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Some men are 'naturals.' Women love them, are drawn to them, and are highly responsive to them. In other words, the true masters are in very deep rapport with women. I wanted to know what the true masters have, what they do, and who they ARE. I have been studying the true masters, such as Giacomo Casanova, Mark Cunningham, and Rich H, just as Napoleon Hill studied the true masters of industry, like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Robert Dilts, a leading NLP researcher, proposed the six neurological levels:

Transmission 6. Spiritual Mission 5. Identity (Who)

Permission/Motivation 4. Beliefs/Values (Why)

Direction 3. Capabilities (How)

Action 2. Behaviors (What)

Reaction 1. Environment (Where/When) Boundaries and Constraints

The lowest level is environment, the place and time we are in and the people we are with. Environment is defined by boundaries and constraints. Rapport is built through shared experiences.

The second level is behavior; the actions and thoughts we carry out consciously. Behaviors are in reaction to environment. Rapport is built trough our actions in uptime.

The third level is capability, or skills - our unconscious competence. Capabilities determine action, which is manifest in behavior. We develop rapport building skills.

The fourth level is beliefs and values; what we believe is true and what is important to us. Beliefs and values provide direction for skills building. Rapport is built through congruency of values.

The fifth level is identity, your sense of yourself and mission in life, who you ARE. Identity provides and determines the permission and motivation for beliefs and values. Rapport is with yourself; through congruency between the core beliefs and values that define who you are.

The highest level is spiritual, your connection to the infinite universe. The spiritual level provides the motivation for the identity.

Rapport is being one with humankind and all of the universe through transmission.

Each level drives the next lower level. A true master develops all the levels. A true master is in rapport with women on all levels.

Spiritual: A true master feels a connection to all women. Women sense his positive nurturing energy, but even more, they feel his sexual energy. They are naturally drawn to him, and see him as a sensual being.

Hill tells us that the ultimate secret to success is to spiritually tap into the infinite intelligence in the universe. Casanova had an uncanny spiritual connection with women. Women were curiously drawn to him.

It is very natural for a true master to have as a mission giving women incredible pleasure.

"Man's greatest motivating force is his desire to please woman!" Napoleon Hill

Identity: Who a true master IS.

"BE a Master..." Mark Cunningham.

A true master is in rapport with himself. He has the identity of a man that loves women.

"I love women." Hue Hefner.

His identity gives him permission and motivation to be sensual with women.

"Women love being seduced. They love the way that feels." Rick H.

Beliefs and Values: A true master believes in women. He expects the best in a woman.

"Let her be all the woman she can be." Mark Cunningham.

He believes in the importance of sexually pleasing women. A true master believes that women love him.

"Women love men who love women." Mark Cunningham. A true master believes that he deserves women.

"Be it real or feigned, her sleep tells the intelligent lover of an adored object that he is unworthy to enjoy her the moment he begins to wonder if he may or may not take advantage of it." Giacomo Casanova.

His beliefs and values provide direction to his skills building. Capability: His skills in bringing out the best in a woman. His rapport building skills. His skills in sexually pleasing women. "Any woman can be taught to squirt." Mark Cunningham. His skills provide the actions necessary to please women. Behavior: What he does to please women. Treating women with respect.

"Leave them better than you found them." Mark Cunningham

His behavior is a natural and effective reaction to the women in his environment. Noticing her feedback, using what she gives him.

"She will tell you everything you need to seduce her." Mark Cunningham

To be a true master means to study them. Read and listen to everything by Mark Cunningham. Read "Story of My Life" by Giacomo Casanova. Read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

And lastly, Hill tells us that the truly successful men were also very sexual men.

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL "There never has been, and never will be a greater leader, builder, or artist lacking in this driving force of sex."

"She taught me nothing new in matters of the act itself but countless novelties in the way of sighs, ecstasies, transports and natural sentiments that arise only in such moments. Each discovery I made raised my soul to love, which in turn fortified me in the demonstration of my gratitude. She was astonished to find herself receptive to so much pleasure, for I showed her many things she had consideredfictions. I did things to her that she did not feel she could ask me to do, and I taught her that the slightest constraint spoils the greatest pleasures. When the morning bells tolled, she raised her eyes to the Third Heaven like an idolatress thanking the Mother and Son for having so well rewarded the effort it had cost her to declare her passion to me." Giacomo Casanova

Healing Spiritual Techniques

Healing Spiritual Techniques

Spiritual healing is the ability of your mind and soul to repair your ailments. These ailments are not limited mere physical wounds, but can also relate to mental illness and self esteem issues. Many modern day physicians invoke the idea of spiritual healing along with western medicine as a means to promote the health of their patients.

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