The Remote Control

This is so hilarious. I was surfing the web, and being the twisted demented creative person that I am, always looking for new ways to let my girlfriend have fun, I came across a 'remote control egg.' This is a small plastic egg shaped vibrator that is turned on and off by radio commands from a small remote control. I thought "Remote control! I have an idea!" I immediately ordered one.

Do a search on the Web for remote control egg. The egg is somewhat loud, but it cannot be heard when it is 'in vivo' (in natural position.)

When it arrived, I called my girlfriend and told her what I had purchased. I told her "You are going to wear it and I am going to hold the remote control, and when we are out on our date, if you are a really good girl, maybe I'll turn it on for you." She said "Oooooh, sounds like fun." I told her before hand because I didn't want to shock her with the idea when she arrived, but instead, I wanted her to fantasize about it for a few days first.

When she arrived Saturday night for our date, I showed it to her. She laughed, but she said she'd play along. I told her to go into the bedroom and place it 'in vivo.' I heard her exclaim "What's with this black string?" I said "That's the antenna/pull cord. Just hide it in your panties." hehe

Then she came out and sat next to me with a smile on her face. I held up the remote and said "Are you ready?" She said "Yes." So I turned it on. She laughed and then started loving it. I turned it off and put the remote back in my pocket and said "OK, let's go to dinner."

On the way there, I turned it on and let her enjoy it while I told her how I was going to turn it on when we are at dinner and everybody will be looking at her, but she cannot let anyone know what she is feeling because she is a very proper woman. She cannot let anyone know just how much of a naughty little girl she really is. She was ready just by hearing the fantasy. I turned it off and we parked.

When we were standing in the lobby placing our name on the list, while everybody was watching her, I turned it on. I spoke softly into her ear how she cannot let anyone know just how naughty she really is.

We took a seat at the bar to wait for our table. I brought her up a few more times with the remote while speaking softly into her ear. Eventually we were called and brought to our table.

We were seated at a table with many other people sitting at tables around us. Each time the waitress came to us, I turned it on. hehe.

My girlfriend did a lot of smiling while ordering. While we were waiting for our food, I turned it on while I again narrated from across the table. She got really close so I turned it off.

Our food arrived so I left the remote alone for the entire time that we had food at the table. Later, after the plates had been cleared, and we had new drinks brought to us, we resumed our little game.

I turned it back on and left it on. I said "You cannot let anyone know what you are feeling because you are a very proper woman. You cannot let anyone know just how much of a naughty little girl you really are." She said softly "David, I'm going to come." I said "Not yet, you must ask permission." She said "Please David." I said "You want to hear those famous words." She said "Yes." I waited a moment and then I said the famous words "Come like a good girl" which is her command to come, and she closed her eyes and she did, right there, at the table, in front of everybody.

As far as I could tell, nobody knew. But there was one young lady at the table next to us who seemed to be concerned that maybe my girlfriend wasn't feeling so well. hehe

A few weeks later, I had my girlfriend wear it again while we went out dancing. I teased her with it all evening. But then when we were out on the dance floor, I left it on. Next to us was a stunningly beautiful tall classy redhead in a formal evening gown who was dancing by herself. I had seen her earlier sitting at a table on a double date. I waited until my girlfriend was really 'close' and then I turned off the remote and I tapped the redhead on the shoulder and held out the remote and said to her "Do you know what this is?" She stopped dancing and just looked at it. I said "Hold it" and I handed it to her. My girlfriend became very embarrassed, but she does love beautiful women. Then I said "Turn it on." She turned it on. Then I said "Now look at my girlfriend's face." The redhead's eyes got really big and she said to my girlfriend "Is he bullshitting?" and my girlfriend smiled and replied "No." Then the redhead started waving the remote in front of my girlfriend's skirt. Then I said to the redhead "Tell her to come like a good girl." The redhead said into my girlfriend's ear "Come like a good girl and let the juices flow down your leg!" hehe Then my girlfriend held on to me tight and she had an orgasm right there on the dance floor. Then the redhead smiled and handed the remote back to me and she walked off.

Later my girlfriend said to me "You are so BOLD! But you are so EXCITING!"

"No woman has ever left my arms unsatisfied" Don Juan DeMarco

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