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David Shade's Manual

Advanced sexual techniques and practical hypnosis to give women incredible pleasure.

Copyright 2000, 2003 by David Shade Corporation. All rights reserved



This book is a narrative of my journey in search of the ultimate means to give women incredible pleasure. The information in this book is for informational purposes only. You assume full responsibility for the consequences of your own actions. David Shade will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever stemming from your use of the information in this book.

The methods of hypnosis are discussed in this book. Hypnosis is very powerful. It is only to be used in a conscientious, ethical, mutually beneficial way, and only with the fully educated and informed consent of all parties involved. You assume full responsibility for the consequences of your actions. David Shade will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever stemming from your use of hypnosis.

You must always practice safe protected sex. There are other books and resources from qualified medical professionals to teach you how to do that. This book assumes that you always practice safe protected sex as directed by qualified medical professionals.

This book discusses highly controversial sexual activities. Neither David Shade Corporation, nor the author of this book assume any responsibility for the exercise or misuse of the practices described herein.

There is a real an absolute distinction between explicit consensual acts between consenting adult partners for their mutual pleasure and all acts of violence against unconsenting partners. Imposing any sexual activity on a reluctant partner is morally offensive; imposing it on an unwilling partner (or anyone who cannot give legal consent) is a criminal offense. Further, state laws vary: some sexual activities, even between consenting adults, are illegal in certain jurisdictions.

By reading this book you agree to all of the agreement on this page. If you cannot agree to this agreement, do not read this book and immediately return this book for a full refund.

If you do agree to the agreement on this page, then read on, play nice, give women incredible pleasure, and enjoy...

"When you know how to truly please a woman, you won't have any problem getting women, your problem will be keeping them at arms length." Mark Cunningham.

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL Table of Contents

A Truly Unique Way to Give a Woman an Orgasm 1

Thinkoff 3

The Deep Spot 5

Spanking 8

Getting Her to Pose for Pics 10

Slip in the Back Door 13

Behold the Power 15

Fantasies into Realities 17

The High Paid Hooker 19

She's a Virgin Again 21

What is reality? 22

Hypnocharged Tantra 24

The Remote Control Egg 26

A Complete Script 28

Her First Vaginal Orgasm Using Hypnosis 35

The Welcomed Method 38

"She Won't Let Me Hypnotize Her" 40

Instant Orgasm on Command 43

The Rape Fantasy 46

Does She Remember? 48

Like in a Dream 50

Coming Continuously 51

The One Hour Come 53

Time Distortion 56

Sleepnosis 57

Learning to Squirt 59

Dating the Bisexual Woman 64

The Seven Chakras 69

Assorted Tips 78

Viagra Field Test Report 80

The Nipple Orgasm 82

The 10 Count to Orgasm 84

Now She Loves to Go Down 86

Sequential Training 89

The Elroy Pattern 92

What Women Must Have 94

Expanding her Envelope of Sexuality 106

Be The Man 117

Essence of a True Master 122

Super Responsiveness 125

You Don't Need to "Hypnotize" Her 133

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 136

Threesomes 149

Denial 155

Anticipation and Vulnerability 160

The Erotic Mind 164

The Energy Orgasm 169

Foursomes, Moresomes, and Orgies 171

How to Identify the Really Worthy Ones 174

The Consummation 178

Product Recommendations 182

Hypnosis Mania

Hypnosis Mania

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