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In the past I have hypnotized my girlfriend and 'told' her that her orgasm would seem to last a very long time, as if it went on and on and on. But it never worked 'convincingly.'

I told my girlfriend under hypnosis: "When you come, time will seem to drag on forever. Seconds will seem like hours." etc, etc. Then I used the deep spot to make her come, and I continued the commands. She did not come any longer or shorter than usual. Later we talked about it and I asked her what it was like. She said "It was like many multiple orgasms strung together." Then I asked her "Did it go on for a long time?" She said "Did it?" Not very convincing.

Using physical stimulation, the longest I have been able to make my girlfriend come is 50 seconds. Everything has to be right, and it takes a lot of work.

So I figured, I won't make it SEEM like it takes a long time, instead, I will MAKE it take a long time! I figured since I can make my girlfriend come when I tell her to, then I can make her stop when I tell her to, and not before!

One night my girlfriend called me. We did the usual talk about her work and school and friends. I eventually steered the conversation in the direction of more sensual topics. We found ourselves discussing what we are going to be doing to each other this coming weekend. She said "You always put so much effort into thinking about and planning my pleasure." I said "I have something planned for you for this weekend. I also have something very special planned for you when I hypnotize you tonight." She said "Oh Really?"

I told her to get all comfy and then I hypnotized her. While she was deep in trance I said: "Under hypnosis, you follow my commands completely. Under hypnosis, there is only success. You have learned many things. You have learned how to come instantly when I tell you those famous words. You have learned how to come instantly when you simply tell yourself those famous words. Tonight you are going to learn another new skill. Up until tonight, your orgasms have lasted a long time and they have ended by themselves. But tonight, not only are you going to come when I tell you to, tonight you are going to learn the skill of maintained orgasm. Tonight, you are going to keep coming continuously and coming continuously and coming continuously until I tell you to stop. You will keep coming continuously until I tell you to stop. You will NOT stop coming until I tell you to stop. You will keep coming and coming and coming, and you won't be able to help it. You will be totally consumed by your orgasm, and you will not be able to stop it even if you tried. You will come continuously, and it will be easy. You will not be able to stop, until I tell you to. And you will NOT stop until I tell you to. I am going to give you those famous words now, and you will start coming, and you will not be able to stop coming until I tell you to. Come like a GOOD girl!"

She started coming immediately. I encouraged her on. I said "That's a good girl. Keep coming. You can't help it. You just keep coming. You can't help but keep

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL coming. You are totally taken over by your orgasm. You can't help but keep coming." The one minute mark passed. YES! She was still coming, hard. I said "Keep coming. You can't help it. You just keep coming." One and a half minutes! "Keep coming baby. You're doing good. You are totally taken over by your orgasm, and you can't HELP it. Keep coming!" The two minute mark was approaching. She was still coming just as hard as ever! At exactly two minutes I said "STOP! That's a good girl. You can stop now. You did VERY well baby."

I talked to her and soothed her as she caught her breath. Once she was relaxed again, I sent her back deep into trance. I said "Whenever I tell you those famous words, you will instantly start to come, and you will keep coming, and you will not be able to help it. And you will keep right on coming, and you will not be able to stop until I tell you to stop." Then I took her all the way out of hypnosis.

She was amazed. I told her "Now that it is true for you, it can happen even now, when you are fully conscious. Come like a GOOD girl!" She started coming right away, and kept on coming. Two minutes passed. She was still coming hard. Three minutes! She was STILL coming! Hard! Four minutes!!! She could have kept going but I told her to stop. She had come for Four Fucking minutes. Continuously!

She said "Oh my God! I came so HARD!" I said "Do you know how long you came?" She said "No, how long?" I said "Four minutes." She said "No way! It didn't seem that long." Damn! hahaha. She said "When I am coming, I have no sense of time." I asked her "Was it like waves of orgasms, or was it one continuous orgasm." She said "It was one continuous orgasm, and it kept getting stronger."

"Every true lover knows that the moment of greatest satisfaction comes when ecstasy is long over, and he beholds before him the flower which has blossomed beneath his touch." Don Juan DeMarco


My good friend The Hypnotist' in Toronto told me about a book called "ESO." I went out and purchased it. The book is "ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm" by Alan Brauer and Donna Brauer, Copyright 1983, ISBN 0-446-38645. I can highly recommend the book.

There are three stages of ESO. Stage I is the standard single orgasm. Stage II is multiple orgasms. Stage III is Extended Orgasm, marked by continuous slow contractions. Stage III has two phases. Phase I is alternating squeezing and pushouts of the vagina. Phase II is only pushouts. Squeezing is defined as simple contractions of the vagina. Pushouts are defined as contractions in which the depth of the vagina balloons and the opening of the vagina tends to pushout. Pushouts are said to incorporate deeper muscular and be far more pleasant. The book has a time chart, which goes from 0 to 60 minutes, with the level of pleasure continuously increasing.

The man alternately stimulates the woman's clitoris and G-spot to bring her close to Stage III. Stage III is entered by him stimulating both spots at the same time, and her concentrating on her breathing, being sure not to hold her breath. She is to totally let go of any resistance. (To me, this read that she is to relax and remain breathing normally.) Therefore, the pleasure continues to increase, and Phase I of ESO is obtained. After about 15 minutes, she enters Phase II of ESO, marked by long deep push-out contractions. A woman can be in Phase II for 15 minutes or more.

Quoting now from page 100: "To your partner this phase feels timeless. She feels as if she is on an orgasmic track of continuous and smoothly rising pleasure. Like a meditative state, the feeling is of an altered state of consciousness - floating without effort. [...] We have preliminary data from electrical brain recordings that show characteristic changes in brain waves occurring during ESO. The brain wave pattern appears to be different from other states of arousal and other stages of orgasm. We find a possible shift in activity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which become more synchronized with each other. These changes are similar to those seen in states of deep meditation."

This, gentlemen, is hypnosis.

I enlisted my willing love lab subject, my girlfriend, and set out to field test ESO. We tried all the clitoral stimulation methods they suggested in the book, but none felt as good as the welcomed method. We tried the various vaginal stimulation methods, but none felt as good as massaging the back of the deep spot.

I used a combination of the welcomed method of clitoral stimulation and my method of massaging the back of the deep spot. Once she started getting really excited, I told her "Deep trance!" to put her quickly into hypnosis. (Mark Cunningham explains how to do that on his "Boys with Toys" tape.) I told her to relax and to remain breathing normally, and she could continue to answer my questions. She was very 'close' for about a half hour. When she said she wanted to come, I told her to remain relaxed and to remain breathing normally as she came.

As before in recent love lab sessions, she kept coming, and continued to breath normally. After a few minutes of this, her contractions were long and strong. She said that her pleasure was steadily increasing. This went on for about 15 minutes. After that, her pleasure was increasing at a slower rate. I could have kept going, but I stopped.

She said that she had never felt more wonderful in her life, and that she had never come so strong, By Far!

She did say that her clitoris had begun to tire of the stimulation, but the back of her deep spot was wanting even more.

The next time we tried it, I used less clitoral stimulation and more deep spot stimulation. It went for about a half hour, but the skin around her vagina became sore, and that caused her to level out.

Therefore, I knew that I would have to limit the amount of time spent on her clit, and make the most of the time that I could spend massaging her deep spot while being very careful with the skin around her vagina. More lubrication would be required. In order to make the most of the time I would actually be touching her, I would not touch her to bring her to orgasm like I did before, but instead, I would first TELL her to come, and THEN I would start touching her. This way she would get up on the ramp quickly, and I could then use stimulation to drive her further up the ramp to new heights.

So, the next time we were together, I told her to remain completely relaxed, continue to breath normally, and 'Come like a GOOD girl.' She remained silent and motionless while on the inside she came. It was all mental. Her vagina had not yet started the deep contractions that deliver the really deep pleasure.

Then I told her "Deep Trance." (I could have hypnotized her first, and then told her to come, but there is something fun in sending a woman into hypnosis WHILE she is coming :-)

I then began to use the welcomed method of stimulating her clit. This started her vagina contracting and started her up the ramp. After about 15 minutes of that, I moved to massaging the front of her deep spot. This caused her contractions to become long and strong. After about 15 minutes of that, I started massaging the back of her deep spot. This sent her much higher, and her contractions became very long and very powerful. She was experiencing pleasure far beyond what she ever had. I did that for a half hour, and she was coming increasingly more powerfully.

After an hour of coming, she said that she was starting to level off, so I told her to stop. She said that the only reason why she was leveling off was because she was becoming mentally and physically exhausted. No surprise, she had been coming very hard for an hour!

"Although there is no metaphor that truly describes making love to a woman, the closest is playing a rare musical instrument. I wonder, does a Stradivarius violin feel the same rapture as the violinist, when he coaxes a single perfect note from its

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL heart? " Don Juan DeMarco

Power Of Hypnosis

Power Of Hypnosis

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