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My girlfriend had mentioned that she had a dream of us being in the middle of a large room, with many people standing around, as if at a fetish party, watching us do it doggy on a bed, while I said to her: "It's just you and me baby."

So, one night I hypnotized her, and while she was deep in trance, I made it her reality that we were in that situation. I said: "Tonight, you and I are on a bed in the middle of a large room. Many people are standing around the room, watching us. They have gathered here tonight to watch us fuck. On the count of 3, you will keep your eyes closed. You will turn over, and you will get on your hands and knees, and everybody will be watching you. 1, 2, 3."

She slowly turned over and got on all fours. I played my part in the fantasy by saying things like "It's just you and me baby" and "Pay no attention to those people." She placed herself on me, and we went at it. She was fully participating, enthusiastically so. It should be noted that she, all on her own, brought herself up to the level of trance that was required to participate, while still remaining under hypnosis. For her, it was real, and incredibly exciting. The fantasy did ultimately and simultaneously come to a very satisfying conclusion. After we caught our breath, I told her to lay down and go deep in trance. Then I took her all the way out.

Later we talked about it. She said it was completely real for her, she truly believed she was there. She saw a dark room, with many mysterious people in dark clothes standing around watching us. She did also say that I did it wrong, that in her original fantasy, she was on top. Oh well, she said she didn't mind, and it made no difference in her fantasy at the time. What a gal.

Now you may ask, "What about the lack of physiological feedback that is required for the fantasy, or about physiological feedback that may be contrary to the fantasy?" Her mind will provide the physiological feedback that may not be there, but must be part of the fantasy, in order that the fantasy be her reality. Her mind will also filter out any minor 'reality' distractions, which are few in the privacy of one's bedroom.

"What about the hypnotist not being congruent with the fantasy?" Maintaining congruency with the fantasy is easy. The hypnotist told her what will happen, so the hypnotist knows his role.

"What about giving the instructions?" The instructions are given while she is deep in trance, before counting to three. After counting to three, there are no more instructions to give. The hypnotist merely plays his part.

"What about remaining in uptime to check on the subject's physiological feedback responses?" Actually, very few compute cycles are required for uptime while 'performing the relevant actions' during the enactment of a sexual fantasy, as the instructions were very clear.

"How about just putting her under, content free, and letting her just make something up while she is under?" No, the hypnotist needs to drive. Before the

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL hypnosis, she tells the hypnotist her fantasy, and then the hypnotist writes the script for the instructions. Under hypnosis, he needs to tell her exactly what will happen, and what she will do. Otherwise, he has no idea what is going on in her mind, and cannot be congruent with the fantasy. When the instructions are very clear, minimal uptime is required, leaving resources for the enactment.

"What if I don't get the chance to take her out of trance?" If, let's say, you get called away to save the world, she will bubble up out of hypnosis and return to complete consciousness on her own. One time, after 'performing the relevant actions,' my girlfriend and I were talking, which then flowed into going about our day doing whatever, and I remembered that I had forgotten to return her to complete consciousness. I noticed that she was fully functional, so I asked her about it and she said "I figured you forgot, and I got tired of waiting, so I just came out myself."

"Do you think this bed, these sheets, and such a corset can deliver your soul from the seductive dreams which you fear? " Giacomo Casanova

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Advanced Hypnosis For Newbies

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