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I first learned about 'reality' at Mark Cunningham's Stage Hypnosis seminar. Mark instructed us to hypnotize our lab partner and what we were to do. My lab partner hypnotized me and said "You have forgotten the number 6. You have no idea of that number. That number does not exist for you. On the count of 3, you will open your eyes, and you will have no knowledge of that number. 1, 2, 3." Now mind you, I have a masters degree in electrical engineering. Forgetting a single digit number is something that an engineer does not take lightly to. At that moment Ross walked by and asked me "David, what's 3 plus 3?" I thought for a moment and then said "Oh SHIT! I've done this a million times!" My lab partner then told me to count his fingers. I said "One, two, three, four, five, ahhhhh, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. ELEVEN?!" I looked at Mark and said "That's impossible!" Mark said "It is your reality." That's when I realized what 'reality' meant. I said to Mark "It IS my reality!"

My lab partner had not only removed the number 6, he had instantly nullified 8 years of Calculus! Sure, I still knew how to manipulate a second order partial differential equation, but if the number 6 showed up anywhere, I'd have to stop.

Interesting thing is, there was nothing I could do about it. Well, there was, I could have fought it and popped out, but I decided to stay in, which means that I agreed to the 'reality.'

Now, in the case of making it a woman's reality that she is a virgin, she is going to happily go along with it, because it is fun for a woman to experience that. (Assuming that her first time was a good experience, or a boring experience. Don't do this if she lost her virginity in a rape.) If she doesn't pop out, it IS her reality. She has no choice. If she stays in, she agrees that it is her reality. Most women are going to enjoy this and make it a very exciting 'first experience.'

You will not be removing the reasons that a large part of her personality exists. Her personality existed long before she ever slept with a man, and her personality continues to live on.

I did not remove all of her sexual experiences. I did remove some of them, for a time. But her mind will figure out how to make it real for her, in a way that is most comfortable for her. Interestingly, when we were out at dinner, she talked about her son. She never gave any thought as to how it came about that she was a parent.

If you tell a woman what her reality is, and she does not pop out, she agrees to the reality. It IS her reality.

When a person goes under hypnosis, and is told what their reality is, something strange happens. Not only does the described reality become true for them, but the 'attributes' of who it is they become as they live the reality become true for them; things that they had never even dreamed possible for themselves.

For example, when a woman is given a penis, and told to fuck an imaginary woman, she not only feels her penis and the 'external' orgasm; she also experiences a feeling of being commanding, powerful, and even possessive. These are traits that

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL come with having a penis, and traits that she had never even dreamed possible for herself. These are feelings that she had never felt before, feelings that were totally alien to her, but are now her reality. She becomes unique among all other women in that she has a true appreciation for the opposite sex; because, basically, she now truly 'knows' what it is like to be a man.

The other thing that is true for hypnosis is; once something is true for a person under hypnosis, it can be true for the person at any later time while fully conscious, because it has become 'familiar' and 'true' for the subconscious mind. And as we know, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between 'reality' and 'described reality.' But the subconscious mind is very good at making something 'real.' The subconscious mind will draw upon things that we did not know it had, in order that the 'reality' becomes 'true.' Additionally, in its devotion to make the reality real, the subconscious mind will ignore all those useless self-limiting beliefs you concocted over the years.

This phenomenon of 'experienced attributes' can be used to make things become true for you, such as confidence with women. Confidence is a very big chunk. It would be great if you could build that up in deliberate attainable steps, or attributes. But what are those steps?

When you use self hypnosis, first decide what reality you want to create for myself. You may decide that it will become your reality that you are confident with women. Then you go into self hypnosis and leave it up to your subconscious mind. You will find yourself in a situation. You will see the situation. You will feel all the attributes that 'become true' for you as you are confident with women. You may experience that you feel an easy sense of comfort. The visual becomes a very powerful anchor for the 'experienced attribute' of comfort. Then, at any later time, all you have to do is effortlessly recall the visual anchor, and in a very powerful way, you feel comfortable. Powerful because it was true for you under hypnosis, which means that it is true for you at your very core.

Then you go out in the field and use it. Then you go back into the lab and 'experience' the next 'attribute.'

The best way to build yourself is from the inside out, beginning at the very core, the subconscious mind. What reality do you want to design for Yourself? What becomes true for You?

Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

For anyone concerned that this is a report designed to teach readers how to convince crowds of people to act like chickens or dance to an unheard song just with a carefully placed keyword - relax. While hypnosis is often paraded in that form with large crowds visiting celebrity hypnosis experts to see what wonders they can perform, the majority of hypnosis used is to aid people seeking a solution to a problem they cannot resolve easily with any other method.

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