As the diminish is dependent upon the fan move, a pack that is suitable for that type of work is required. Zinci Stearas rubbed on the face and back of each card will make them fan easily.

The expanding effect is brought about by the aid of the "stripper" principle, half the pack being stripped in one direction and the other half in the opposite direction. When cards from each half are placed alternately throughout the pack, it is possible to pull the two halves apart until they reach the position that they would be in if they had been "weaved" together. It is now possible to make a Giant Fan.

Pockets stuck otA back of-ordinary card .


One last item of preparation for the expansion is to locate a Jumbo Card (face outwards) under the left side of the jacket near the opening of the lapels. This can be in a pocket or held in position with a clip.

Now let us go back to the diminishing effect. Two pockets are stuck on the back of one of the cards. These pockets are made from strips of card and their position can be seen in Figure 1. The three smaller cards are placed in the pockets in the following order:—

• (a) The smallest card is inserted horizontally into the top pocket.

(b) The second smallest card is now inserted into the same pocket but standing upright.

(c) The card for the first diminish is inserted upright into the lower pocket.

This "gimmicked" card is placed in the SECOND position from the top of the pack and everything is in readiness for the diminishing effect.

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