Holding The Packet Of Envelopes

At the commencement of this preliminary patter, pick up the packet of five envelopes, and take them into the LEFT hand, the sealed flaps TOWARDS the audience, the left thumb BEHIND the packet and the fingers in front of the packet. In other words, the left thumb and fingers hold the packet at the spot where the note is concealed. Back and front of the packet can be shown casually and the left hand is seen to be otherwise empty. At this stage, if you desire, the packet can be held between the extreme tips of the left thumb and forefinger.

Figure 1 shows the packet held by the left hand, the view is the performer's ; the audience would be where the curtains are in the photograph. The thumb and fingers are over the portion of the packet where the note is concealed. By turning the hand, the other side of the packet can be shown to the audience.

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