The performer holds several silk handkerchiefs which he counts separately as he passes them from one hand into the other. It is seen that there are just six handkerchiefs; two red, two yellow and two green. (Any combination of colours may be used provided the handkerchiefs are in pairs, each one of the pair being identical.)

The performer separates the silks into two groups so that in each hand he holds one silk of each colour. One set of three is placed aside on a chair, whilst the other set (red, yellow, green) is knotted into a string of three. That is, the yellow silk is tied to the red by a corner, and the green to the red. This knotted set is placed on another chair, well away from the first untied set.

The magician now commands the knots to leave the second set and travel to the first set. Lifting set number one, he shows them to be securely knotted together. The silks of set number two are lifted, one at a time, and are seen to be unmistakably separate from each other.

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