Women need dichotomy in their lives.

During the day, she is that proper educated professional woman with a career. But at night, she wants to express her sexuality like a slut. (Without being a slut. Big difference.)

During the day, she wants to be in control of her life and her destiny. But at night, she wants to be submissive and told what she will do sexually.

A woman wants to be known by most of the people in her life as being innocent. But with her man, she wants to be naughty.

On Sunday mornings, she is a Sunday school teacher. On Saturday nights, she is a slut.

Certainly, every woman is different. Each woman has preferences, norms, and extremes unique to her.

A woman is attracted to the dichotomy in her man. Her man must be sensitive, yet strong. Caring, yet dominant. Sweet, yet able to tell her what she will do sexually.

A woman is attracted to a man who is serious and focused about his career during the day, but at night can be light hearted and people oriented.

A woman is attracted to a man who is confident (Not cocky. Big difference) but who also does not take himself too seriously.

With the right man, a woman can allow herself to act dirty. (Without being dirty. Big difference.)

In the living room, a woman expects her man to use proper anatomical terms, like penis and vagina. In the bedroom, she expects him to use slang terms, like cock and pussy. If he uses slang in the living room, she sees him as inappropriate. If he uses proper terms in the bedroom, she just laughs.

When a woman feels secure, cared about, and special, then she can be turned on about being someone's horny bitch. She can be turned on about being flicked doggy up the ass while having her hair pulled and ass slapped. She can be turned on about watching her man fuck another woman.

All of the above assumes a mentally healthy woman with a good sense of deservedness. It is true that there are mentally screwed up women with a bad sense of deservedness, and practicing the above is more of an affirmation to her for what she believes she deserves as a person, rather than a healthy expression of her sexuality. (Very big difference.)

And another thing... Some men blame society, or religion, or strict upbringings, for repressing female sexual expressiveness. We know very well that women don't want to be sluts, but the reality is that they get slutty for us all the time. We hear women say they would never do a one night stand, but the reality is that they do it anyway! Society does not impose anything upon women, at least in Western cultures. Women choose it that way themselves. Women are social creatures. They want all that social establishments have to offer. If there weren't a societal structure, women would create one. They're social creatures. Women prefer it that way. They want to know if the man is a social creature. They want to know if he can work within the social rules. They will run him through all their social tests, and when he passes, they fuck him silly. Simple really. Women will continue to sustain the social norms and enjoy being on the arm of a proper gentleman, and women will continue to surrender to him when he fucks them hard like the very naughty sluts that they love to be. Stop worrying about society, or religion, or strict upbringings; instead, embrace the dichotomy of womankind.

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