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A few years ago, I was dating a beautiful aerobics instructor. One night while we were together in her bed, I was massaging the front of her deep spot, and she was loving it. And then, when she came, she squirted all over my hand! It was a clear fluid, like warm water. She said "How embarrassing! That only happens when I get really excited." I said "I think it is exciting, and I am flattered that you were so excited."

I had understood that there is a gland along the woman's urethra, right in front of the G spot, which squirts a clear fluid out the urethra, in composition similar to the transport medium in ejaculate.

A few months ago, my girlfriend said "It is interesting that every time after we make love, I have to pee really bad!" I said "Well Baby, that is because you have been withholding your ejaculate." She said "I have heard of that. I really want to be able to do that! That would be VERY exciting!"

I told her I would be happy to help. We rented the video called "Squirters 2." It is by a guy named Seymore Butts. It will show you what is possible, and how far some women can squirt. He basically said, "All you have to do is pump her G-spot, like this, and then she will squirt."

We tried on many occasions. I would massage her G spot and I would pump her G spot. Nothing. I hypnotized her and I told her that she would squirt. Nothing. She said "I am determined!"

Then I found a book called "The G Spot." This book is outstanding! It is a must have for all you Lover Boys.

I asked my girlfriend "When you get close, do you feel the urge to urinate?" She said "Yes, so I hold it in." I said "You are holding in your ejaculate. Next time go with the feeling and push it out." She said "But I don't want to pee on you!" I said "It only feels like you are going to pee. But you won't pee, you will ejaculate."

As always, I assured her that everything is natural and normal, and nothing is embarrassing.

I asked her "Which method makes you feel like you have to pee the most? Is it clitoral stimulation, or deep spot stimulation, or G spot stimulation?" She said "It happens most when you massage the front of my deep spot." I said "Would you feel more comfortable if I were to hypnotize you?" She said "Yes."

I wanted to hypnotize her so that she would be able to follow my commands without embarrassment. When she was deep in trance, I said "I am going to massage the front of your deep spot, and as I do, you are going to feel an increasing urge to pee. The closer you get, the more you will feel the need to pee. You will welcome this feeling, and you will push it out. If any thought tries to stop it, you will instantly stand in front of that thought, and you will push it out. The more you push it out, the stronger your orgasm will be, and the more you will ejaculate."

Then I started massaging the front of her deep spot. I continued talking her through it. I told her to talk to me and tell me if she was feeling the urge to pee. She

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL said she was, and it was getting stronger. I told her to welcome the feeling and to push it out. I continued talking her through it. Interestingly, she opened her legs wider than ever before. Then she got really close and I told her to push it out. When she came, her voice was more guttural grunting. I watched closely for any squirting. Out of her urethra dripped a white liquid that looked almost exactly like my ejaculate, and it pooled in the palm of my hand. She was ejaculating!

It wasn't much, about half a teaspoon. After she caught her breath, I carefully removed my hand so as to keep the liquid in my hand. I told her to look at it as I held it near the candle, and she was so proud. It certainly was not urine or vaginal lubrication.

I asked her "Do you have to pee now, like you usually do after sex?" She said "No!" I said "Was the orgasm different?" She said "Yes. It was great. I could feel the cum pulsing out of my urethra. The only other time I felt that was when you hypnotized me and gave me a penis." (Maybe she ejaculated then.) "All those years! I was trying to stop from peeing, but in actuality, I was stopping myself from ejaculating! I'm even sexier now!"

I taught her how to build up her PC muscles, and she started working on that.

And you absolutely must have the book 'The G Spot and Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality' by Ladas, Whipple, and Perry. Copyright 1982. ISBN 0440-13040-9. It has an entire chapter on female ejaculation, which is very informative. It also has chapters on the PC muscle and other good stuff.

The book said that embryologically, the urethral glands of the female are homologous to the male prostate glands (just like the ovaries and the testes are from the same embryonic tissue.) These paraurethral glands (on either side of the urethra) are known as the Skene glands (Alexander Skene, MD, 1880.) Before an orgasm, the woman feels the urge to urinate. At the time of orgasm, the woman pushes, as if to defecate, and a fluid is expelled out the urethra. This fluid has been described as colorless, clear, or milky. It has never been described as yellow. The amount of fluid has been reported to be between a few drops to quantities so large that the authors think might be overstated. The taste varies from tangy, sour, tart, to very sweet. Some women always ejaculate others sometimes. The overwhelming majority ejaculate in response to G-spot manipulation. Some can in intercourse, and some can with only clitoral stimulation.

My experience has been that G-spot stimulation alone is usually not enough to cause an orgasm. But the deep spot has always caused an orgasm - and in my girlfriend's case, it also caused her to ejaculate.

My girlfriend had been doing her Kegel exercises (strengthening her PC muscles) and she had been practicing squirting every day. What a good girl. Just a few days after I taught her to ejaculate, she called me and told me that she had massaged her clit and placed a bowl under her and squirted into the bowl, haha, and then she poured that into a measuring cup. She said it was almost half a cup! Yikes!

A few days after that we were together and I massaged her G-spot. Nothing. I started to doubt her claim, but I didn't say anything. The next day we were on the topic

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL again, and she admitted that she had been holding out. She said it is easier for her to come when she holds it in, but it is harder to come when she just lets go, and pushes out. She did say that when she does push out, it makes the orgasm more powerful.

Then, the following weekend, I assured her that it was OK for her to totally let go, and just let it happen. In order that she would be more comfortable, and that she would better follow my commands, I hypnotized her. Because she had more luck with her clit, and I had no luck with her G-spot, I decided to use the welcomed method of rubbing her clit. And it worked. This time she came like a garden hose! It was clear fluid, just like water. I don't know how much it was, but it sure made a mess.

Therefore, at least in this case, it is not what gets massaged as much as her willingness to just let go and let it happen and push out.

Interestingly, the inside of her vagina contracts slightly differently when she is pushing out as when she is holding back. When she is holding back, the entrance to the vagina constricts very hard, but not the depth of the vagina. When she is letting go and pushing out, the depth of the vagina contracts and I can actually feel the uterus descend slightly. Also, when she lets go, her voice is more guttural grunting when she comes. The next day her voice will actually be slightly sore.

So guys, ask your girlfriend if she has ever felt the urge to urinate during sex. If so, you're almost there.

I did further research into 'the literature' (the sex books at all the local bookstore) and have found it said a few times that the G-spot is not effective early on, but it is very effective as a turbo charger right before the orgasm. In my experience, I have found the G-spot to be totally worthless in the opening game, so I never delved into it further. It was not until all this squirting stuff that I realized it does have a place in the end game.

Here's what I would do after learning more about my girlfriend's preferences and responses for maximum squirtage. First there is much foreplay and emotional bonding. Then I will say to her "Baby, tonight I want you to come so fucking hard that it soaks my bed. That will make me so excited." Then I will start things off with the welcomed method of clitoral stimulation. I'll do the welcomed method up until the "Oh God" part. Then I'll massage the back of her deep spot. She loves that, and it serves to deepen the orgasm. Then when she gets close, she wants me to rub her G-spot. She agrees that it works as a turbo charger at that point. Then right before she comes, she wants me to rub the front of her deep spot. That makes her really feel like she has to pee, and it makes her come Very hard. When she comes I encourage her further "Yes Baby! Harder!"

One night she came so hard that she squirted a full four feet down the bed! It was wild! The squirting pumped almost continuously for over 10 seconds. My bed was soaked! After she caught her breath she said "I think I still have some more." I massaged the front of her deep spot some more, and in about 30 seconds she squirted again! Not as much the second time. This is consistent with the video "Squirters 2" in which Seymore's girlfriend also said "I have some more" and so he rubbed her G-spot

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL for about 30 more seconds and she squirted again. The second squirting was slightly less.

My girlfriend said that being able to squirt provides "By Far" the best orgasms of her life. (There have been a lot of "By fares" in the past few months.) She also said that it makes her come much quicker.

My girlfriend has turned into a squirting sex monster. She loves her new toy. She has to squirt every night. She said "If you had told me a year ago that I would squirt like this, I would have told you that you were crazy." She brags that she can squirt much more than me. She asked me "Why do women squirt more than men?" Good question.

Later, my girlfriend told me about something her best girlfriend told her a few years ago. Her girlfriend said, "When my boyfriend and I were having sex, right when I came I peed all over him! I was SO embarrassed!" Now my girlfriend believes that her friend was actually ejaculating and that since then her friend has been 'holding back.'

Mark once said "Any woman can be taught to squirt." I believe him. After having read the book "The G Spot and Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality," it is obvious that every woman is born with the natural ability to squirt. They all have Skene glands. Most just don't know it. Most women trained themselves early on to hold back because they thought they were going to pee.

After these experiences, I have some comments about Seymore's video "Squirters 2." He basically said all you have to do is rub her G-spot "Like this." He never mentioned anything about an urge to urinate, or not holding back. And he said "and then she will squirt." Wrong! You have to tell your woman that she will feel an increasing urge to pee and that it is her sign that she is going to come very hard, and that you want her to push. Also, the G-spot is Not required to make a woman squirt. In earlier sessions, I have made my girlfriend squirt using just the back of the deep spot or just the clitoris. The best so far is what I described above.


Just telling my girlfriend to "Come Now" is not enough to make her squirt. It takes time for the Skene glands to secrete the ejaculate. But I wondered if she could squirt by using the 'thinkoff' technique...

So, I hypnotized her as she lay in bed as I sat next to her without touching her, and told her, "As you keep your hands by your side, you can already feel your vagina begin to get very excited. Feel how your clitoris becomes very sensitive and hard. It makes you so excited that you can feel your cum building up inside you. The more you feel your cum building up inside you, the more you want to push. The harder you push, the more excited you become. The more excited you become, the more your cum builds up inside you, and the harder you want to push, and the more excited you get, and the harder you are going to squirt." etc, etc.

After about three or four minutes of this, she was very close, and she held her legs open with her hands. Nothing else was being touched. My tonality became more

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL forceful, and then it happened. She had a very powerful orgasm and she squirted! It was not with the fire hose force that is usually the case with direct stimulation, but she did ejaculate.

"Women really love men who love women. Women respect men who respect women. And women go absolutely crazed-weasel wild over a man who obviously knows how to please and satisfy a woman." Mark Cunningham

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