Pooky Revelation

This original method of revealing a single card has been in Steve's repertoire for many years. It gives quite an eerie feeling when first seen, and is the easiest of all the different floating and/or animated type card revelations.

The card to be revealed is on top the face-

down Biddle Grip by the right hand. The deck is lowered into the left hand, but farther forward than it normally would be (fig. 1, in which the right hand has been removed for clarity). The left third finger presses against the inner right corner of the deck, while the inner left corner presses against the base of the left thumb.

Before it moves away, the right thumb injogs the top card about a quarter of an inch (fig.2). The top of the deck is tilted slightly toward you at the same time so the movement of the top card is not visible to the audience.

The left pinkytip moves onto the inner right corner of the injogged card (fig-3). Pull lightly and slowly {very slowly) downward with the Plnky, and the card will act like a teeter-totter, levering to an upright Position (fig.4). This has an extreme-y strange appearance—as if the card "magically floats upright. The very ** action of the pinky, and the evering action, impart a buoyant quality to the card that is hard to c°unt for. During the rise, your


right hand makes magical Beqhl about a foot above the deck: rockT hand from side to side at the wrist

/•u,HVltaI1°fCOUrSe-th^thedcck is tilted back just a bit so the t surface remains concealed from !¡,,, audience during the revelation Aft?

the card has risen, the right hand grasps the upper end and pulls i away from the left hand, placing ii on the table or wherever appropriate for the effect or routine in which it is being used.

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