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Let's face it, we all want to get our girlfriends to pose naked for us. Now some women will happily strip and spread 'em at the drop of a hat. But for most women, they are a bit 'shy' and will require a little more 'encouragement,' especially if she has a position of status in the community. Certainly, getting her to pose for nude pics is a very important element of getting her to expand her envelope of sexuality. Here is the formula that I have used. It all starts out very innocently.

One night when she comes over for our date, I will say "Oh Baby, you look great, I'm going to take a picture of you." And I'll get out my digital camera and I'll take a picture of her. Then I'll upload the picture to my computer and I'll show it to her on the monitor. Then I will say how good she looks in her picture. I will then suggest that we take a picture together. I will hold the camera out at arms length or I will put the camera on a tripod and take a picture of us both. It is more personal to do it at arms length. Again we review the picture on the computer and it is enjoyable. Then I will suggest that she kiss me on the cheek as I take the picture. Then when we review that picture, I again encourage her. She at that point will be even more motivated to make the pictures even sexier. She will enjoy seeing herself in the pictures and she will make the kiss even more seductive. Then I will print out her most seductive picture and give it to her. She can always look at that picture and remember how fun it was, and how fun it was to pose seductively for my camera. That ends the first session. We go out on our date.

It is important to use a digital camera, because you and she can immediately review the pictures. She can see how she looks in the pics and enjoy it. It's all in fun and it brings you both closer together. Also, in doing all of this, remember that there has to be a good reason given to her why any particular article of clothing should be removed.

Also, make use of commitment and consistency as much as possible. Ross Jeffries tells us to use Commitment and Consistency in seduction. It can also be a very effective tool to use AFTER the seduction, IN a relationship, to expand her envelope of sexuality. For example, when doing something new with her, obtain her Commitment by saying: "I am really enjoying this. Are you enjoying this Baby?" She will say "Yes!" This is her Commitment. Now she must be Consistent with her Commitment. Use that when you want to expand her envelope even further. If she hesitates, call her on her Consistency to her Commitment by saying: "Baby, aren't you enjoying this?" She must be Consistent and say "Yes." Then make that new adventure fun and exciting and again obtain her Commitment to that. On and on.

On a later day, I will buy her a special piece of clothing, like a sexy corset, or sexy underwear from Victoria's Secret. Then of course, when we are home, and she puts it on for me, I tell her how very sexy she looks, and I suggest that I take a picture of her because she does look so sexy. While taking the pictures I continually encourage her. I say things like "Oh yeah, Baby, that's it, that's it, oh yeah Baby, that's

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL beautiful." Then I will show her the pictures on the computer. She will really begin to really get into it. Then I will suggest taking pictures in a different position from a different angle. And back to the posing we go for more pictures and more encouragement. Then I will again show her the pictures on the computer monitor. By now she is really getting into it, feeling very feminine and beautiful, almost boastful and exhibitionist, and really beginning to ham it up for the camera to really make it look sexy. Then I say to her: "Baby, your breasts are so beautiful, I want to get a picture of your breasts, take your bra off." This usually isn't very difficult. She may offer some resistance, like: "These pictures aren't going to show up on the Internet are they?" And you of course I say "Oh no Baby, these are strictly for you and me!" I will put her in flattering poses and then show her the subsequent flattering pictures. I encourage her further, and she grows increasingly excited about the poses.

After she has enjoyed seeing the flattering pictures of her topless, the last article of clothing must come off, her panties. This is the most difficult piece of clothing to liberate. I will say something like: "Oh baby, your panties are cutting into the side of your hips right here, take your panties off." If she offers resistance, I'll say "Its alright Baby, you will keep your legs together at all times." If she needs further convincing, I will say "Oh Baby, your naked body is so beautiful, don't you want a picture of it? You are very beautiful to me, and I certainly want a picture of you" and then a lot of encouragement and making her feel really sexy. Once the panties are off, let her really ham it up for the camera. It is important that you always make her feel special and beautiful.

Again, print out the most sexy pictures for her. Let her enjoy looking at them for a couple weeks, and for her to enjoy having such flattering pictures taken of her, and for her to think about doing it again. As time goes by, she will fantasize about it again. Then comes the really fun one.

One night, when she is feeling really sexual, I will suggest more picture taking. When she agrees, I start snapping pictures, but then I suggest that it would be wonderful to take her pictures with the video camera. She may offer some resistance, like "What are you going to do with the tape?" I will assure her that "I will guard this tape with my life, and I will view it on those nights when we cannot be together, and it will make me feel as if I am actually with you." I will hold the video camera and I will let her really ham it up. She will see herself on the TV screen as we discover increasingly sensual poses for her. Then I will set the video camera on a tripod or on something nearby, and I will get in the picture and start kissing her. Heavy petting ensues. I may then say "Oh Baby, you have made me so excited, you are so sexy." And the next thing you know, you are making your own home porno movie.

The next time you get her in front of the video camera, hypnotize her and make it her reality that she is a porn queen. :-)

"Then suddenly I was hit with a revelation. The way a woman's body is made, the way a man's body responds to it. The fire burning in my loins, the intense desire to

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL merge as one. It all came together in one brilliantflash." Don Juan DeMarco

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