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I told my friend 'The Hypnotist' from Toronto about what I did with hypnosis and thinkoff. He said "You don't have to go through all the trouble of explaining to them what's going to happen. Once under, tell them that they will have the best orgasm they can imagine when you do something, like touch your nose." Mark A. Cunningham told me, "Very true... given somnambulism you will ALWAYS get the suggested response."

I admit I was somewhat skeptical. How could anyone possibly have an orgasm without ANY lead in whatsoever? At Mark's "Building a Better Lover" seminar in October 2000, Mark assured me that it is absolutely possible.

The night after returning from the seminar, I called my girlfriend. I told her about some of the things I had learned. Conversation got onto the subject of Tantra and multi-orgasms. She said "I wonder what it would be like to have one orgasm right after the other, on and on, almost as if it where one eternal multi-orgasm, but it takes me a few minutes before I can come again." She also mentioned that she missed me and she was feeling very sexual. :-) This was the perfect opportunity for me to induce the instant orgasm. Because it would be over the phone, I would know for certain that only audio anchors would be involved. So I said "Baby, tonight I am going to hypnotize you, and something wonderful is going to happen." She said "OK!"

So I hypnotized her. I used fractionation and a ten minute induction to put her very deeply into trance. Then I said to her "You follow my commands very well. And you follow my commands instantly. And you follow my commands powerfully. In a moment, you are going to experience something wonderful. And it is going to happen instantly. I know you are feeling very sexual now. I know how much you want to come. And you know those famous words I tell you when I tell you to come. Tonight, I am going to say those famous words to you, and when I do, you will INSTANTLY have the most incredibly powerful, total mind and body orgasm you could ever imagine. And it is going to happen powerfully. And it is going to happen instantly. And it is going to happen NOW! COME LIKE A GOOD GIRL! Come like a GOOD girl! COME like a GOOD GIRL!" She started coming very vocally, and very powerfully. I continued encouraging her. She continued coming. This went on for 40 seconds. (I timed it!) She was having a real orgasm!

I should not be surprised that it worked, but I certainly was amazed. Then I told her to relax. After she caught her breath, I put her back down into deep trance. I wanted to ask her about it, but I wanted to keep her in trance, so I said "When I count to 3, you will keep your eyes closed, and you will remain in trance, and we will have conversation. L..2 3 (snap) Hi Baby! How do you feel?" She slowly and breathlessly said "Oh my God!" I said "You came very hard." She said "Oh yes, and I came for so long. How did I do that?" I said "Because you followed my command." I waited to see if she had anything else to add, but she was speechless. So I put her back down into deep trance. And then I did it again. And it worked again!

Then I extended the suggestion into her conscious realm by saying: "At any time in the future, even when you are fully conscious, whenever I say those words to you, it will happen. And it will happen instantly. And it will happen powerfully. Just like it is going to happen NOW! Come like a GOOD girl!" And it worked again!

I gave her the above suggestion again, and then I made her come again. hehe And then I repeated the suggestion, and then I made her come again!

Then I brought her up to light trance and said "Hi Baby, how do you feel?" She slowly said "I feel wonderful." I said "You feel very naughty because you know you are a multi-orgasmic woman who can have one orgasm right after another orgasm right after another orgasm. That makes you feel very naughty right now, doesn't it?" "Oh yes." "But you want to be a good girl, don't you?" "Yes." "Come like a GOOD girl!"

Then I sent her back into deep trance. I reinforced the suggestion that she is a multi-orgasmic woman who can have as many orgasms as she wants, as frequently as she wants. Then I did some "BaBGF" stuff and then I took her all the way out of hypnosis.

She said "Hi David." I said "Hi Baby, how are you?" She said "Oh my God. How did I do that?" I said "Because you followed my commands." She said "My whole body is so warm. One of the times I was coming, I could feel you inside of me. Nobody could ever make me feel like that but you. I feel so incredible." I said "I love to make you feel good Baby. It can happen at any time. Even when we are out to dinner. Even when we are out dancing. That makes you feel very naughty doesn't it baby?" "Oh yes" "Knowing that all I have to say is COME like a GOOD girl!" And she came while fully conscious! I did not say anything. I waited for her to speak. She said "Oh God. Oh David. Oh God I LUUUUV you! You are so exciting to me, so sexually and emotionally exciting to me. Nobody would ever believe me in a million years." (David takes a bow.)

She said she felt like Jello, and she was melting into her bed. I said "When you were deep in trance, you said that you could feel me inside of you. Can you remember that feeling? Can you feel me inside of you now?" "Yes" "Come like a GOOD girl!" hehehe

Then she said "Oh my God, my panties are soaked!" This was my opportunity to further implant the power of the command. I instructed her to masturbate and I talked her through it, but I told her she couldn't come. After she was begging to come, I gave her the command again. Orgasm number 9.

I asked her what the first orgasm was like, even though it was instant, and even though there was no stimulation. She said "Right before you told me to come, it was like my breathing got really slow. I had to tell myself to keep breathing. My clitoris started throbbing, even my vagina started throbbing. And then when you told me to come, it was like I was 'this' close for about 3 seconds, and then I came. I did not know where the orgasm came from. It was like everything between my knees and my belly button was tingly when I came. After I came, that whole area was warm, and my head was warm."

The next day she called me and she said "Right after we hung up, I went right to sleep. I was so mentally exhausted. It's all mental. It requires a great deal of concentration."

The next day she came over. While she was fully conscious I tested the command, and it worked, instantly. Then I repeatedly fired off the command, one right after the other, non stop. She was able to take it, and she was loving it. I lost count somewhere after 20. Her wish came true. She was an orgasm machine. And my search had finally ended for a method that would make a woman actually COME continuously for a half-hour straight. I found it in hypnosis. Later she said "With physical stimulation I become too sensitive to further stimulation, but when it's mental there's no limit!"

It is a popular skit in stage hypnosis shows. And, all you stage hypnotists, you guys should be giving each woman a penis and having them "jack off right there on stage. The audience would go wild. hehe It really works! I have done it on a number of women, and it has worked every time. Every one of them actually felt their penis, and they actually felt themselves coming all over their stomach. Now get this: every one of them have subsequently bragged to me about how big they were and how far they shot! Really! What you should then do is let each of them show how big they are and how far they shot. The audience would have fun as each woman embellishes even more. (As for the male volunteers, have them rub their clit or make it their reality that they have breasts and each of their nipples is actually a clitoris.) Just imagine the fun the audience would have with this! Try it, and let us know how well it works.

"Given somnambulism, you will always get the suggested response." Mark Cunningham


Without question, the most powerful of all fantasies is the rape fantasy. It is a double edged sword. It can be very exciting, and it can be very dangerous. You must know your girlfriend's past experiences and know for certain that you will not get an abreaction.

I know that at one time my girlfriend was the victim of attempted rape. Attempted because she kicked the shit out of the guy and broke his fuckin' arm. She did not have any deep emotional trauma or anything from that, so I was not so concerned about her having an abreaction as I was concerned for my own life and limb. Therefore, she would have to be tied up. hehe That way, I would have a few seconds to wake her up if I had to.

I told my girlfriend "I have written an interesting script for you and tonight I am going to hypnotize you." She said "Oh, what is it?" I said "You'll find out." "OOOO, OK!" In the living room I hypnotized her. While she was under, I said "You remember how much we enjoy it when I tie you up. On the count of 3 you will go into the bedroom and undress and wait for me on the bed, and then I will tie you up. L2..3.." She got up and followed my commands.

In the bedroom, I tied her up, including blind folding her. Then I sent her back down into deep trance. I stood back a safe distance and then I described the reality: "Tonight, you are in a dark basement. You do not know where you are. It is pitch black, and you cannot see anything. A man you do not know has kidnapped you. You do not recognize this man. You do not recognize this voice. You cannot scream or fight, because you are afraid that he might hurt you. He is going to rape you. You don't know why, but you find it strangely exciting. On the count of 3, you will be tied up in that basement, and you will be totally helpless. 1 2 3 (snap)"

Instantly, her breathing got short and quick, but she otherwise remained motionless,. I slowly approached. She did not resist as I played my part. Suffice it to say that I was a very bad man with a very foul mouth. She did not have any abreaction, in fact, she started to really get into it. Eventually, she came VERY long and hard.

Then I sent her back down into deep trance and said "You are safe now. Tonight was just a fantasy. Tonight was just make believe. You are now safe with me here, in my bed. If at any time in the future, if you ever sense danger, you will think clearly and you will be able to act accordingly." Then I took her all the way out of hypnosis.

We talked about it later. I asked her what it was like. She said "It was VERY exciting! It was a scary kind of exciting, which made it even more exciting. And it was... very... dirty. hehe" I said "Did you actually feel that you were in danger?" She said "If I had, believe me, I would have karate kicked your balls into next week." (ouch) I said "How could you not feel in danger but still believe you were getting raped?" She said "Oh I definitely believed that I was getting raped, but something told me that it was OK. It was like I knew that inside there somewhere it was you." Maybe

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL that was her mind's way of letting her have the fantasy. She continued "I could not have enjoyed it if I had actually felt in danger. If I had actually been raped in the past, I don't think this would have been a very good experience. Also, if I did not trust you completely like I do, I don't think this would have been a very good experience. But there was a moment or two when I did wonder if I was going to see a bad side of you that I never knew of, and that was kind of exciting. But I really did like how you were so dirty! Usually you talk naughty to me, which I love, but occasionally it is fun to be dirty."

I asked her "What was your favorite fantasy? Was it the virgin, or the hooker, or the rape?" She said "Don't make me choose. I liked them all. Sometimes I like to be innocent, sometimes I like to be naughty, and sometimes I like to be dirty. Which one did you like the best?" I said "I liked that one time when I taught you to COME like a GOOD GIRL!"

"Come then, Come then! Give me thy hand, oh fairest! Whisper a gentle 'yes.' With joy my life thou'lt bless. Come, dearest, let me guide thee. Danger shall ne'er come nigh thee." Don Giovanni


You might ask, "If you are having sex with your girlfriend while she is hypnotized, how do you ensure that she remembers the entire experience after it's all over?"

This is a fascinating topic, and of great interest to me. It certainly is key in the understanding of hypnosis.

A couple years ago, a friend of mine told me about a stage hypnosis show he saw. He said there was one subject who was especially entertaining, so the hypnotist had him do all sorts of fun embarrassing skits. Then the hypnotist told him "You will not remember anything that happened up on stage tonight, UNTIL the moment that you walk out THAT DOOR, you will INSTANTLY remember EVERYTHING that happened!" At the end of the show, everybody took their time going out because they wanted to watch that guy walk out. The moment he stepped through the door, he stopped, and covered his face, and then everybody applauded.

At Mark Cunningham's Stage hypnosis seminar, Mike Doubet had just finished hypnotizing one of the students. I raised my hand and asked Mike "Does he remember what happened?" Mike waved his hand in front of the student's face and said "You remember it all." The student smiled. I said "NO NO, you told him to!" Then Mike waved his hand in front of the student's face and said "Now you don't." The student had a very puzzled look on his face. Mike asked the student what happened, and the student just had a puzzled look on his face. Then Mike said "Now you do." The student then smiled and described what happened. So, basically, THEY REMEMBER WHAT YOU TELL THEM TO!

Of course, that student was still very suggestible, having only just come out of hypnosis, and of course, the hypnotist WAS Mike Doubet. As for the rest of us lover boys / part time hypnotists, we want to make the suggestion WHILE she is still under.

Remember that chapter where I hypnotized my girlfriend and told her: "Tonight, whenever I say your name to you, you will think of how horny you are. Every time I say your name to you, you will become even hornier than before. And you won't know why, because you will keep it a secret from yourself that I told you this." When we were out on our date, I said her name to her many times, and she subsequently dragged me home. Later, as we were falling asleep, I said to her "You have been keeping a secret from yourself this evening." She said "I have? What secret?" I said "When I snap my fingers, you will reveal your secret to yourself." I snapped my fingers and just watched her. A few seconds later she started laughing and then said "No WONDER you said my name so much!" hehe

Without instructions to the contrary, what she remembers varies. If she is very deep in trance, like during an induction, she later has no recollection, or limited recollection, of the actual words I said. That's when I do my BaBGF work. But she does have very vivid recollection of any visuals that I tell her to imagine, such as "a cord of light, joining us, bringing us closer" or of any feelings I tell her to imagine,

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL such as "feel deep rapport in your solar plexus." The words used to instruct her to imagine those things are somewhat remembered later because the imaginations give a trace back to the instructions.

At slightly higher, but still deep levels of trance, like for Tantra, I will be telling her to relax, but she will think that it is her voice telling herself to relax. Later she will 'recall' my words, because she will tell me "When you were telling me to relax, I thought I was telling myself to relax." That would mean that when they are under, they experience one reality, but when they are conscious again, they have a more 'realistic' view of what that reality actually was. That's why fantasies under hypnosis are so kewl. When they are under, they are really in it. It is only later, when they come out, that they see it for what it really was, just a fantasy.

At higher levels of trance, like during the enactment of a fantasy that requires a great deal of physical involvement, she remembers all of it.

My girlfriend is working on her Masters degree. One Sunday afternoon I hypnotized her and said "Today, when you read, you will read with great concentration and retention." The following week she said "When I studied for my test, I didn't even have to review Chapter 12, because I had learned it so well!"

Another note about 'memory' and 'awareness' while under. After you put her deep in trance, and describe her reality to her, say the fantasy de jour, then you can go about the fantasy and she will simply bubble up to a level such that she can fully participate with complete awareness, and also still be 'under hypnosis.' Their minds figure it out what level they should be at in order that they can follow through on the instructions they have been given.

Of the people I have hypnotized, they have all remembered what happened under hypnosis. The only person I told specifically to forget anything was my girlfriend that one time, and that was for the sake of the fantasy.

So basically, to finally answer your question: yes, by default, your girlfriend will remember the "good" parts. If you want to be sure, simply TELL her she will.

"Simple clear instructions!" Mark Cunningham


One night I was doing Tantra on my girlfriend while she was deep in trance. I was using the welcomed method while telling her to relax. I was telling her to continue to breathe normally and to allow her vagina to completely relax. She was in total peace and continuous ecstasy. This went on for about a half hour.

Then I decided to try something new. I told her You will be able to continue to breathe normally and you will continue to allow your vagina to be completely relaxed while you allow yourself to come. Now, continue to breathe normally and remain totally relaxed, and come now. Come like a GOOD girl. Continue to breathe normally and continue to allow your vagina to relax, and come now." Her vagina did contract, but her breathing remained normal and she remained completely motionless. Then I did it again, and again the same thing happened. Then I did it a few more times.

Then I took her all the way out of hypnosis. She hugged me tight. I asked her what it was like and if she had actually come. She said "Yes, I came very hard, many times. It was like how I come when I have a sexual dream. It was all in my head. But this time it was so intense that my mind saw total white light. It was like I could see my orgasm." I asked her if it was more intense than when she comes while being fully physically engaged in the orgasm. She said "They are both as good, but different. Because I was so relaxed, it made it hard to come. But that's what made it so powerful!"

Later we were talking about some past hypnosis sessions we have had and she said "It's interesting, once I can do something under hypnosis, I can do it again later while fully conscious." I said "Yes, that is true. In fact, you can now come while remaining completely relaxed and continuing to breathe normally. Without any stimulation, you can come just by hearing those famous words, and remain completely relaxed. Now come on the inside. Come like a GOOD girl while you remain completely relaxed." She remained completely relaxed and her eyes glazed over. On the inside she came. After she came, she said "Oh my! I went away somewhere for a moment there." I said "Did you actually come?" She said "Oh Yes! Very hard."

Then I said "In fact, at any time, whenever you want, wherever you want, you can do that again, for yourself, by yourself. All you have to do is go inside and say those famous words to yourself, and it will happen. Do it." She remained completely relaxed and again her eyes became defocused and she came again. wow.

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