Yifmfr about ita fault which many Second Deals

/ 1 possess. Both hands seem relaxed

/ \J throughout, and the taken card literallv

I leaps (with the help of the right pinky) off

WY sÍíSSB^:/ \ \/ the deck and into the right hand.

t----The Second Rise: Thumb over the fa^

up selected card and flip it face down, 8 allowing it to fall onto the deck. Repeat I'u

Barnharts "Little-Finger Second" FirSt Kse CXaCtly aS described'

hand. Insert it into the coTt?f u ° ^P^ntly take the top card with your ng£ it flush with your left fir^ fm^ ^eav*n§ it outjogged at the outer end. ^

Midnight Shift, eventual. sim^late the counter-clockwise tuin < hand. Flip over the top ca^T"18 ^ deck back into dealing position in your It« top. ^ lo reveal that the signed selection has returned

To continue with the routine, the just-dealt card is inserted into the outer end of the deck by the right hand and left protruding for half its length. The right hand moves away for a moment. Your left first finger reaches forward and pulls the outjogged card into the deck. Your left hand then begins to rotate as if doing The Midnight Shift, i.e., it is turned counterclockwise until the outer end is pointing directly upward. At this point your right hand takes the deck in Biddle Grip and, as if completing the shift, continues its counter-clockwise rotation until it can be dropped back into left-hand dealing position. This simulation of the visible action of The Midnight Shift is important because the sleight itself will be used shortly. Steve excuses the end-for-end turning of the deck by saying, "Turning the deck around will cause the ambitious card to come back to the top." Flip over the top card to reveal that the chosen card has returned to the top. When the top card is turned face up, it must be allowed to fall back onto the deck.

The Feint: Push the face-up card off the deck with your left thumb, in the process also shoving the second card (face down) over to the right about an eighth of an inch as well. Your right hand grasps the face-up card and flips it face down sideways so it falls back onto the deck. In the process it squares with the second, slightly pushed-over card. The extreme edge of the right long sides of both cards rest on the left fingertips. If those fingertips are now curled inward, a break will form beneath the right long sides of the double card (fig. 6). Now, a Vernon Two-Card Pushoff Double Lift (originally published in Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic!\ is performed. Lay your left thumb across the back of the double card so it is directly to the left of your third fingertip (and separated from it, of course, by the double card). Simultaneously curl your fingertips inward a bit. The double card is now actually gripped between the slightly-bent left thumb and third fingertip (fig.7). By simultaneously straightening both the thumb and fingers, the double card will be carried to the right (fig.8).

Say, "There are some people who think I cheat—who think that I don't actually put the so and so into the center of the deck, that I cheat and put some other card in the center." Your palm-down right hand grasps the double card at its outer right corner, thumb above and first and second fingertips beneath (fig.9). As you speak the preceding sentence, your right hand lifts the double card off the deck and gestures with it in a natural manner. During this, allow the spectators to (accidentally) see the face of the double card, an indifferent card.


r the deck and stops at about Your left thumb riffles down the outer left comer oi ^ ^ double card. The center, holding it open, and enabling your nght nana ^ a half. immediately double card is adjusted so it is protruding aoout ^ £n2 Card Tricks in execute a Push-In Change (first described in KOie * ^ ^ dght second lf*97), by pushing the lower card completely into it ^ the way in if finger (fig.10). The left first finger then takes over and p

•„m hand now grasps the deck veiy firmly between the thumb necessary Your right handle ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ The ^ .g ^

above, and lingers, ocucau , the center of the deck.

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