Mark has said that one of the best ways to become closer to a woman is to share a taboo. So very true. A fairly tame place to start is to bring her to a fetish party.

A few weeks after we started dating, I told my girlfriend that I wanted to bring her to such a party. I assured her that if she didn't like it, we could leave. She agreed.

Upon arriving, we found a bunch of people standing around watching a beautiful young woman in black panties, black bra, and black thigh highs, bent over a chair, getting spanked by some old guy using a small multi-stranded leather whip. And she was into it!

We had conversation with a few people, and then my girlfriend wanted to leave, so we left to go to the night club. At the night club, my girlfriend asked me "Do you remember that time you tied me to the bed and then when you took off your belt you slid it across my stomach?" I said "Yes." She said "Well, to tell you the truth, it was very exciting to me." I tucked that little piece of information away for later use.

Other things I know about her is that when she is with me she likes to allow herself to be a slut and a bad girl, and she sees me as her strong man. So, the following Saturday night, on the way to taking her dancing, I said, "When we are at the night club, you will be my clingy slut. You WILL be a very bad little girl." She was. On the way home I said, "You were a VERY bad little girl. Your strong man must thus discipline you." Upon arriving home, I had to step out of the fantasy while she went to the bathroom to take out her contacts. Such is reality. Then we stepped back into the fantasy and I instructed her to disrobe and lie face down on the bed. Meanwhile, I went to my wardrobe and obtained two silk ties. Just in case reality might abruptly interrupt us, I used slipknots when I tied her wrists to the bedposts. I said to her "You are now totally helpless and your strong man is now going to discipline you." She shivered. I happened to be wearing a wide two prong heavy leather belt. I quickly slid it out of my belt loops and it made a loud slapping noise. Then I folded it in half, holding the two ends firmly, and pulled quickly to make a very loud * SNAP*. Then I dangled the belt so its tip lightly brushed her skin. She shivered again.

Then I held the buckle in my left hand and the center of the belt with my right hand and, while being very careful to not hurt her and to not redden her skin, I slapped the free end of the belt against her ass. When the wide surface of the leather belt lands squarely on her skin, it makes a slap sound. I continued slowly slapping her. Some hits are directly flat on, and some are not. The ones that are, make her head rise up slightly and she groans. Then I went to the other side of the bed and slapped her some more. Some of the hits are directed on her ass, some are directed on her upper thigh. The most effective hits are just above the fold between her thigh and her ass, and as close to the center as possible.

After doing this for a while, she said, "This is making me VERY excited." I continued. She became more excited. I said "You have been a bad girl!" She said "Oh yes." I said "But you want to come like a good girl." She said "Oh Yes!" I slapped her

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL slightly harder. Eventually, I heard those musical words: "OH David OH David OH David" and she arched her back, raised her head, and screamed "I'm coming!" I continued slapping while watching in delight as she shook the bed in a raging orgasm.

Spanking can be so powerful. We discussed it later and she knew of nothing in her past that might have given her a predilection to this. What she did find very exciting was the whole fantasy of it all, and the thought that the next slap might actually hurt.

It was at this point in the relationship that she knew that I could evoke very powerful emotions in her. It was the first time in her life that she had ever been made to come without genital stimulation.

You have to stimulate her emotionally to drive her crazy sexually.

"I was quite surprised to discover how quickly my body responded to being touched in the right way. When a man knows how to make love to a woman, it changes everything." Kim Cattrall

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