Set it up By asking the spectator to count t

I Hi;,' Thc Wages of Sin number of shuffles, and only doing one shuffle you've thrown him off balance. He suspects that the entire thing may be a bluff, and genuinely—no matter what his degree of expertise—does not know if you are going to turn over an Ace on the tenth card. Because of this, he must look at the card in your right hand as it is turned over. This. I suspect, is how Steve fooled Mario with his own sleight, because if you miss the set-up for the "Easy Unit Control," there is no way to tell that it is not a genuine deal.)

So, while the right hand reveals the first Ace, the left thumb reaches to the outer end of thé deck, closer to the outer left corner, and pulls back a small block of cards (any low number greater than three). The cards are injogged and angled slightly to the right (fig. 5). There is a strong cross pressure now exerted between the little finger and in place so it will not move. Don't muck about when your left thumb injogs the block, and don't worry about how many cards are moving. Just pull a group inward. It only takes a second and no one will see a thing.


Your right hand leaves the first Ace face up on the table and returns to the deck. Begin dealing, your left thumb pushing off the cards from beneath the injogged block by working close to the outer end of the deck (fig.6). Deal and sai nine cards onto the Pile in the middle of the table. On the tenth card, your left thumbsimplymoves onto the top of the injogged block and pushes off one of the Aces. This is taken by your right hand, turned face up, and tabled to the right with the first Ace.

This is repeated twice more, until the two remaining Aces ^^X'Lu'uecl dunn^ on the tenth round. The balance of the injogged block (if any us easily squared during an off-moment when the cards are gathered after the demonstration.


This is a Dseudo-gambling demonstration that makes suckers out of all magicians, o " Dlavs these types of games really well. He creates a situation, leads you down b e P y J the path, and then WHOMPl you've been stung. Here, he leads you to believe you will be watching a demonstration of runups and riffle stacking, and then he burns you badly. The Aces are shown to be on the bottom of the deck as the audience is told that they are going to see a poker demonstration with a runup. Steve begins a very well-executed Milk Build Overhand Shuffle, then deals ^ out five hands of five cards each and shows that he holds all four Aces. He states that he can also run up cards a little differently by using riffle shuffles. He says, "Count the number of shuffles—I'll try and do this as quickly as possible for you.'

He shuffles and you count to yourself, "One . ..." That's as far as you get. He deals out five hands of poker and turns over his own to reveal the four Aces. Then, he turns over the other four hands to reveal that each contains four of a kind (Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings).

The success of this trick depends upon 1 ^ Practical Deck Switch, an original move Steve's that whizzes the most astute ^ server. Begin by se ting up the deck that »

going to be switched in (a "cooler," as it is practically termed). First, remove the four Aces, they will not be used. Second, cull out the Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings. Arrange the twenty cards (pictures and

Tens) in repeating Ten-Jack-Queen-King order. Place these on top of the deck. Third, transfer five indifferent cards from anywhere in the deck to the top, so the first card of the stack (a Ten) is sixth from the top. Fourth, the lowermost sixteen cards must have a convex bridge (i.e., hold the sixteen cards face down in right-hand Biddle Grip and squeeze the ends downward, causing the center to belly upward). Place these on the bottom of the stacked deck. Finally, slip the prepared deck into your front right trousers pocket so the top of the deck is outward. You must have loose-fitting pants in order to work the switch from them. If not, use your right jacket pocket.

You must end the routine which comes just before this one with the four Aces out on the table.

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