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I have always been fascinated by Tantra, but thought it achievable only by those who had memorized the names of a few hundred East Indian gods and goddesses, and the patience to practice a long series of complicated rituals. It was the end result that I sought, to give my woman a six hour orgasm.

Since learning hypnosis, I started to look at Tantra as a bunch of mumbo jumbo that basically serves to perform mutual self induction. Now, with the power of hypnosis, I could get straight to the core.

I was also perplexed by the idea that in Tantra someone can have an orgasm and not 'come.' I always thought that to have an orgasm was to come. In Tantra, the goal is to have an extended orgasm while there is no need to come. I wondered "Where's the fun in that?"

I talked about Tantra with my girlfriend, and she was eager to learn more and try it. After we returned to her home after dinner on a Saturday night, I took out a Tantra book that I had and began to read to her. We concluded that Tantra required three things:

1. Allow the sexual pleasure to travel from the genitals, up through the torso, and into thehead.

2. Allow the sexual pleasure to fill the entire body while at the same time allowing the entire body to remain completely relaxed.

3. Maintain the ecstasy indefinitely.

Step 2 was the paradox, the hard part. I knew that with hypnosis I could make part 1 true for her. I was not sure that I could make part 2 true for her. I had no prediction for part 3. I would be happy to make parts 1 and 2 true for her in the first session. I had no idea if she would actually 'come.'

She was ready to try it, so we went upstairs. I had her lie on her back with her legs slightly separated. I hypnotized her and sent her deep into trance. I then gently massaged her deep spot as I told her: "Feel the pleasure travel up your chest and into your head. Let it completely fill your mind. Let the pleasure fill your entire body, and as it does, it completely relaxes your body. As your body is consumed by pleasure, it only serves to relax your entire body even more."

Almost immediately her vagina was contracting. She was in what they call an 'orgasmic' state. She started to very slightly moan, so I insisted that she relax. She became completely quiet and still.

I continued to talk to her while I continued to gently massage her deep spot. Her vagina continued to gently contract, but her vagina never did go into the powerful contractions synonymous with 'coming.' She remained absolutely motionless and quiet.

This went on for some time. I had certainly massaged her long enough to make her come a few times, but it had never happened.

Since her vagina was gently contracting, and there was no abreaction, I figured

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL everything was OK. She was either enjoying herself immensely or she was bored as hell.

After about 15 minutes, I had to know. I said "On the count of 3, you will remain in a light trance and you will open your eyes and we will have conversation. 1 2 3." She looked at me. I said "Hi Baby, how are you feeling?" She said "Fucking incredible." I said "Oh really? How is that?" She said "I wish you could feel what I am feeling." I said "Is that so? What are you feeling? Can you describe it?" She said "No."

I needed her to be conscious so that she could talk. I had her close her eyes and then I took her all the way out. She opened her eyes and stared at me. I said "Hi Baby, what were you feeling?" She said "David, I was feeling total ecstasy. I was THIS close the entire time, but it was not a frustrated close. I felt no need to come, there was no goal, just pure ecstasy. You know how it is when you're like 2 seconds from coming? Well, it was like that continuously, but there was no need to come. I don't think I could have come anyway." Then she hugged me and said "David, I love the way you make me feel" and she began to cry with tears of overwhelming joy.

I just held her for a while and then she said "It was like the sexual pleasure traveled up my body and into my head. In regular sex, the pleasure goes as high as my belly button, but this time it totally consumed me and the pleasure swirled around in my head. In regular sex, it is like 'uh uh uh' and my pussy aches to come, but this time, it was total peace and continual ecstasy."

Then she jumped up and said "I need to go downstairs and have an 'after sex cigarette.'" I said "But you haven't come yet!" She said "I don't need to. You know how your body feels just after sex? When your entire body feels so good? Well, that's how I feel right now. I am totally satisfied." I said "But! But!" as I followed her down the stairs.

At the kitchen table I asked her "You were in for about 15 minutes, could you have continued? For like 6 hours?" She said "Oh yes!" I said "OK, next weekend let's do that." She said "Yes! You can just plug me in and leave me there!" ha ha ha

I think what I'll do is hypnotize her, and then use my 'thinkoff technique on her so that her mind can provide the stimulation that she requires, and then tell her to relax, and just let her go. She will be able to control the level of stimulation that she needs and she can just bask in the ecstasy. I'll read the newspaper. hehe

Then I asked her "Which do you prefer more; the continuous ecstasy, or to come in regular intercourse?" She said "I like them both. They are totally different."

In just one hypnosis session, my girlfriend was able to experience continuous total ecstasy.

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