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Let's face it, we all want our girlfriends to be bisexual :-)

If you are dating, or wish to date, a bisexual woman, you would be well advised to do two things. First, you must get Rick H's "Banging bisexual babes" Methods and Masters CD from Straightforward. Rick tells you all the things you have to know in order to deal with bisexual women. Second, you must get Mark Cunningham's "Building a Better Girlfriend" from Mark tells you what you have to do in order to set the context in which your girlfriend can enjoy bisexuality.

In "Building a Better Girlfriend," Mark stresses that we create a context for our woman in which she can surprise us with her own ideas. Imagine my surprise when after my girlfriend and I had been dating a few weeks, she said to me "I would like to bring another woman into our bed." She said that she has always been sexually attracted to women, and that she had 'fooled' around with women before, but had never 'gone all the way.' I went into Rick's "Sexual Nurturing" pattern, and then elicited her rules and values around what a threesome would be for her. She said that she could never establish an emotional bond with a woman, and that it was purely sexual. She did not want a woman who would 'fall in love' with her. Just a woman as a girlfriend / fuck buddy. It had to be a stranger; friends are off limits. She said that she insisted that she and I maintain the exclusive emotional bond that we have for each other, and that she did not want me to establish an emotional bond with the other woman. I assured her that I intended to remain emotionally exclusive with her. She said that she did not want to be with another man, that she could only be with one man. I told her that I would never share her with any man and that the only man who would be involved would be me. I went into Rick's "Ying Yang energy" pattern. I did not ask her for details about what her and I and the other woman would do in a threesome. I figured things would take their natural course. I said "By sharing a woman together, it will bring us even closer together." (See "Building a Better Girlfriend.")

We had most of the rules understood, so we set out to meet women. However, she was a total AFC when it came to meeting women in person. She can wrap men around her little finger, but when it comes to women, she has all the classic restraints, such as "What if she doesn't like me?" or "She will think I am hitting on her." I used hypnosis to tell her while she was in trance that she was confident around women. That created a slight improvement, but basically, simply telling someone what they are to be just doesn't work.

She and I would go to the night clubs, and I would approach women on our behalf. We would get good rapport, but our sarging skills as a team were poor. I continued teaching her NLP, but I did not push anything. Women resent it when their man pushes them onto another woman.

The confidence building was enough for her to be able to go to the Internet and answer online ads from other bisexual women. On the Internet, or in gay bars, woman

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL on woman sex is very easy to obtain. The two women simply meet, and if they find each other attractive and with a pleasant personality, they go home and get it on. She admitted that woman on woman is more superficial and shallow than woman on man. That was about the time she and I were separated for two months. She ended up sleeping with 3 women during those two months.

After we got back together, she said "Some night I want Jenny to come out with us. It would be exciting for me if she and I were to hang on you. It would make you appear even more strong and sexy to me than you already are." She knew that I could play the role well. Then she said "It would be very exciting for me to watch you have sex with another woman while I rub her clit." I said I would oblige her. She said "Love is love, but sex is sex." What a gal.

She ended up not hooking back up with the three women she had been with, for various reasons. We went about our relationship, busy with things like teaching her to have a one hour orgasm and teaching her to squirt.

Eventually, she started talking about it again. She wanted the confidence to be able to approach any woman. I had an idea.

She is the top sales representative in her company with the highest 'closing' percentage. She is sent to various sites in the corporation to teach other sales representatives how to be as good as her.

One Sunday night, as we were driving to the restaurant, I asked her "What is your secret to 'closing the deal' with such precision?" Over the next three hours, she articulated her entire formula. There were ALL the typical NLP tactics in there; rapport building, linking feelings, letting the client think they are in charge when really she always is, pacing, reframing, scarcity, bridging between islands, fear of loss, etc. It was ALL in there. She had different terms for them, but they were ALL in there. It was amazing to listen to her. She finished her dissertation about the time we got back to my couch in my living room. I asked her "And how does it make you feel, personally, emotionally, if you loose a sale?" She said "Their loss."

In order to help her to be comfortable with women, all I had to do was let her think she was just 'closing another sale.' I thought that I might be able to move her pictures around. She has an undergraduate in psychology, and she has learned some NLP from me, so she was ready.

I told her to imagine that there was a giant movie screen all around her, and I asked her to show me where she placed pictures of people. Behind her were people she did not know yet. As she got to know them, they moved around either side and then to the front. People she didn't like went to the floor. People she established a deep emotional bond with were above her. I asked her "Where do you see clients?" She said "Directly in front of me." I said "Where do you see beautiful women you are attracted to?" She said "Directly in front of me." There was nothing I could do with that.

So I asked her to view 'movies' of HERSELF interacting with people, actually looking at herself and the other person interacting. This proved to be slightly different. She placed the movies of the women she had slept with behind her, because she has

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL since lost trust in them. She placed movies of interactions with men on either side of her, meaning that she won't expend any energy on them, but if they have something interesting to say, she will listen. She placed movies of people she didn't like on the floor. She placed movies of her clients directly in front of her. She placed movies of me all around her. Same with her parents, and her two life long girlfriends. Then I asked her "And where do you place movies of yourself interacting with beautiful women?" She said "All around me." I said "Do you notice where you place movies of interactions with beautiful women?" She said "Yes! I am putting too much emotion into it!" I said "What we are going to do is move your movies around. Do you believe this is going to work?" She said "Yes!" I said "It will be most effective under hypnosis. Are you ready to go into trance?" She said "Yes!"

I hypnotized her and I had her play all her movies, with the last being her interaction with beautiful women. Then I said "Now take all those movies, and begin moving them forward. Take all the movies of those interactions with beautiful women and move them all forward so that you can see them all directly in front of you. When you have done this, say Yes." After a couple seconds she slowly said "Yes." I said "Now, take a solid steel picture frame, and put that picture frame over those movies, so that those movies are inside that picture frame and only inside that picture frame. Now, take a powerful pneumatic wrench, and bolt that picture frame securely to the movie screen. Bolt it in. Put in some more bolts. Now that picture frame is securely anchored to the movie screen and those movies are securely restricted to only inside that picture frame. When this is true for you, say Yes." She slowly said "Yes." Then I took her out of trance.

I asked her to play movies for me again. All of them played back just as she had described before, but when I asked her to play movies of interactions with beautiful women, she smiled and said "They are only in front of me." I had her play movies in vivid detail, and then asked her how she felt. She said "I don't feel all emotionally wrapped up in it. The same with dealing with clients." I said "Now play a movie of a woman turning you down." She did and then said "Her loss." Then, with a very 'matter of fact' look on her face, she started asking me all sorts of questions about 'pick up.'

She became much more confident in talking to women, but I still had to do the initial approach and openers for us. Our sarging improved, and we would get the doggy dinner bowl look.

She was inspired to return to Internet online ads, and she met a number of women from the Internet on her own. However, she became somewhat disappointed with it. Either the woman was not attractive, or more commonly, had personality flaws. She asked me if I would be jealous or if my feelings would be hurt if she went to be with a woman alone. She said she has to have it. She has to be with a woman alone as well as bring a woman into our bed. I assured her that I was fully in support of her desires to be with a woman and that I was happy for her that she could celebrate her bisexuality. She said "Hey, it's not like I would be alone with a person of the

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL opposite sex. And I don't want you to be alone with someone of the opposite sex. I would feel as if you were paying more attention to another woman than to me."

I suggested that meeting women in person is a much better idea than the Internet. She was still unable to do cold walkups on her own. She knows that I talk to women everywhere I go, so she said "If you were to find a woman for us, that would really turn me on!" I said that it may require that I spend some time with the woman before being able to warm her up to the idea of also including my girlfriend. She retracted that idea.

I explained that we would be most effective working together. That way we could both see what the woman is like before we invite her into our time, and the woman could get to know us as a couple and know the rules up front.

I told her that her and my time together is precious. Any woman should be honored to be invited into our time. We are not going to arrange our schedule around other people. Instead, we can invite people into what we have already planned together. When we are together, it is about us. What we do together is what we enjoy together. She fully agreed.

She was still of the opinion that women would know that it was a couple hitting on them for a threesome. I maintained that it would be very innocent, and if the woman is interested, she will make it known. She had a somewhat wait and see attitude.

I reviewed basic pick-up tactics with her, the importance of her using her rapport building skills and sales skills, and we agreed on a strategy. She found that women were more than delighted to meet us, and she was surprised at the positive responses. I assured her it was normal. Our sarging skills as a team greatly improved, and the following weekend we got three kiss closes and a pocket full of phone numbers. She was absolutely glowing after having had beautiful women passionately kiss her.

When my girlfriend and I go out looking for a bisexual woman for a threesome, I do the opener and begin the conversation. Then we all get into small talk. My girlfriend and the woman will exchange a few sentences and establish rapport. If the woman asks about us, I speak romantically about our relationship. Either way, I then introduce my girlfriend to the woman. They shake hands and then I introduce myself and shake the woman's hand. But then I turn her hand palm up and study the lines on her palm. She asks if I read palms. I say that I do and ask if she would like to know what hers says about her. Then I read her palm with convincing authority and run a number of patterns which make her feel good about herself, which link pleasure to me, and which establishes a bond and increased rapport. Then I get to the part in Rick H's CD where I say "That is a sign of sexual adventurism." They always laugh. As she is laughing, I say "Do you like women?" They always give me an honest answer. If they say yes, I go into Rick H's "Bi is better" pattern. Then I run his "sexual nurturing" pattern. Then, depending on where conversation goes, might go into some other patterns. By this point, the woman will have complimented me. I then say

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL "Wow, I really appreciate that. That makes me feel very good. Give me a big hug!" and I open my arms wide and wait for her. When we hug I say softly into her ear "My girlfriend would really like it if you hugged her." Then she will hug my girlfriend. By now passion is in the air. We talk some more and I steer the conversation to where I can go into my "A threesome is a celebration" pattern. Then I will say "I am so glad we met you. You are a wonderful person. Give me a big hug!" When she hugs me, I slowly slide my cheek back against hers and we kiss. I let it get as passionate as she wishes, but then pull back and I say to her "My girlfriend would really like it of you were to kiss her." Then they kiss. Then my girlfriend invites her back to my place.

"Leave them better than you found them." Mark Cunningham


I have started studying the chakras, and how they could be used to enhance the sexual experience. I purchased the books "Pocket Guide to Chakras" by Joy Gardner-Gordon, "Sexual Magic" by Margo Anand, and "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden. Eden's book is very good.

The topic of chakras is rich in pattern raw material. And, when used to explain it to a prospective subject, makes for an excellent trance induction, i.e. 'seduce-nosis.'

Before explaining the chakras to my girlfriend, I wanted to see if she was in touch with her chakras. I did not explain the chakras to her before beginning, because I didn't want it to affect what she would see or feel. She had never heard an explanation of the chakras before. I did not use hypnosis.

I had her lay on her back on the bed. I said "There are seven chakras" and I placed my hand over each of her chakras and told her the name of each. When I placed my hand over each of her chakras, I could feel a repelling force, such as the north pole of two magnets pushing apart. But when my hand touched her skin, the repelling would go away. Then I would massage each chakra and vividly imagine that my hand was transferring energy to her. I never 'saw' any images, and I never 'felt' anything while touching her chakras.

Then I said "Now I will energize each of your chakras with energy from my hand. As I do, tell me what you experience."

I placed my hand over her pelvic bone. After a few seconds she said "Now I fell tingly in that area."

Then I placed my hand on her tummy just below her navel. She said "I feel comforting, nurturing feelings." I said "Do you see anything?" She said "No."

Then over her solar plexus. She said "I see bright yellow light, very bright. There are many forms, rays, solids." I said "Do you feel anything?" She said "No." I moved my hand away and she said "The light went away when you moved your hand. Whenever you move your hand away, whatever is there goes away."

Over her breast bone. She said "I feel a warm feeling. Very warm." I said "Do you see anything?" She said "No."

Over her throat. She said "I see a window with blue light coming through it. Now I see all blue with many bright blue stars." I waited a few seconds and she continued with "Now I see hundreds of gold chains going up in the shape of a pyramid to one large gold ring. The chains are made of bright gold links. It is against a blue background." I said "Do you hear anything?" She said "No."

Over her forehead - She said "I hear the word 'brave' over and over again." I said "Is it your voice or someone else's?" She said "I don't know." I said "Do you see anything?" She said "No." I took my hand away and I opened her third eye and I said "Now do you see anything?" She said "Nothing."

On the top of her head - She said "I am traveling down a long road with trees on either side. It is like driving, but I am not in a car." I said "Do you know where you

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL are going?" She said "No. Now I am in a dark tunnel. I can see light at the end. Now I am traveling up long steep stairs." I said "Where are the stairs leading?" She said "I don't know. Now I am somewhere in space. I am looking at swirling red, orange and yellow light being sucked into a vacuum, like a whirlpool. It's as if I were to stick my arm in, it would suck me through." I said "You are safe with me as your guide. You may go anywhere you want to. Where would you like to go?" She said "I don't know." I said "Go to your future self. Go to where she is." She said "OK, I did." I said "Do you see her?" She said "I have become her." I said "Where is she?" She said "She is giving a training class in a class room at a place of work." I said "How does it feel?" She said "It feels wonderful, it gives me meaning and purpose. But it is also painful." I said "Why is that?" She said "Because I don't know how to get there." I said "Ask her memory how you are to get there." She said "I think I need more courage. I follow my dreams, but I need to have more courage."

That is just too coincidental. In fact, it is fucking freaky. I was convinced.

Then I said "Now I am going to touch you, and as I do, I will guide the pleasure up through each of your chakras." As I touched her clit, I used the other hand to massage each of her chakras, guiding the pleasure higher. She said that as the sexual pleasure went higher, it became less sexual, and more like that feeling you get when you get really good news. "That 'Oooooooh' pleasure." I did not continue to see how good the news could get, as our first chakras got the best of us and reduced us to good old-fashioned 'Western traditions.'

I did not explain the seven chakras to my girlfriend at that time, as I wanted to wait until I was finished writing my description that I was working on, and I wanted to energize her chakras one more time the following weekend with the aid of hypnosis.

The following weekend I put her into trance, and then I massaged her chakras as before. This time the first four chakras were pretty much as before, except at her womb chakra she said "I feel protected, like a big hug."

Then when I got to her throat chakra, she said "I see a tall dark colored line going from the base all the way up." When I massaged her third eye chakra, she said "I feel an overwhelming feeling of power." I anchored that for her so she could access it at any time.

Then when I got to her crown chakra, she said "I am going down a very long road, just like last time, but this road is much longer." I said "Do you know where it is going?" She said "No. Now I am floating. I am naked. Now I am in space. I see myself spinning. I don't like this." I said "You are safe with me as your guide. I am right here protecting you. You may come out of hypnosis and I can take my hand away, or you may go anywhere else you would like." She said "I am at a beach. It is sunset. But there is a large brown / black block moving in from my left." I said "You can push it away, or you can go somewhere else." She said "I moved it away. It is gone. Now I can see everything. It is beautiful. I feel as free as a bird. I feel totally light. I do not feel my body at all. It is like I do not have a body. I don't know if I am explaining this very well." I said "You are doing very good Baby." She said "I have never been this deep in

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL hypnosis. Never. Not even close." Notice, she was talking to me the whole time. I said "We can visit that beach again later, but what I want you to do right now is come into the bedroom and hover above us and look down upon us. Can you do that? Can you see us?" She said "Yes, I am looking down at us. I can see us." I said "Now I want you to float down and come into my body and I want you to see yourself through my eyes. Can you do that? Can you see yourself through my eyes?" She said "Yes, I can." I said "Now I want you to feel my feelings and know how I feel about you. Can you do that? Do you feel this?" She said "I think so." I let her enjoy that for a while, and then I took her all the way out of hypnosis.

I said "How was that Baby?" She said "Oh David, it was beautiful, it was wonderful. I felt so free. I have never been that deep in hypnosis. I went in much, much, much deeper than I EVER have before! It was way beyond 'floaty,' it was as if I didn't even have a body. I was completely unaware of my body."

Then I said "Now I am going to touch you, and as I do, I will guide the pleasure up through each of your chakras." As I touched her clit, I used the other hand to massage each of her chakras, guiding the pleasure higher. I worked it all the way up to her crown chakra and told her to feel it while she is at the beach and feeling totally free. She was there. This time I continued until its cum-clusion.

Later I asked her about it, and she said that she was really at the beach, and it was very powerful and very wonderful, but she did not feel as free as if she had been when she was under hypnosis.

Then I read to her the description I had written for the seven chakras. I took some of Eden's description of the seven chakras, mixed in parts of description from the other books, and threaded in some NLP language, to produce the following description of the seven chakras.

The first chakra is the ROOT CHAKRA. The root chakra is our connection to the earth, the environment, and everything worldly. The energy at this center is governed by whether you received unconditional love and affection as a child. When your first chakra is strong, you feel grounded, and you feel comfortable with your body.

The base of the root chakra is like a pilot light. Its fire is sometimes called psychic heat. When the root chakra sends its force outward, it connects with the environment and with other people. It can be a bridge from one person's passions to another's.

The root chakra is associated with our tribal nature. It is an expression of the force in the universe that says "We are one."

The more civilized a culture, the more muddled the root chakra energy of its members tend to be. Many people feel a struggle because they feel that someone else owns their body, or has control over it. But people with a balanced first chakra feel natural, and feel free to celebrate their own body.

The root chakra is energetically the origin of sexual energy. Root chakra energy seeks out other root chakra energy, like the attraction of two magnets. That is the

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL nature of sexual attraction. It is where yin energy is attracted to yang energy.

While sexual feelings begin with a root chakra wanting to connect with another root chakra, sexuality is best when it can embody all seven chakras. A sexual union where all seven chakras meet is a merging of the urge for passion, the urge for creativity, the urge for individuality, love, expression, expanding consciousness, and spiritual union.

The color of the root chakra is bright red, and it has a texture of silk.

The second chakra is the WOMB CHAKRA. While the first chakra relates to sexual desire, the second chakra relates to sexuality and sensuality. The energy here fires up those desires and gives you the enthusiasm to reach out and obtain your goals.

It is a sacred vessel of imagination and creative impulses. It holds a world full of joy, freedom, and laughter. It is a protected domain, where the creative force can flourish. It is where the boundless creativity of the universe pours into each of us.

At its center is the nurturing protected place, the essential "me," still pure, glorious, and beautiful. It is the curious part of you that has long since been forgotten, but still exists.

When a person touches you here, you feel "seen," and understood, and validated, and you may respond with "I always wanted somebody to know this part of me."

When a person touches you here, often you can remember a part of yourself you had forgotten, a particular quality of playfulness and curiosity.

It is at the second chakra that the self embraces the body. It is here where you are connected to the pure creative energies that nourish your being.

The second chakra reveals the sweetness of a person's soul before being hardened by life's tribulations.

When you meditate, you are often making contact with the energy contained in the second chakra. The second chakra is governed by faith and trust in seeing all things for what they truly are.

The woman's ovaries and uterus are in the second chakra, yet the reproductive organs of the man are located in the first chakra. This is why women are emotional and sensual, while most men are earthy and sexual, and this is why women find themselves attracted to a man that has a strongly developed second chakra over men who only have first chakra energy.

The color of the second chakra is orange, though it can include all the autumn colors.

The third chakra is the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA. This is the center of your inner sun, and how it shines out into the world. This is the center of gut level intuition.

It is the force that maintains your individual identity, your personal ego. In these energies is formed who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to be seen.

Your third chakra is not only formed by genetic and soul level inheritances, but also how the world around you impacts your chakra. Your family, your friends, your

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL culture, all impact messages here.

It is here that tensions among "Who I am" and "Who others want me to be" and "Who should I be" are continually in struggle. These conflicts begin with the earliest stages of learning.

The pure innocent energy of the second chakra moves up into the crucible of the third chakra, where it meets multiple contradictory forces. The third chakra is logical, sophisticated, doctrinaire, cunning, suspicious, and responsibility bound. The third chakra thinks more logically, intertwined with identity and the need of ego.

In our Western culture, people tend to shape an identity that differs vastly from the natural child of the second chakra.

Once the connection between the second and third chakra is opened, energy rises; knowledge about a truer, kinder, gentler self can filter up.

Western culture has glorified the ego, the third chakra, and people have lost access to recourses the other chakras provide - our flow with nature, with our primal instincts, our appreciation of our creative innocence, our love connection with nature and with others, the expression of this love, our ability to journey into expanded states of awareness, and our knowledge of our unity with the cosmos. By balancing the energies between the chakras, you have the capacity to establish a more fulfilling experience.

The color of the third chakra is yellow. It may be a mellow wheat like yellow, indicating that a person is balanced in the third chakra. When this is a bright yellow, your third chakra has a lot of energy, and when it is a bright golden color, you feel a deep connection to a person.

The forth chakra is the HEART CHAKRA. This chakra governs your ability to give and receive unconditional love and affection.

We perceive other people through the filter of the heart chakra, making judgments according to its loving nature. Their energies move out towards others and seek a heart connection.

One of the problems in modern culture is that the heart chakra is underdeveloped in too many individuals and its principles are under respected in too many of our institutions.

But a heart chakra that is overdeveloped compared to the other chakras is also detrimental. Many people love too much. They may over identify with other people's needs that they become codependent, and ultimately no more capable of a successful relationship than a person who has a heart chakra that is shriveled.

Proper growth lies not with silencing the heart chakra, but in cultivating greater balance with the other chakras, allowing each to have its power and its vote.

Likewise, when people put up walls to protect their feelings, they close down their heart chakra. But if you allow yourself to feel all emotions, your heart chakra remains open, and capable of experiencing wonderful feelings.

The heart chakra is the middle chakra, and green is its color, the middle color of the color spectrum. Sometimes it is pink. Green depicts a lush and balanced energy.

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL Emerald green in the heart chakra shows that the heart's loving energy goes out not only to others, it is also able to nurture the self. Sometimes it is a deep maroon, with a velvet like texture, in a person who has developed the ability for both universal love and intimate love.

The fifth chakra is the THROAT CHAKRA. This is your center of communication, and opening to spirituality. Speech and singing originate from here. Also, writing and teaching are associated with this chakra. Expression is the product of the fifth chakra.

Energies from all the chakras move through the throat chakra, like many tall chambers carrying information. All this energy and information becomes your unique expression in the world.

If a person has unbalanced energies in the fifth chakra, they either cannot speak up or they talk too much.

The colors of the throat chakra are aqua, or turquoise, or blue.

The sixth chakra is called the THIRD EYE CHAKRA. This is about openness to metaphysical knowledge. It relates to your higher intuition, from which all things are known.

It is a place where the sense of a separate self and identity are transcended. Here, you can travel into the past, the future, the imagined, the possible, and a world of symbols, theories, and meaning.

Via the sixth chakra, we can transcend our usual identity by gaining access to a psychic plane that crosses the dimensions of space and time. It tunes our radar to energies more subtle than our ordinary senses can perceive.

But in our Western culture, the busy conscious mind crowds out the more refined processes, such as seeing the color of energy, hearing guidance from another place, and being in telepathic rapport with others.

In Western cultures, the energy of the sixth chakra is often crowded and dense with thought. Many people have a strong third eye that is lying dormant. It is as if the eye is there, but the eyelid is closed.

The color of the sixth chakra is indigo - a combination of blue and red - a way of calming without cooling.

The seventh chakra is the CROWN CHAKRA. From here you feel your openness to spirit. When it is open, you will experience a fullness in your meditations. It is through the crown chakra that a person feels their oneness with the cosmos, their connection with the realm of the spirit.

People with a strong seventh chakra may have fascinating encounters with other realms, but it is important to balance this energy with the grounding that comes from the first three chakras.

Seventh chakra opening can totally engulf you. Crown chakra experiences can pull you right out the top of your head. But when you do, you feel a mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature. You don't get intellectual answers, but you get an absolute peace and joy about life, and you know there is reason and rhyme in all things under heaven.

The color of the crown chakra is violet.

(For a diagram showing the seven chakras, see

After I read the description of the seven chakras to my girlfriend, she was speechless.

The following weekend I used hypnosis while I massaged her chakras. This is the first time I was able to get her orgasm to go up farther than her fourth chakra. Over a period of about an hour, it did go all the way up...

I had her lay on the bed, and I put her under. I placed my hand on her pelvic bone and I said "Feel the tingling of sexual energy begin in your toes. Feel the tingling move into your feet. Feel the tingling move up your legs. When the tingling converges in your first chakra, you will continue to breathe normally, and you will continue to remain completely relaxed, and you will experience a very powerful orgasm in your first chakra."

I slowly guided her orgasm into each higher chakra. At each chakra I asked her to tell me what she was experiencing. However, she was not very conversational, so I reverted to just checking in to see how she was doing with questions that could be answered with a simple yes or no.

I brought her orgasm all the way into her seventh chakra and had her enjoy that for a time. Then I took the orgasm back down through all the chakras to ground her again, and then I told her to stop. Then I took her all the way out of hypnosis.

Later I asked her for a detailed account of what she experienced, and she said...

"At the first chakra, it was a purely sexual orgasm. Whenever you said to feel it, it became more intense and spread out more.

"When you moved your hand to my second chakra, the orgasmic pleasure moved into that area. I felt deep feelings and emotions. A deeper feeling like sex with love, feeling protected and nurtured. It was a comforting pleasure, more than sexual, like a tender hug.

"In the third chakra I saw bright streams of yellow and gold light. They were orgasmic streams of light. And that kept the path open for the pleasure to move up into the other chakras, to join with other parts of my chakras.

"In the forth chakra I saw deep red, very vivid and deep liquid red. The orgasmic pleasure spread up and out.

"It took work to move the pleasure up into the fifth chakra. It was not instantaneous like the other chakras. The energy had to learn how to move to the fifth chakra. When it did move up, I saw three or four lights that shined up towards one converging light, a whitish color. The top was bright white. The light was a manifestation of the orgasmic pleasure. This time it was able to pass through like it wanted to pass through to the higher chakras. At this point the extreme sexual pleasure was taking over my whole body.

"When you moved your hand up to my sixth chakra, I saw deep purplish blue

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL light. The orgasm became very strong, like it was in control of all the pleasure. I was totally consumed by orgasmic delight. It was still sexual, but it was starting to also become spiritual because it knew that it was on its way into the seventh chakra.

"In the seventh chakra I was feeling weightless in space. Everything material was non existent. I was spinning freely. The orgasm became an entity of emotions, feelings, and pleasure that went into the universe. I was in a ball of energy that was spinning in space in a delightful easy free way. It was not my physical self, but all of my energies, feelings, and emotions. It was the most free you could ever feel. The pleasure was no longer a sexual pleasure, but a spiritual pleasure. My energy was like a salmon color, a pinky orange, inside a black universe. I saw millions of small bright stars. I felt like the center of the universe, because the pink ball of energy was the whole universe. The orgasm was completely different. It was the next step beyond an orgasm. The pleasure was more intense. Your emotions and your feelings are experiencing the orgasm without any physical interference. It is more of a release. It releases sexual energy into the universe. It is a great thing. It was more than an orgasm. It was beyond orgasm."

I did some more reading on the seven chakras. Most books say that the first six chakras go out the front of the body, while the seventh chakra goes out the top of the head. They are all pretty much in agreement there. One book said that the first chakra goes straight down, not forward. Some of the books said that the chakras also go out the back, at least for the first six chakras. But for the seventh chakra, the "back" side of it does not go down into the head, but instead, it goes into some higher dimension. I thought "ok."

I decided to see if my girlfriend had chakras going out her back. I had her lay on her stomach, and as before, I energized her chakras, but this time, along her back at what appeared to me would be the proper locations of the back side of her chakras. The results were less than impressive. Basically, I had no luck with the back side of her chakras.

According to the books, each of the chakras have seven layers, where each layer can rotate independently in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, at a frequency of between a few Hertz to a few kilohertz. When a layer spins clockwise, it gives energy, like giving energy to another person, or giving good energy to herself. When a layer spins counter-clockwise, it takes energy, either from another person, or bad energy inside herself that must be released.

Which frame of reference is clockwise? Take a clock and place it on your chest, so that people looking at you can read the time, and that is clockwise.

So I again employed my subject, stomach up this time, and hypnotized her and then charged up her chakras one at a time. At each chakra, I rotated my hand in a counter-clockwise direction above her chakra while I told her that I was helping her to take away any bad energy. Then I rotated my hand in a clockwise direction and told her that I was charging up her energies with good energy. This time the results were more impressive. She felt very good and all charged up. Interestingly, this was the first

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL time she actually heard her chakras. She said she heard two of her chakras spinning. In her third chakra, she heard it "whirling," like it was spinning very fast. In her first chakra, she heard it going "zoom, zoom," as if it were going slow around the bottom and fast around the top, like an elliptical orbit.

The following week, I hypnotized her and I did the welcomed method on her, and she was getting pretty close. She wanted the pleasure to continue, so she told me to tell her to relax. In other words, she wanted me to hypnotize her, before she came. (She has made this request on a number of occasions.) I gave her the two-word instant reinduction trigger, and she instantly became relaxed. I continued soothing her with my voice, but at the same time, still doing the welcomed method.

I told her to feel the tingling in her root chakra. After she felt that for a while, I told her to feel that warm hug in her womb chakra. Then I told her to see that bright yellow sun in her solar plexus chakra. Then to feel the warmth in her heart chakra. Then to see the pleasure passing up through the channels of her throat chakra. Then to see the pleasure in her third eye. Then I told her to feel the pleasure pass up and out her crown chakra.

At this point, she became completely still and motionless. I couldn't even see her breathing. I continued telling her to concentrate on her awareness of her pleasure above her crown chakra, while I continued doing the welcomed method.

I continued this for about 10 minutes. Then I told her to come. She remained completely motionless. I continued encouraging her to keep coming and to concentrate on her awareness of her orgasm above her crown chakra.

This continued for another 10 minutes. Then I told her to stop coming. I brought her awareness back down through her chakras to ground her, and then I took her all the way out of hypnosis.

After she opened her eyes, and came all the way back to reality, I asked her what it was like. She said: "It was indescribable. It was like there was only pleasure. I was totally unaware of my physical self. It was beyond pleasure."

Hypnosis + Energy = Beyond pleasure

"Energy follows thought." Mark Cunningham


Taoist Thrusting:

I cannot say enough about Taoist Thrusting, which my friend The Hypnotist (Toronto) told me about. You absolutely need to be doing this.

When you enter her, slowly slide all the way in, then pull almost all the way out, and stop. Count 9 short strokes of an inch and a half penetration, then one long stroke. Then count 8 short and two long. Then 7 and three, and so on, until you do 1 short and 9 long. Then start over again. Be sure not to pull out so far as to loose the vacuum.

It's called "The Nine Steps of the Taoist Thrust Method." Its origin is in ancient Taoist sexuality. It was further refined by the seventh-century physician Li Tung-hsuan Tzu. It will drive her crazy. Even works in anal.

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