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There have been many chapters about many things you can help a woman to experience. It is possible to let her experience most of these pleasures in just a few sessions. This chapter serves to encapsulate and summarize the steps to get her to experience those things in as few sessions as possible. In this sequence, you train her for a new skill every night, which will be required for the next night. Each night you sequentially train her for greater responsiveness and higher levels of pleasure. This is a recipe, a suggestion.

Step 1. Close the seduction, and introduce the deep spot.

On the first night, when you are rounding 'third base,' take some time to massage the front of her deep spot. This will surprise her how good digital stimulation can feel. But don't make her come! Get her really close, and then slap on the condom and consummate the relationship. Then spend quality time with pillow talk. When she is ready again, massage the back of her deep spot. This will give her a very deep and powerful vaginal orgasm. When she comes, say "Come Now!" to plant an anchor to your voice. (See "The deep spot.")

Step 2. Train her to come ONLY when you say to.

The second night she will feel more comfortable with you and more open to new things. Bring Astro Glide and do the welcomed method of stimulating her clitoris. This will really surprise her how good direct clitoral stimulation can feel. But don't drive hard for the orgasm; instead tell her to relax and breathe normally so that she will enjoy it more. She will comply with your commands, because it will feel so good that she won't want to come. If she does get too close, let off a little and insist that she relax. Talk to her in a soothing hypnotic voice. Tell her that she will come when you tell her to. After she has been close for a long while, then you drive hard, and right before she comes you tell her to "Come Now!" Continue saying it as she comes. This will set a powerful anchor to your voice command. After she has enjoyed the clitoral orgasm of her life, she is going to impale herself upon you. (See "The welcomed method.")

Step 3. Train her to come WHEN you say to.

By the third night, you should have sufficient trust to hypnotize her. Talk to her in the same soothing hypnotic voice you used the previous night, and put her under and let her feel how good trance feels. Then take her out. This serves to build trust as well as to fractionate. If she responds well, you offer to put her under again. Then you put her under and train her such that whenever you say "Come Now" she will instantly have an orgasm. Do this at least 3 times under hypnosis. Then take her out of hypnosis and have all sorts of fun with your new command. Fire it off many times during intercourse. (See "Instant orgasm on command" and "A complete script.")

Step 4. Train her to come FOR AS LONG as you say to.

On the forth night, hypnotize her and tell her that she will remain relaxed, and she will continue to breathe normally, and she will continue to come until you stay "Stop." Then tell her to "Come Now." Continue to encourage her through it. She

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL should be able to come for many minutes, while still breathing normally, without any stimulation whatsoever. Cap the evening off with some Taoist Thrusting. (See "Like in a dream" and "Time distortion" and Taoist Thrusting in "Assorted Tips.") Step 5. Train her to come for an HOUR

On the fifth night, you do ESO. Hypnotize her and tell her to remain completely relaxed and tell her to "Come Now." Then start doing the welcomed method of clitoral stimulation. Do that for about 15 minutes, and then move to the front of her deep spot. Do that for about 20 minutes, and then move to the back of her deep spot. That should be good for at least another 30 minutes. Be sure to stop if she starts leveling off. When she is done, she will be mentally and physically exhausted. Be very supportive. hehe. (See "The One Hour Come.") Step 6. Train her to enjoy anal sex

By now, your woman will be wildly happy, and more than happy to do anything for you, including anal sex. Anchor anal stimulation to her orgasm by sliding your finger into her ass when you make her come. The following night narrate a fantasy into her ear as you drive your finger in and out of her ass until she has an orgasm. The following night, get her really hot, and then have her experience a hole new way to have an orgasm. (See "Slip in the Back Door" and "Slide in the Back Door.")

Step 7. Train her nipples to give her orgasms

Use the multi-step process I outlined, and give her nipples the power to make her come. (See "The Nipple Orgasm.")

Step 8. Train her to come on the count of 10

This is such a powerful alternative to the instant orgasm on command. It greatly increases her responsiveness to you. (See "The 10 Count to Orgasm.") Step 9. Train her to orgasm by going down

By now, she should be so happy that she is sucking you dry. Give her some added incentive and make it even more rewarding for her. Train her lips to give her an orgasm when she gives you head. (See "Now She Loves to Go Down.") Step 10. Train her to squirt

Teach her to push and to do her Kegal exercises. It may take several nights before she can squirt across the room. (See "Learning to squirt.") Step 11. Train her chakras

Train her to bring her orgasm into the cosmos. This is some really really advanced shit man, but when you can truly visualize the energy and believe in it, it is easy. It will give her an orgasm that can only be described as 'beyond orgasm.' (See "The Seven Chakras.") Always remember:

Be 'aware' of her at all times, in all meanings of the term. Use what information she provides you.

Allow her to pleasantly surprise you with her own ideas.

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL "I had learned to love in a thousand ways. Each one a lesson in the soul of a woman. I knew I would miss every one of them. They stolen my spirit and infused me with joy." Don Juan DeMarco

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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