On the top of my list for what I look for in a woman is that she be someone that I respect. No matter how good looking the woman is, if I don't have respect for her as a person, the relationship ain't gonna last long. Respect is not the only thing that has to be there, but it is at the top of the list.

I believe that women also place respect at the top of their list for what they need to have in a man. It's not the only thing, but it's the most important thing.

Only when a woman has respect for her man, can she become all the woman she can be. Only then can she be responsive to him. Only then can she believe him in a fantasy, or even allow herself to be in that fantasy. Only then can he evoke strong emotions in her.

Many things role up to be respect. The first and most important thing is respect for yourself. Examples of that are to be true to yourself, be true to your goals, and to feel good about yourself - by yourself - for yourself - because of yourself Equally important, you must be able to have respect for others. If you cannot have respect for others, it is impossible to respect yourself. Other ways to command respect were covered in "BE The Man." Probably the most important point covered there was to walk the talk.

Note: If a woman looses the respect that she might have once had for her man, the likelihood that he will ever get it back is almost non-existent. Such a man would be well advised to start over with a clean slate with a new prospect.

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