Being All the Woman She Can Be

In summarizing all of the above, we see that a woman needs to be "all the woman she can be" as Mark calls it.

Throughout her life, beginning as a little girl, she has been developing and exploring her sexuality and what it means to be a woman. She has been practicing how to use her beauty and charm to make a strong man fall in love with her. Doing so makes her feel courageous, she obtains the appreciation she needs from him, it validates that she is worthy of love and attention, and it validates her life long mission to bring peace, love, and harmony to people's lives. It allows her to feel that emotional connection she so craves, which she will use to further deepen the bond.

Ever since a little girl, she has been a sexual creature. She needs to be seduced, excited, and satisfied. In order for all of the needs in her life to become true, she needs

DAVID SHADE'S MANUAL dichotomy in her life. Life long conditioning has brought her to expect that people play certain roles. She expects her man to be strong. In order for that to be true, she must have respect for him. Only when your woman has respect for you, can she be responsive to you.

It should thus be clear to you by now that everything you need to completely fulfill her is already within her. The most important being her emotions.

"The secret is seduction through temptation - make your life congruent with her fantasies and let her seduce you." Mark Cunningham

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Hypnotism and Self Hypnosis v2

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