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Mark Cunningham said: "I use the working definition as follows: Hypnosis is the suspension of the Critical Factor, coupled with the establishment of acceptable selective thinking. Or... she suspends judgments and focuses on being led through an experience. Relaxation, catalepsy, all the 'classic' tests do not have to be present in order to have a profound trance effect taking place."

The critical factor (that part of the conscious mind that critiques everything) is temporarily put aside. In other words, it's like going to see a good movie and you suspend all disbelief.

He also said "When input is recognized, then a comparison is made. It's the comparison and judgment made that is of the essence. The gateway to trance is the suspension of the comparison engine, so the subconscious cannot distinguish between fact and illusion."

So, if a comparison is made and the result comes back 'familiar' the suggestion goes straight in. For example, if you say to your woman "When I eat you out, you are going to have an orgasm." She will accept that because it is familiar. However, if a comparison is made and the result comes back 'unfamiliar' the suggestion is rejected. For example, if you say to her "When you suck my cock, you will have an orgasm." She will probably not accept that because it is unfamiliar to her. In fact, she will probably give you a very strange look.

If you want to avoid any rejection of suggestion, you must suspend the critical factor. But how do we suspend the critical factor?

Mark speaks about giving the person an entirely new frame. Since it relates to nothing that the person has knowledge of, then there is no resistance to the new frame. The person has nothing to compare it with, except the new frame, and thus the suggestion goes straight in.

He said "I like to pose entirely new frames to subjects because they haven't had time/experience to develop 'defenses' against them. There is loss of mental equilibrium, it acts as a sudden shocking input/command (even when gently posed), and it's a Major distraction, which allows for suggestions slipping in as context rather than directive."

So, a comparison is made, but it cannot be made with anything that is familiar, it can only be made in the context of the new frame that was presented. And in that frame, the desired result is possible. And once that is possible for her in that frame, it can be possible for her at any later time in any frame.

Some of his famous patterns are along these lines. You want your woman to do "A," which happens to be something that she would normally not be interested in doing or normally would not believe to be possible. You pick a subject matter "B," which is something she has little or no working knowledge of, though she may have respect for. You select a new frame, or context, "C." Then you explain how the concept "B" works, and you propose the new frame "C", and in that, "A" is the result, or is possible.

For example, if you want your woman to have orgasms whenever she sucks your cock, don't just say to her "Baby, you will have orgasms whenever you suck my cock." That suggestion will probably get rejected. Instead, do as described in the chapter "Now She Loves to Go Down." You want your woman to do "A," (have orgasms when sucking cock.) You pick a subject matter "B," (highly sexual women have such extremely sensitive lips that they can cause an orgasm.) You select a new frame, or context, "C." (Her lips on your cock gives her an orgasm.) Then, you discuss the subject matter "B" (She is so sexual and has such extremely sexual lips that when you touch her lips, just like this, it gives her an orgasm.) and you pose the context "C", (When she feels your pleasure against her lips, it makes her lips even more sensitive and excited) and in that, "A" is the result, or is possible (When she sucks your cock, it makes her lips so excited that it gives her an orgasm.)

As you already know, in order for all of the above to be possible, there must be deep rapport, and there must be that respect that she must have for you in order for her to be responsive to you. And you better have your story straight. Your suggestions will have a much better chance if you go into everything with absolute confidence. You have to be convincing. Only then will your new frame be seriously considered.

This works best with intelligent women. They like to learn new things. They are used to temporarily suspending disbelief in the presence of a new concept. There are countless examples of where a new concept had shattered long standing beliefs, and it was the smart people who figured it out. Intelligent people will take suggestions and they will try them on and walk them around. If they like it, they keep it, otherwise they reject it. It's that simple. Your intelligent woman is going to very much like your suggestions.

Some guys have said to me: "I'm not confident that I can put a girl in a deep state of hypnosis simply by memorizing and reciting the script in the book. I have NO experience with hypnosis." To that I say: Hypnosis is like an orgasm. You have to have experienced it to understand what everybody's talking about. But you don't have to have had an orgasm to give another person an orgasm, and you don't have to be a trained hypnotist to put another person deep into trance.

Re-read the chapter "Think Off about the first time that I gave a woman an orgasm with no physical stimulation whatsoever. I had no idea what was going to happen, I just simply DID what I had decided that I was going to do. And that was years before I learned hypnosis. You absolutely CAN hypnotize a woman by simply reading "A Complete Script" right out of the book. And a good way to do that is over the phone, for many reasons. So simply DO what you know you have to do. Like Major Mark says "Don't lust for results. Don't let success distract you. DO the fucking exercises!"

It is true that for most people, to fully appreciate hypnosis, you have to have gone in deep yourself. That is what happened when I took Mark's three day hypnosis seminar. Before the seminar I felt that I was unable to hypnotize anyone. After the

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL seminar I looked back and thought "That's all it is? That's all I had to do? That's easy!" And then I remembered, that's exactly what I did in "Think Off."

Realize this (and I did not realize it until after I trained to be a hypnotist) you have been a hypnotist your whole life. You have been putting people in and out of trance often. You have been influencing. You have been practicing good hypnosis and bad hypnosis on yourself and others. Now, to really put your woman into deep, closed eyes, zombie hypnosis, simply get her on the phone, in the mood, and read her the script. She'll go in deep, and she'll feel EVERYTHING you tell her to.

"Everything is hypnosis." Richard Bandler

"There is no such thing as hypnosis." John Grinder

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Hynotism and Self Hypnosis

Hynotism and Self Hypnosis

HYPNOTISM is by no means a new art. True, it has been developed into a science in comparatively recent years. But the principles of thought control have been used for thousands of years in India, ancient Egypt, among the Persians, Chinese and in many other ancient lands. Miracles of healing by the spoken word and laying on of hands are recorded in many early writings.

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