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I exchanged emails with a woman (we'll call her Debbie) who wanted to ask me about hypnosis, including its use in enhancing sexual pleasure. She said that she had clitoral orgasms, but she did not believe that she had ever had a vaginal orgasm. I asked her what she thought a vaginal orgasm would be like. She didn't know.

We spoke on the phone, and I answered her questions about hypnosis, and what I have done with hypnosis. I asked her if she had been hypnotized before. She said that a guy friend of hers who knew hypnosis had tried to hypnotize her, but she did not believe that she really went in. I asked her what she thought trance would be like. She didn't know.

I decided that I was going to give her her first vaginal orgasm... using hypnosis over the phone.

She asked me if I would hypnotize her. I told her that under the condition that she is compliant to my commands, I would see if she were capable of being hypnotized. If she could do that, then we could discuss a deep hypnosis. (Qualifying.) We agreed on a time for her to call me again. I gave her instructions for how to prepare for the session. (Presuppositioning and investing for sexual responsiveness.)

When she called, she was a little nervous, but she was looking forward to going into trance. She had been compliant with the preparations.

I said, "Tonight, you are going to go into trance. Do you want to go into trance Debbie?" She said "Yes." I said "Are you ready to go into trance now?" She said "Yes."

I used the induction that I learned from Mark, which you read about in "A complete script." I then used more deepening language to make sure she went in very deep. The induction took about 10 or 15 minutes.

Then I said "On the count of three, you will keep your eyes closed, and you will remain in trance, and we will have conversation. 1... 2... 3... (snap) Hi Debbie." She said "Hi." I said "How do you feeeel?" She slowly said "Really relaxed." I said "Is your body very relaxed?" She said "My body feels like it's tingling." I said "Is your mind very relaxed Debbie?" She whispered "Yes." I said "Do you enjoy the feeling of deep trance Debbie?" She whispered "Yes."

She was not as somnambulistic as I would have liked. I said "Do you want to go back down into deep trance Debbie?" She whispered "Yes." So I sent her back in. I spent more time deepening, and I gave her instructions for an instant re-induction trigger on the words "Deep sleep." I let her tingling consume her entire body, relaxing her body even more. Then I brought her back up to light trance with the 3 count.

I said "Hi Debbie." She whispered "Hi." I said "How do you feeeeeel?" She slowly whispered "Very relaxed." I said "Your body is very relaxed right now. Your body is so relaxed that it doesn't even want to move." I demonstrated how her left hand was stuck to the phone, and the phone was stuck to her left ear, and that her right hand could not move, and that no matter how hard she tried, she could not move her right

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL hand. She affirmed. Then I instructed her that her right hand was free and I instructed her to move her right hand. She complied, and she began to breathe quickly. She was convinced. I said "You do understand Debbie that I am now in complete control of your body, isn't that right Debbie?" She whispered "Yes." I said "Right now your entire body is tingling with delight and anticipation. Isn't that right?" "Yes." "I can make you feel anything, isn't that true Debbie?" "Yes." "Do you want to go back deep into trance Debbie?" She whispered "Yes."

I used her re-induction trigger "Deep sleep" and sent her back in deep. I heightened her senses and built up the tingling. I told her that the fact that I am in complete control of her body makes her very excited. I wanted to talk to her while she was fully conscious before I did anything sexual, so I took her all the way out of hypnosis.

Then I said "Hi Debbie! How do you feel?" She said "I feel really good!" and she giggled. I said "Did you enjoy trance Debbie?" She said "Yeah! I felt tingly, and then I felt more tingly, and then I felt like waves of tingles. I felt them everywhere. I can still feel my hands and my feet the most." I said "You were very responsive to my commands Debbie. How did it feel that I was in complete control of you?" She said "I liked it." I said "Did you find that exciting?" She whispered "Yes." I said "Did you find it exciting knowing that I could make you feel incredible pleasure in trance?" "Yes." "Does that already make you feel the waves of tingle flow through you?" "Yes." "Even in anticipation of feeling incredible pleasure?" "Yes." "And that makes you feel those waves of pleasure, of tingle, all throughout your body, churning up even more powerfully. Feel those waves of pleasure, those waves of tingle, welling up even more, and stronger, and stronger, all throughout your body. Feel the tingle in your hands and in your feet extending into your body. Feel the wave after wave of pleasure flowing over and through your body. And that feels wonderful, doesn't it Debbie?" She breathlessly said "Yes."

I said "That makes you so happy that you are a woman. Isn't that true?" She breathlessly said "Yes." "You love being a woman, don't you?" "Yes." "And you love feeling very sexual, don't you?" "Yes." "And feeling sexual makes you feel even more like a woman, isn't that true, Debbie?" "Yes." "And making you feel like a woman makes you very excited, doesn't it?" "Yes." "And when you feel excited, it makes you want to feel incredible pleasure, doesn't it?" "Yes" "You can already feel those waves of pleasure flowing through your body making you even more excited, isn't that true?" "Yes." "And that makes every nerve in your body sing with delight, isn't that true?" "Yes." "And that makes every nerve in your body absolutely on the edge of desire, isn't that true?" "Yes." "And every nerve in your body is feeling such incredible anticipation, isn't that true?" "Yes." At this point she was breathless.

I said "Are you excited right now Debbie?" "Yes." "Do you feel sexual right now Debbie?" "Yes." "Do you want to go into trance now and feel incredible indescribable pleasure now Debbie?" "Yes." "Are you ready to go into trance now Debbie?" "Yes." "Deep sleep!"

I sent her back down deep. I could hear her lungs emptying. I used deepening language and mixed in exciting language as described above for about two minutes.

Then I said "You can even feel the excitement in your vagina. You can feel every nerve in your vagina simultaneously singing in delight. Feel every nerve in your vagina on the edge of anticipation. Feel every nerve in your vagina simultaneously stimulated now. Feel every nerve in your vagina sending incredible pleasure into your body. And feel your vagina sending pleasure all throughout your body. As you feel every wave of pleasure spreading all throughout your body. Getting stronger and stronger and stronger. Wave after wave getting stronger and stronger. Feel it building up making you even more excited, even more excited, because you want to feel indescribable pleasure."

At this point she was really close, so with a very commanding voice I said "Begin to feel that pleasure concentrate in your vagina. Feel the tingle in your body moving towards your vagina. Deep inside your vagina. Feel the tingle building in your vagina. Growing even stronger. Wave after wave. Even stronger. Even stronger. Concentrate on it. And it builds on itself. And it's getting even stronger. It feels even stronger. Surrender yourself completely to it. Give yourself over completely to it. Even stronger now. Feel it tingling deep inside of you. Stronger and stronger. Now make it even stronger. Even stronger." And then she had a very powerful and vocal orgasm.

After she caught her breath I sent her back down deep and I told her that she could enjoy that at any time in the future by simply concentrating on it. Then I took her all the way out of trance.

I said "Hi Debbie!" She enthusiastically said "Hi!" I said "How do you feel?" She said "Oh my God, wonderful. I still feel good. That was just awesome." I said "It feels wonderful when your vagina gives you an orgasm. Was it a different orgasm?" She said "Yes. It was deep. It was totally unlike what I have ever felt before. Usually it is on the surface, but this was very deep. It went from tingles to waves and then I felt warm. I still feel warm." I said "Was it powerful?" She said "Oh my God YES! It felt so GOOD. I still feel good."

"Women react to me the way that they do, Don Ottavio, because they sense that I search out the beauty that wells within them until it overwhelms everything, and then they cannot avoid their desires to release that beauty and envelope me in it." Don Juan DeMarco

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL The Welcomed Method

Most women believe that direct stimulation of the naked tip of the clit is too sensitive. My girlfriend said the same thing. When she masturbates, she goes in a circular motion. She also prefers that I touch her clit in the same manner. She does not like the naked tip of the clit to be touched, as it is "too much." She prefers the hood to be rubbed over the clit, providing a "pushing" pressure onto the clit.

My friend Brent lent me a video he ordered from the web site: welcomed.com. The guy in the video certainly seems to know what he is doing. He showed how you must directly touch the naked tip of the clit at its one o'clock position (as looking AT the clit) with the tip of the index fmger. In the video he demonstrated on a woman. He rubbed her for about 10 minutes. All the time she was orgasmic, but she never 'came.' I returned the video and thought nothing of it.

One night I told my girlfriend about what I learned in the video and I showed her the web site. I told her that the guy said that "Any clitoris can be touched, when touched right." I said to her "I want to try an experiment." She said "OK! But I'm a little skeptical as in the past direct stimulation has been too powerful."

Just as in the video, I had her lie on her back. I sat to her left side and placed my left arm under her left leg with my hand under her ass with my thumb pressing on her perineum (between her vagina and her anus.) The video said this makes her feel secure and anchors the clitoris. My girlfriend agreed with that. The video said to use a lot of lubrication because you must avoid micro scratches. I used Astro Glide, nothing else works nearly as well. Just as in the video, I slid the tip of my right index finger up onto her clitoris. I smeared the lubrication onto her clit and then began to rub the one o'clock position of the naked bulb of the clit. The rubbing is to be done with the tip of the index fmger pointing straight at the clit. The strokes are about one half inch and at a frequency of about 1 or 2 strokes a second. The strokes are to be radial, as if along the minute hand at five minutes past the hour. She immediately responded favorably. She said "I LIKE THIS experiment." I tried the 11 o'clock position and asked her if that was any different. She said that the one o'clock position was better. I then tried the six o'clock position, and again she said that the one o'clock position was better. So I went back to that. I don't know why the one o'clock position is better, and the guy in the video didn't explain it. I continued. Before long, she said "This feels SO good that I don't WANT to come!" I instructed her to continue to relax totally. She said she was right on the edge. She was in continuous total ecstasy. This continued for about 30 minutes. Then she said that the pleasure was so intense that she couldn't take it anymore and she wanted to come. I told her the magic words, and she did.

We talked about it and she said "The orgasm was different than any before. The sensation was different. It was like my clitoris was being pulled! It was like I had a penis and it was getting pulled. It is totally unlike the usual rubbing where there is pressure ONTO the clitoris. This was different."

The next day she said "Every time I think about it, I get really horny. It's like

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL when you first learn how to masturbate, you want to keep doing it. I've been craving it all day, I'm walking around with a clitoris hard on!"

"One night, I watched her at the window in her sleep. I noticed for the first time, how a woman's underclothes barely touches her skin. How it rides on a cushion of air as she moves. How the silk floats about her body, brushing her flesh like an angel's wings, and I understood how a woman must be touched. " Don Juan DeMarco

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