At the start, the ring with the shell on it is shown as a solid ring which is then placed across the fingers of the left hand (the shell on top of the ring). The exact position of the ring across the left fingers can be seen in the photographs.

Take the ribbon and drape it across the fingers so that the centre of the ribbon comes over the ring opening. Push the ribbon through the ring with the left thumb, aiding the threading with the right fingers and ensuring that the end of the ribbon nearest the body comes under the inner circumference of the ring—that is the front portion of the ribbon is over the outer circumference and the rear portion is under the inner circumference of the ring.

Two simultaneous actions now take place; the right thumb and forefinger take hold of the shell and lift it as the left hand turns inwards towards the body obscuring the view of the solid ring from the audience. Without a pause, lift the shell upwards, keeping the concave side towards the audience (Figure 1 — performer's view) and remove it entirely from the ribbon, then replace it back over the solid ring (Figure 2, performer's view). Practice this move until the outward turn of the left hand can be synchronised to bring the shell and ring together without the solid ring being seen on the left fingers.

It now appears that the solid ring has been placed on top of the ribbon, the illusion being strengthened by lifting shell and ring together so that it appears as if the bottom of the ring is resting on top of the ribbon (Figure 3— audience's view).


Lay the ring and shell back on the fingers then close them which will bring the shell right into the position for palming.






Hold the ribbon near each end as in Figure 4 then allow the solid ring to quickly slide from the left hand to the centre of the ribbon. In Figure 4 the left little finger has been lifted to show the shell in the palm position.

Hand the ring, still on the ribbon, to a spectator for everything to be examined. There is ample opportunity to drop the shell into the jacket pocket on the left side as you turn away.

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