp for this and see the real photographic illustrations of a number of lovely and surprising NOVELTIES. Make your act distinctive with one of our New Lines.

Peter Warlock 24 Wordsworth Road Wellington Surrey

Saturday evening meant the Gala show with expert and excellent compering by Jack Yates. Dudley Smith opened with a card act in which only Jumbo cards were used. The Pollock influence was noted in the second act of Jimmy Wilson who apart from dove production showed that with his addition of general magic experience should take him right to the top of the magical profession. There was a spot of ventriloquism and the first half of the show closed with some pleasing sleight of hand and the first showing of some black light effects presented very stylishly by Wally Radford, or rather as he was billed. Palmetto.

From Our Correspondent

British ventriloquists held their first convention here yesterday, under the auspices of the American-founded International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists. The event was organized by the brotherhood's only British vice-president, Mr. Maurice Hurling, of Babba-combe, Torquay, and was attended by 40 members, with their dummies. An exhibition of the latest ventriloquial novelties included a talking skull, a Toby jug a Humpty Dumpty head, a head on a walking stick, and a handbag that could be turned into a ventriloquist's dummy. The convention ended with a cabaret by the members, at which new ventriloquial techniques were demonstrated.

Australian Notes

A new magician taking the name of Victor and describing himself as the Emperor of Magic, King of Necromancers, and so on, has commenced a season in Melbourne. His repertoire is of an exceedingly varied nature, embracing as it does, Ventriloquism, Sleight of Hand, and Illusions, among the latter being the Indian Basket Trick, She, and Aerolite. Programme enclosed. The Australian press, generally, speaks highly of Victor's performance.

Usa 150

Are You a Ventriloquist If so, you will probably find just the New and Original Novelty you are looking for in our NEW VENTRILOQUIST'S CATALOGUE. Send 6d. Stamp for this and see the real photographic illustrations of a number of loveiy and surprising NOVELTIES. Make your act distinctive with one of our New Lines.

Magical Apparatus

A thoroughly reliable guide to the Art of Voice Throwing and Vocal Mimicry, Vocal Instrumentation, Ventriloquial Figures Entertaining, etc. By Robert Ganthony. Illustrated. In cloth gilt, price 2 6. By post 2 9. Bunkum Entertainments. A Collection of Original Laughable Skits on Conjuring-, Physiognomy, Juggling, Performing' Fleas, Waxworks, Panorama, Phrenology, Phonograph, Second Sight, Lightning Calculators Ventriloquism, Spiritualism, etc., to which are added Humorous Sketches, Whimsical Recitals, and Drawing-room Comedies. By Robert Ganthony. Illustrated. 2 6, by post 2 9.


Like most magicians, I've tried it all Mentalism, illusions, close-up, comedy, fire-eating, ventriloquism, kids shows, card pitchman, builder, stage performer, assistant, M.C., lecturer, etc. My personal association with illusions led me to close-up At one time, I was doing large stage magic with 2-3 small illusions (nothing big) for the finale. While I was doing paid shows with this so called act, I was also learning more about close-up. I used to carry 5-6 suitcases in addition to a variety of miscellaneous loose items. When I received my first paid close-up performance, I couldn't believe that I only had to carry one attache case. It was a dream come true To this day I find it quite amazing that I can make hundreds (and sometime thousands) of dollars with just an attache case full of junk. Over the years I have developed into an entertainer rather than just a magician.

Colonel Stodare

The Sphinx is supposed to have been invented by Thomas Tobin, secretary of the Polytechnic at that time under the direction of John Henry Pepper. Tobin offered the illusion to Pepper who declined it, when it was afterwards purchased by Stodare whose powers as a ventriloquist in apparently causing the dummy head to speak, doubtless, increased ten-fold the value of the original illusion.

Early Days

Apparatus War

And he was a knowledgeable magician too. David recalls his sleight of hand and remembers an animated ventriloquist's dummy called Micky who lived in a cupboard, or so I nele Alex said, and for many years young David truly thought it was alive. All in all, Alex was the uncle that every boy dreamed of unconventional, talented and adventurous. His influence on young David was profound.

Star Is Born

Photo Davidi Coperfi Titanick Ocea

I met with one of the producers on the Royal Variety Show, a guy named Ian Hamilton, who I had worked with on many previous TV shows. We decided to perform my ventriloquism routine with two celebrities, but we couldn't decide who to use. I went home to think about who would be suitable. I was racking my brain when all of a sudden it came to me World Heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno and boxing commentator Harry Carpenter These two celebrities were always associated as a bit of a double act and were very current. I immediately called Ian Hamilton, who also thought that using Frank Bruno and Harry Carpenter would be a great idea.


Dramatic Artist, Ventriloquist, Dioramic Entertainer, &c. SPECIAL. Aerial suspension, gear to carry Vento. figure, that can be used in any room, by daylight if desired, not a nail, screw or fixture to be made, no black back-ground. Gear complete to rise, fall, and pass genuine hoop over, from 2 10s., suitable for Ventriloquists or Illusionists.

How to Learn

Another example that Paul recalls happened when Terry Rogers, a ventriloquist and magical inventor suggested a trick where a ring would appear in an egg timer. Paul thought it was a great idea, so he invited Terry to the TV studio on the day they planned to film the effect.

G W Stevenson

Though a magician of some standing, Maurice was better known for his contributions to the sister art of Ventriloquism, this perhaps being his greatest love. He was Vice-President of the International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists, and a Vice-President of the Society of Magicians. Many Ventriloquial sketches have been published under his name, such as Burlesque Second Sight , Ventriloquial Titbits , School Cheek , in addition to which he was the Author of Ventriloquial Verbosity , A short cut to Ventriloquism and The Concert Ventriloquist , and though Maurice is now gone from us, those tomes will live to perpetuate his name.

New Books

Miracles or Ventriloquism just published,History of Ventriloquism translated from the French work Ventriloquie et Prophet-sime. By George Havelock Helm. A unique explanation of the use of ventriloquism as an aid to ancient miracles ipew edition, Price 1 - (25 cents) by post 1 2.

Hull Notes

Walford Bodie, Ventriloquist and Mesmerist, finished his fortnight's stay here on June 8th. The draw of the performance was The Electrocuted Man, in which Dr. Bodie, after mesmerising an assistant, places him in a chair, which lie says is exactly the same as the one used at the Sin Sin Prison in New York. He then goes through the whole performance of electrocution, giving his assistant, as he says, the number of volts sufficient to kill a man in America. Needless to say, however, after about 15 minutes he brings liini round again.


It starts on the bottom, then dances around to amuse his friends. (Paul does the card dancing along the fan move, like in the old card-forcing gag) Hello Hello Don't be alarmed, the Ace can't really talk, my hand's a ventriloquist. (The card's is still dancing along the fan.) It leans to the left, leans to the right, stand up - sit down, fight-fight-fight. I then grab the Ace by it's thin cardboard little body and squeeze until it becomes invisible.

Three from H and R

From Wittus Witt comes the International Magic Yellow Pages 1996-1998. This fabulous little book is a directory of magic dealers, magic clubs, lecturers, museums, translators, and a whole lot more. In here you'll find email addresses and Internet web sites. There are categories for people who want information about balloons, coins, escapes, playing cards, and ventriloquism. I'm sitting here leafing through this book thinking, How did I live without this You'll be thinking the same thing.

Cheeky Chat

More excellent gags written in dialogue form for JUVENILE AUDIENCES. If you do Ventriloquism at Schools Parties, etc., etc., YOU WILL BE MORE THAN SATISFIED with this script. GOOD CLEAN FUN ALL THROUGH. After some good opening gags the Figure informs the Ventriloquist that he has second sight . The Ventriloquist blindfolds the Figure and tests his powers with really funny results. An excellent dialogue with novelty and variety. A GRAND SCRIPT FOR EVERY TYPE OF VENTRILOQUIST. BRILLIANT GAGS . . . TOPICAL MATERIAL . . . EXCELLENT CROSSTALK . . . a'l written in dialogue form. EXTRA SPECIAL WELL WORTH MORE THAN DOUBLE. It's cool cheek all through. All Ventriloquists realise how difficult it is to get gags and dialogue suitable for children. SCHOOL CHEEK is a really funny script, easily worked, and contains DIALOGUE BUSINESS and GAGS that the children CAN understand. IT MUST BRING THE LAUGHS. SNAPPY QUESTIONS . . . SNAPPY ANSWERS. If you are a MAGICIAN and VENTRILOQUIST . . . this is JUST...

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