Two silks are displayed, one is draped over the left arm whilst the other is spread over the left hand which is held in a loose fist, thumb upwards.

The body should be facing half-right with the left arm extended across the body to the right.

Bring the right hand over the left fist then, with the right forefinger pointing downwards, bring the right hand down and poke the right forefinger into the top of the left fist, taking the centre of the silk into the fist to form a well. A secret action is now performed—the right second finger is brought against the centre of the left fist away from the audience. This finger travels into the fist from the side, the left thumb moving slightly to allow the passage of the finger, which takes a fold of silk into the fist with it. When the left thumb closes again and the two fingers are removed from the top of the fist, a clear passage is left through the silk and the fist.

When the action is performed correctly all the audience sees is the right forefinger poking the centre of the silk into the top of the fist to form a well.

Pick up the other silk from the left arm, and holding it by a corner between the right thumb and forefinger, push this corner into the well in the top of the left fist. Now reach up under the silk over the left fist with the right hand and grasp the corner of the second silk. By pulling slowly on this corner it appears that one silk is passing through the other.

Turn the left arm to show all sides of the left fist; one silk will be seen to be passing through the centre of the other.

Eventually pull the second silk right through and place it over the left arm again. Open the left thumb and the fingers causing the silk previously covering the fist to spread out, when it will be seen that there is no hole in the centre.

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