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Imagine this for a moment. Think of a buddy of yours that you trust and who is good with women. It has to be someone you trust. And you ask him to help you out with something. Now, imagine your woman, facing you, naked, on her hands a knees, and then watch the look on her face as your buddy enters her. Now, tell her to show you how good she can fuck. Tell her to fuck him like the horny little slut that she is. And while she fucks him hard, you tell her to show you how fucking hard she can come for you. And as she starts getting close, it tugs at your heart. But then when she comes really hard, she looks amazingly beautiful to you. Yeah, that's right. After your girlfriend smothers you with kisses and hugs, your buddy's girlfriend jumps on the bed and you return the favor and fuck her while your woman cheers you on. Hey, what's fair is fair. And hey, just because your woman is with you doesn't mean you have to be the last man she can ever have sex with. And besides, she has been bringing bisexual women to you so she can watch you fuck them! Get your woman involved in swinging, and tell her to show you how good she can fuck for you. It is the most genuine expression of trust and ruthless expression of sexuality that she could demonstrate to you. If you want her to have everything she ever wanted with you, if you want to make her even more wildly crazy about you, it is extremely powerful. Do it properly and use with caution: it will bring secure relationships much closer together, and destroy the rest.

Because your woman is very happy and fulfilled in her relationship with you, she has no interest in establishing an emotional relationship with another man. But she still is a woman, and she still sees men that she finds attractive. And, damnit, if she's bisexual, she is very attracted to attractive women.

In the context of an expression of sexuality, in the context that it is something that you two do together, in the context that it is for the greater enjoyment of the relationship, and only if your relationship is very secure, swinging offers a steady stream of sexual variety for both of you.

There are a lot more people into swinging than one would think. They come in all shapes and sizes. The ages range anywhere between 22 and 62, but mostly in their 30s and early 40s. Most of the couples are married, with him being straight and her being bi, but there is most any variation you could imagine. Many women went in straight, but became bi after being in the community for a while, and love it. In most cases, both people are equally happy about being in the community. In a few cases, one is just going along with it. You might think that in almost all cases the man suggested the idea to the

At a later date, ask her what she liked most about each of the fantasies. Do not push anything. When she discusses the double penetration fantasy, be sure to mention that you think it would be exciting in the context of your secure relationship with her, it would be an expression of her sexuality, there would be no jealousy on your part, and you would want her to demonstrate to you just how very excited it makes her. This is

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL very important; anything she does in expanding her envelop of sexuality is done in order to please you and make the relationship even more exciting

At the next "Story Time," read a fantasy about a threesome, a fantasy about double penetration, and then a fantasy about two couples engaging in wife swapping. Make the fantasies very exciting and very real for her. Then top the night off with some awesome sex. The next night discuss the fantasies. Get her feelings about the wife swapping. After she verifies that it was very exciting for her, as a hypothetical fantasy, repeat the fantasy, but this time about her and you staring in the fantasy, in the context that it is done as a celebration of her sexuality and as something that brings you two even closer to each other. When she gets very excited about that, she has further verified for herself that she would be interested in engaging in that activity. Discuss the context in which it can be real for both of you.

Or you could just simply say to your woman "Darling, this Saturday night I am taking you to a swinger's dance. We will stay and watch for a while. You can then decide if you want to stay longer." Her curiosity alone may be enough for her to agree. Once she is there and sees all the attractive people and the many sexy bisexual women, she will quickly get into it.

After you suggest the idea to your woman, one of her concerns may be that the people in the swinger community are skanky horny unattractive people. Actually, there are many attractive people including lots of hot bisexual women in the community. That is the biggest draw for most women to the community. After you get into the community, don't be surprised if your woman becomes very enthusiastic about the idea. And don't be surprised if she puts in more time and effort into making something happen than you do. It's a good thing.

So... how do you get with a couple? There are three basic ways to meet couples; from swinger's online ads, at the swinger's dances, or at the on-premises clubs. When couples first meet through online ads they exchange pictures and emails, and then agree on a local bar to meet for drinks.. At the dances, people take their time getting to know other people. Often couples have come with another couple that they are already "playing with" and are at the dances as foreplay, but they may have their eyes open for new alternatives if sufficiently impressed. At the on premises clubs, couples are there for one reason and are ready to go. Usually only a short half hour conversation is all that is required before going back to one of the rooms to wife swap.

There are a number of things to remember when you are talking to a couple. Do not be pushy, just be likable and fun. You absolutely must be the guy's buddy. It is very important that he be able to trust you. Hey, it's his wife you're going to be fucking. There is no need to seduce the other woman. Everybody in the swinger community knows what everybody is there for. She only needs to find you likable and socially graceful and relatively attractive. It is very important that she finds your woman attractive. A woman may agree to be with another couple if she really finds the woman attractive. The better looking your woman is, the more couples that will be interested in you two. Demonstrate to the other woman that you understand the

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL swinger community and that you know what you are doing. Do this by sharing stories about your experiences in the community. Tell them as if they are humorous stories, but in the stories you convey how you and your woman are very sexual and exciting.

You have to find a couple that is interested in the same things you are. If you two are interested in full swap, you have to eliminate the couples that are only there for soft swap. You do this by talking to them about the community, and sharing experiences. In doing so, you convey the things I talked about above, and you find if they are interested in the same things.

It is a matter of finding a couple in which all 4 people are comfortable with each other. And couples can be flaky. It is usually the woman that must be convinced. The men are usually generally cooperative. Interestingly, often the man just sits back while the woman does the scouting, selecting, and introductions. Sometimes it is the man that flakes, and usually then because he is intimidated.

There may be times when your woman may get frustrated with the seemingly indecisive and inconsistent behavior of couples. It is a lot harder to get 4 people to all like each other than to get 2 people to like each other. Swingers can be very superficial. It is mostly based on physical attraction, since there is not an emotional component.

So... How do you get things started? The typical scenario is talking over drinks. The four people talk about the community and then share their particular preferences and limits. When you do meet a couple that you both like, things then tend to move along quickly. Then it's back to a bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, get the two girls going at it. Have them start kissing each other. After they have done that for a while, then instruct them into further activity. After they have stripped and eaten each other out, they are ready for cock. Then the guys join in.

Be patient. Include your woman in everything you do. And remember, just because a couple is in the community does not necessarily mean they are good lovers.

Search the web for dances and clubs in your area. Attend them and meet people. As they get to know you, they will invite you to the large private unadvertised dances and clubs where the beautiful people go.

"For it is when you surrender to the vulnerabilities of passion that you are fulfilled the most." David Shade

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