youAodyt ^diThee^Hand Posltlon- Turn to the left, so the right side of of the deck half an inch!! (vgl is ^ aud^nce view). Shove over the top card apparently to take the Ll^ y°Ur left thumb- Your right hand comes over, deck from the audiencevourZ^^' The instant >'our hand obscures the nght hand descends onto the ^ PUSheS over the second card as well. Your

Tenkai Palm (flg.2). The nVht se^ S° * is taken dire<=tly into the oft-used modified ace of the card, pUssmg ifun Lt f»^ *** fmgerS Cud ™to the outer end °f n the nght. ng UP mto the right hand as it moves about an inch back to

Without pausing, the extreme outer right between the right thumb, above, and first* rmee^h °f ^ SeCOnd card is grasped fingertip curls inward and moves above the corner h*? ^^ The second finger kicks outward, pivoting the card face ud ifl^ -ru , thumb" The second onto the deck so it is diagonally outjogged over the ™ ?t' I face-up card is lowered in place by the left thumb (fig.5). the °Uter ncorner, where it is held

^ove the right hand awav for a moment to allow the audience to get a good^at ^ f*ce-uP card. Your right hand returns to the deck and grasps the outer nght r fim nn r*rd as described a moment ago, and pivots it face down by the 7™rm°ZÄÄ^tfon 4. The card is replaced, now face down, diagonal, o^ogged over the outer right corner of the deck as shown m .llustrat.on 5 (though here it must be face down).

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