David Shades Manual A Truly Unique Way to Give a Woman an Orgasm

In the evening of Sunday, March 19, 2000, I flew back home after attending Mark Cunningham's three day Stage Hypnosis seminar. I knew that my life had forever changed by learning hypnosis, but I did not yet have any idea just how powerfully.

My fellow students and I had all learned how to hypnotize each other. We took turns making each other forget our names and forget numbers. Basically, we told each other what our reality would be.

We were given the task of creating an idea for a stage hypnosis skit. My suggestion was to make the subject explain why they had changed their gender for a day. It could make for some good laughs. Also in the weekend, Mark hypnotized one of the students and said "You no longer have a penis." It was real for the student. Mark was holding a cordless microphone, and jokingly said, "I have it right here and when I 'do like this' you feel it!" That made for some good laughs.

During the flight back home, I reflected on the weekend. My girlfriend was looking forward to my return. She had never been hypnotized, but she was excited about the idea. I thought about what I would have her experience. I knew that with hypnosis, I could make anything her reality. Absolutely Anything...

I decided that I was going to try the idea that I had suggested in class. I was going to make it her reality that she had changed her gender for a day, and then tell her to explain to me why she did it. Interestingly, if she were to be a man, then that would mean, yes, that she would have a penis! And, if she were to 'do like this' then she would actually feel it!

The following night she came over. I did the standing induction and then settled her down on the sofa. I told her she would forget her name. It did not work. I told her she might be the type of person who is more easily hypnotized while first sitting down. It took me 30 minutes to put her fully under. I planted no suggestions, but just let her enjoy the deep relaxation. I then brought her fully out of trance and said to her "Wasn't that fun!" She said "Yes! I did not want to come back out!" She discussed the wonderfully colorful hallucinations she enjoyed. Then I said "Now that I know the best way to hypnotize you, I would like to try something else." She declined, and conversation moved on to other topics.

Later in the evening, she became affectionate and wanted the evening's activities to move into the bedroom. I interrupted her and said "First! I want to give you a special gift. I want to give you a new way to give yourself an orgasm." She was bright eyed and ready. I told her to sit on the sofa and make herself comfortable as I sat in a chair facing her.

This time it only took 5 minutes to put her completely under. When she was deep in trance, I told her "You have decided to become a man. On the count of three, you will open your eyes, and you will be a man. One, two, three." She looked straight at me. I looked at her strangely and said "There is something different about you." She

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL tersely said "You made me a man!" I said "Why did you decide to be a man?" She said "Because you told me to!" I said "Do you like being a man?" She said "No!" At this point I knew it was her reality. Then I said "The nice thing about being a man is you have a penis." She began to look embarrassed. I said "Touch your penis." She gave me a very embarrassed smile and then closed her eyes and she slowly moved her hand to touch her penis. I said "It makes your penis feel so good to touch it." She continued to touch it. I said "Caress your penis. It makes your penis excited." She caressed it. I said "You are making your penis very excited and it is getting hard. Hold your penis." She held it and her head settled back onto the back of the sofa. I said "Your penis is becoming very sensitive. It wants to be stroked. Stroke your penis." She started stroking it. However, she was stroking it at an angle out in front of her, so I said "Stroking your penis makes your penis so hard that it is standing straight up, pointing towards your face." She adjusted her angle of stroking. I said "Your cock is so hard and so sensitive. It wants you to stroke it harder. It wants you to stroke it faster." She did. Her legs opened and stiffened. Her head went back farther against the sofa. I said "Your cock wants you to make it cum. It wants you to make it cum all over your stomach. Stroke your cock harder. Make your cock cum all over your stomach." She was enthusiastically cranking away like a pro, and concentrating deeply. Only the back of her thighs and the back of her head were supporting her weight. I continued talking her through it. And then it happened... as she grunted deeply, she had a powerful raging orgasm.

After she caught her breath, and had settled back down into the couch, with her head resting to the side and her eyes still closed, I told her to rub her hands in her cum. She slid up her shirt and began rubbing her stomach. She was loving it. I told her to lick the tip of her finger. She did. I let her enjoy the feeling for a while and then I sent her back deep into hypnosis. I told her she was a woman now. The woman that she loves to be. Then I brought her completely out of hypnosis and all the way back to consciousness.

After she opened her eyes, I said "Wasn't that fun!" She gave me an 'I just did something naughty' smile. I said "What was it like?" She said "It was... like... hard core naughty, but in a good way" and she laughed. I said "Did you like being a man?" She said "No. I do not like being sexually strong or dominant." I said "Would it have worked if I had just made you grow a penis?" She said "Oh yes! I could do that!" I then asked her "Was that a real orgasm?" She said "Oh yes!" I said "What was it like?" She said "I cannot describe it. It is indescribable." I then said "Now you know how wonderful you make me feel when you make love to me." She just melted, and she kissed me and then hugged me. I then whispered into her ear: "So, anytime we make love, as you feel how wonderful it feels for you, you can also know how wonderful it feels for me." She was as much delighted as she was in a hurry to feel it in actuality.

I have to admit, it was wild watching her 'jack off.'

"Hypnosis always works." Mark Cunningham


I love women. I am fascinated by women. I adore everything that defines a woman as woman. I derive no greater pleasure than pleasing a woman. I love nothing more than to give a woman the most powerful long lasting orgasm of her entire life. I had always dreamed of making a woman come continuously for an hour straight. If I could do that, then my life would be complete.

I knew that a woman's orgasm is very cerebral. Her mind is the most important factor. Therefore, I would have to play to that. My journey began a few years ago...

About six years ago, I was dating a divorced single mother who was emotionally healthy, sensual, in touch with her sexuality, a little bit on the submissive side, had a fairly good imagination, intelligent, and in most respects was basically normal. Because geography kept us apart during the week, we would enjoy some occasional phone.

One night I decided I would really play with her head and try something new just to see what would happen. I was going to go through the usual stuff, but this time, I was going to tease her by instructing her to keep both of her hands behind her head. It was just gonna be some innocent fun. So I said to her...

Me: Ok, what hand are you holding the phone with?

Her: My left hand.

Me: Now first I want you to put your right hand behind your head. Her: Ok

Her: Yes

Me: Now I want you to make me a promise.

Her: Ok

Me: Do you trust me?

Her: Yes

Me: When I ask you to make me this promise, will you keep this promise?

Her: What are you asking me?

Me: Do you trust me?

Her: Yes David, I trust you.

Me: Here is what I want you to promise me.

Her: Ok

Me: I want you to promise me you will keep both of your hands right where they are.

Her: Oh God

Me: Promise?

Her: I promise.

So then I went into the usual stuff, but this time I took even more time and this time I went into much more detail, excruciating detail. I could tell it was driving her crazy. "Are you keeping your promise to me?" "...yes" After lots of tele-foreplay I worked my way towards the good stuff. She was going fucking nuts. It sounded like

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL she was grinding away at it.

Me: Do you trust me?

Her: Yes David

Me: I trust you and that you are keeping your promise to me. Her: I am David, I want to, what is happening?

It started getting hard and nasty. I was amazed that she was keeping up with me, even though her hands were behind her head. Then I went for the gold and narrated it in no uncertain terms and then it happened! She had a raging orgasm!

We caught our breath for a few seconds and then she said, "I can't believe this." I had to chuckle. "Good baby... Where are your hands?" She said "Still where I promised they would be." A few seconds later she said, "I can't believe this."

Awesome. Did she really keep her hands behind her head? I had no way of knowing for sure, but I did believe her when she said she did.

It has happened with a number of women since then. All of them were pretty much like her, in their 30's, most divorced, somewhat submissive, capable of imagination, intelligent, and basically sexually and emotionally healthy.

It only works with women that you have already gotten off before on the phone, because she has tele-sexual rapport with you. And it only works if they do not know what you intend to do, at least the first time, otherwise they will not believe you and they will resist. Future times are easier as she knows it is possible and she welcomes it.

I once read in a magazine article that some women are capable of an orgasm by simply thinking about it. They said it is called 'thinkofP. A fitting name.

"I love women." Hue Hefner

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