1. Three members of the audience each select a card from the pack— unbeknown to them, the cards are forced, one receiving the Eight of Hearts, the second the Eight of Spades and the third the Four of Diamonds.

2. The cards are replaced in the pack. If you have no difficulty with a false shuffle then this can be done but leave the three indifferent cards on top of the pack. Place the pack in the jacket pocket then state that, because you have extra sensitive fingertips, you can locate the very cards chosen.

3. Remove one of the indifferent cards, call its name and look expectantly towards one of the spectators who chose a card. When he denies that it is his, look towards another of the spectators—again it is denied so look appealing-ly towards the third spectator. As he disclaims it, admit that you have made a mistake, but as you have two more chances, the trick can still come out two-thirds right. Remove a second indifferent card from the pocket and repeat the same procedure—again it is the wrong card. In desperation, remove the last card then after the three spectators have denied that it was not one of those chosen, admit that your fingertips could not be as sensitive as you thought but that you will endeavour to rectify your mistakes in another way.

4. Pick up the sheet of newspaper and hold it, opened out, in front of your body (Figure 1, No. 1 ). Now fold the right side inwards (towards the body) and bring it over to the left side so that the sheet is folded in the middle along its length (Figure 1, No. 2). Again fold the right side inwards and to the left until it is once more folded along its length (Figure 1, No. 3). Fold the long strip upwards from the rear, bottom to top (Figure 1, No. 4). Repeat this fold (Figure 1, No. 5). You will now have the paper folded into a square packet as shown in the illustration; the open edges being along the top and down the left hand side.

5. On the right-hand side of the packet, tear out a portion of the paper in the shape of half a heart (Figure 2) then request the first spectator to name his card. When he calls: " Eight of Hearts", open out the paper to its full size when it will be seen that there are eight hearts cut out in a pattern from the paper.

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