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My good friend (who wishes only to be referred to as "J") told me the following amazing story after reading my book:

Recently I had a one night sexual encounter with a woman, and we both understood the time limitations. I didn't want to complicate the fleeting relationship with talk of trance, hypnosis, or a formal induction. Whilst she was highly aroused (and naturally tranced after having already orgasmed a couple of times) I told her to imagine a warm wet tongue on her clitoris, to let the sensations and her clitoris grow (it did) and flow through her body, for her body to BECOME her clitoris, and for her pleasure to flow back to the tongue sharing mutual enjoyment, and for her to enjoy her sensual generosity. I then said that we would count to 10 together (thus getting her commitment) and that at "10" she would orgasm immediately, intensely, and that her orgasm would last as long as she wanted. Watching her getting more aroused and nearer to orgasm with each breath/count was fascinating, and fucking horny! It worked perfectly, and she came very hard and very long. She was amazed at her own sexual capabilities, and she made her gratitude obvious for the next couple of hours. Excellent. In that instance she WANTED to come. I guess her inhibitions (critical factor?) had been dismissed. Did she agree? Enthusiastic "Yes!" Physically and consciously involving her in the process by asking her to agree and to count with me was significant I suspect - agreement and commitment.

Thank you "J" for that wonderful story. I have field tested this, and it works great! I also did it after my girlfriend had come a couple times. We counted together, and I agree it is very exciting watching her get closer as each number passed, and then to actually watch her come on 10. Then, when we were "doing it" I told her that in 5 pumps she would come, and then I counted off the 5, and she did! I love it! Brilliant! I now do this ALL the time.

"Don't lustfor results. Don't let success distract you. Do the fucking exercises!" Mark Cunningham

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL Now She Loves to Go Down

Within the pages of this chapter, I am going to describe to you the most ingenious, mischievous, devious idea I have ever heard. This was told to me some time ago by the ingenious man who created it, Mr. Mark Cunningham. By his permission, you shall now become privy to this idea.

One night when my girlfriend was over, and the evening's activities moved into the bedroom, I instructed her to disrobe and lay on the bed. Then I tied her up, which I do on rare occasions for affect for specific purposes. After she had realized for a couple moments just how very helpless she was to me, I softly said to her, "You love to surrender yourself completely to me, don't you Baby?" She said "Yes." I said "And you do understand that your true fulfillment lay in your being completely responsive to me, isn't that right Baby?" She said "Oh yes." Then I began sucking her nipples, and continued until she had an orgasm.

After she rested, I softly said to her "You enjoy pleasing me by demonstrating to me how very responsive you are to me, isn't that right Baby?" She softly said "Yes." Then I said to her "You will now demonstrate to me just how responsive you are to me by showing me how good you can come when you count to 10. Now count to 10, and come very hard for me." She slowly counted off, and right on 10 she had another orgasm.

I said "Oh Baby, that makes me feel so close to you. I love how you are so responsive to me" and I kissed her. Then I pulled back and said to her "Baby, remember when you have said to me how when you kiss me, it makes your clit hard?" She said "Oh yes." I said "That is one thing I admire so much about you, is how you are such a sensual woman. That is very exciting. And one thing that is true for very sensual women is that they have very sensitive sensual lips. In fact, for a very sensual woman, all of her sensual areas are very interrelated and very responsive. For example, notice how when I softly touch your lips with my finger like this, your lips begin to become sensitive, and as they become sensitive, you can actually feel your clitoris become excited, because you are so very sensual, isn't that right Baby?" She softly said "Yes." I said "As I continue to lightly stroke your lips, your lips become even more sensitive. The more sensitive your lips become, the more you feel it in your clit. The more excited your clit becomes, the more sensitive your lips become." I continued this loop, over and over, as I stroked her lips. I said "Oh yes Baby, feel it in your clit! Feel your clit getting more and more excited. Feel the sensation in your clit!" Then it happened, she had an orgasm.

Then I untied her and she wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly. Then I whispered into her ear, "I know how much pleasure you get from making my skin so very sensitive and so very excited, isn't that right Baby?" She said "Oh yes." I said "It will be extremely exciting for you to feel my skin become very sensitive and excited against your very sensitive sensual lips." She said "Oh yes Baby." I said "You know how much pleasure you give me when you suck me. As you feel my skin draw

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL tight and become excited, your lips will become even more excited. And as you feel my pleasure increasing against your lips, you will feel your own pleasure increasing." I slid up a little bit and then she slid down and took me into her mouth. I continued the suggestions, to the best of my distracted ability, "Feel my pleasure against your sensitive lips. Feel the pleasure in your lips increasing. Feel it in your clit! Feel it in your clit!" She went at it with a determination as if trying to make herself come, and then she did! She had an orgasm!

Later in the evening she told me "That was the most erotic sensual thing I have ever done." Interestingly, she has since often insisted on doing it again.

The idea as first told to me by Mark was much more involved, far more powerful in terms of obtaining gleeful cooperation, and capable of quickly producing massive responsiveness. I understand that Mark has since further refined it with a reframe on "giving" that builds in a powerful propulsion mechanism. He teaches it, and many other Cool Advanced Techniques at his "Building a Better Lover" seminar. See for online products and seminar registrations.

I've been having all sorts of fun with this. Often. And then a few weeks later, on a Saturday night, my girlfriend and I made a date to go out to a very nice restaurant on the outskirts of town overlooking a lake. When I arrived at her house, we sat on the sofa and talked, as we usually do. Sometimes I hypnotize her before we go out. She is always more than happy, and never knows what to expect.

I put her in very deeply, and then said to her "Even as you are very relaxed, you can continue to breath normally, and as you remain completely relaxed, you can have an orgasm. Continue to breath normally and Come like a Good girl as you continue to remain completely relaxed."

While she is having an extended relaxed orgasm under hypnosis, she has absolutely no recollection of what I say to her. I then addressed her subconscious mind. "I am now speaking to the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind, you and I have very deep rapport. Together, we make her feel wonderful pleasure. As she continues to enjoy that wonderful orgasm, please continue to keep her body very relaxed and continue to keep her breathing and heart rate normal. Subconscious mind, tonight, whenever I kiss her, she will be reminded of how sensitive and responsive her lips are to me. And as she remembers how sensitive and responsive her lips are to me, she will be reminded of just how much pleasure she derives from pleasing me with her very sensitive and responsive lips. Tonight, whenever I kiss her, she will instantly and powerfully be reminded of the pleasure she derives from pleasing me." Then I thanked her subconscious mind, told her to stop having her orgasm, did some BaBGF stuff, and then took her back out.

She had a big smile. She somewhat remembered her orgasm, but had no idea what I said to her. I suggested we leave for the restaurant. Before we left through the front door, we hugged, and then I kissed her. She had a 'naughty little girl' smile on her face, and we went to my car to drive to the restaurant.

It was a very nice restaurant, and we had a wonderful dinner and close

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL conversation. After dinner I suggested that we have a seat at the bar for a while where we could better hear the piano player. We sat closely together and enjoyed conversation. Then I said to her "Baby, I cannot keep my eyes off of your beautiful full lips. You do know how much I adore kissing you?" She leaned in and kissed me. Then she looked at me with a very mischievous smile. It appeared to be working. She said "Would you like to go now?" Yep, it was working.

When we got into my car, I looked at her, and then leaned over and kissed her. We began kissing passionately. Then I looked at her lips. She had a very longing look on her face. I said "Baby, I have been thinking so much about how wonderful your lips feel, how incredible your lips make me feel." She just continued to look longingly, but did not take any initiative. I looked around the parking lot, hoping she would take the hint. She looked around and said "Somebody will see us." I said "No, nobody will see us, it is dark, and I will tell you if someone is coming." (The bad NLP was on purpose, to give it the sense of danger.) She took the hint and proceeded to again enjoy her new way of enjoying an orgasm.

"If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." Henry Ford

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A Practial Guide To Self Hypnosis

A Practial Guide To Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been defined as a state of heightened suggestibility in which the subject is able to uncritically accept ideas for self-improvement and act on them appropriately. When a hypnotist hypnotizes his subject, it is known as hetero-hypnosis. When an individual puts himself into a state of hypnosis, it is known as self-hypnosis.

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