1. Pick up the fake case and cards with the left hand; thumb at one long side and fingers curled around the face of the cards and onto the other long side. Remove the elastic band with the right hand and place it into a pocket.

2. Still holding the fake (and cards) in the left hand, with the flap of the case towards your body, reach over with the right hand, lift the flap open (Figure 1 ) and fold it back over the case. Look inside the supposed case.

3. Bring the right hand over again and grip the top short edge of the cards in the position for making the one handed fan. As this is done the cards


and fake case are pushed a little lower into the left semi-closed fist AND AT THE SAME TIME the left hand turns over so that the back is towards the audience. Figure 2 shows the position at this point, the flap has been bent back and folds over the back of the fake case where it is held by the right fingers, so that you are now ready to make a one handed fan.

4. Shake the left hand slightly as if shaking the cards out of the case. Allow the cards to slide out of the left hand, lowering the right hand a little to bring the cards away from the left hand, but keeping that hand closed sufficiently to appear as if it still held the case.

As the cards clear the left hand, immediately fan them out.

5. Keep the left hand partly closed as if it holds the case and gently wave the fan of cards below the left hand (Figure 3.)

6. Turn the left hand over and open the fingers to show that the case has vanished.

7. After a pause of just sufficient length to allow the vanish to register, close the fan into the left hand keeping the fake case to the rear and holding the closed pack with the left thumb at one long edge and the left fingers at the other long edge.

8. With the right hand, point down to the right trouser pocket and as you do this, turn half left. Show the right hand empty then reach into your right trouser pocket and remove the duplicate case (which contains a duplicate pack of cards) THE MOMENT YOU DO THIS, your left hand (holding the pack and fake case) drops down to your left jacket pocket and deposits them. By this time you have brought the case from your right trouser pocket and the left hand has resumed its former position—extended to the left of the body, back of hand towards audience and held slightly closed as if it contained the pack.


9. Toss the card case about two feet into the air with the right hand and catch it again. Bring the right hand up to the left hand and tap the back of the left wrist with the card case.

10. Open the left hand to show that the cards have vanished.

1 1. Place the card case into the left hand; bring the right hand over and open the flap as before; look into the case then turn the left hand over and allow the pack to fall out into the right hand and fan them with the single handed fan.

1 2. Discard the case then go into the card routine of your choice with the pack that you have tipped from the case.

This concludes the sequence of moves. From the text, the excellent effect cannot be properly appreciated, but please give it a fair trial then show it to your friends—I am sure that you will be delighted with the result.

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